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EduKick USA – PIA affiliated High School is:

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1 EduKick USA – PIA affiliated High School is:
EduKick USA – Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA) "Academic Year" Soccer Boarding High School in affiliation with… EduKick USA – PIA affiliated High School is:

2 EduKick USA - PIA Mercyhurst Graduates
Mercyhurst Prep graduates have attended top U.S. colleges and universities, including: Harvard Brown Yale Columbia Princeton Dartmouth Notre Dame Vassar Cornell College of William & Mary University of Chicago Case Western.  Carnegie Mellon

3 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Complex

4 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Facilities Include:
19 outdoor full size natural grass soccer pitches Indoor Fieldhouse, includes 2 regulation size turf soccer fields Athletic club and state of the art fitness centre (gym) Housing Centre – 116 rooms, offers Dormitory style lodging Dining hall – Located inside the Housing centre can accommodate up to 400 people in one sitting and allows up to 4 separate areas for groups and conferences. Wi-Fi internet access is available Cafeteria – Located in the housing centre the cafeteria offers a variety of healthy meals and is available for Breakfast, lunch and dinner Games room - place for participants to relax and spend down time playing ping pong, air hockey and pool. There are a variety of video game consoles and a giant 7 foot satellite TV screen along with comfortable couches and places to visit Indoor Sports dome – The primary training centre for EduKick USA soccer players during the winter months. There is also Miniature golf course and an arcade zone

5 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer

6 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Boarding School Head Technical Soccer Coach
Coach SAM TOJAGA - Born and raised in British Columbia Canada, member of the Canadian Under16 and Under 18 National Team Programs Moved to Erie PA in 1994 and guided the Erie Admirals Under-19 and 20 Teams to State Championships in 1995 and Coached the Under-12 State Champions, and 2005 Seven Region Titles, Four Time PIAA State Quarter Finalist and State Semi Finalist Assisted over 55 Cathedral Prep Soccer Players attend various Colleges and Universities on Soccer Scholarships and has relationships with many of the top US Colleges & Universities Coaching Director of EduKick USA – PIA and the Erie Admirals SC, in charge of twelve youth teams and over 85 junior aged players

7 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Boarding School Affiliated Youth Soccer Club
EduKick USA – PIA affiliated US Youth Soccer Club: ERIE ADMIRALS All EduKick USA – PIA student-soccer players train daily under EduKick technical soccer coaching staff and also are inserted onto an Erie Admiral Soccer Club team according to age and level where they train twice weekly and play a weekend match.

8 EduKick USA – PIA Mercyhurst Preparatory School
One of the top high schools in America Founded in 1926 100% university placement Total enrollment 650 students Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. Students can choose from three levels of academic study: Basic College Preparatory Program Honors Classes International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) 

9 EduKick USA – PIA International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Mercyhurst offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program. The IB program promotes critical thinking, communication, and integration of the information through in depth study of major areas of knowledge. Successful completion of the IB program earns a diploma recognized for university admission at colleges and universities throughout the world. For more information on IB program:

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11 EduKick USA – PIA Study in America
“We strongly encourage international students to study in the United States, and are committed to helping them choose the American college or university that best meets there needs.” Judith A. McHale Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs “EduKick International Football Academies is pleased to offer our international students worldwide the opportunity to study and train daily in the US with our partners at PIA and Mercyhurst Prep. This is a fantastic opportunity for international players to continue their soccer development and education in the US and also to begin their US College or University soccer program search.” Joseph W. Bilotta, Founder & Owner, EduKick, INC. EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA)

12 EduKick USA – PIA To Best Prepare for College Soccer in America
Attend top high school soccer academy in America thereby exposing yourself to US College & University Soccer Coaches. By studying and playing soccer in America and living in Dormitory with American students, you will: Learn to read, write, and speak English Learn and understand Western culture Learn to adapt to social and lifestyle change Prove to U.S. colleges you can academically achieve within the American educational system Living in dormitory prepares for college dorm experience

13 EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Boarding School Students participate in study hall sessions daily

14 EduKick USA – PIA Language Classes World Languages Sequence French I
College Prep French II French III French IV Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV MPS Pre-IB/Honors IB/Honors Madarin Chinese I Honors Madarin Chinese II

15 EduKick USA – PIA Social Studies Classes
Sequence World Cultures College Prep Government/Economics Americas Modern American History Psychology Art History MPS Pre-IB/ Honors Honors IB/Honors Americas History (Two Year Program) IB World History (Two Year Program)

16 EduKick USA – PIA Sciences Classes
Sequence Science Concepts College Prep Chemistry Biology Physics MPS Pre-IB/ Honors IB/ Honors Biology I IB/Honors Honors Chemistry II IB/Honors and/or Biology II IB/Honors

17 EduKick USA – PIA Mathematics Classes
Sequence Pre-Algebra College Prep Algebra I Informal Geometry Algebra II Geometry Trigonometry Senior Math Honors Algebra II/Trig Calculus I MPS Pre-IB IB Discrete Math Algebra II/Trig IB Calculus Calculus II

18 Jr./Sr. Humanities (Two Year Program)
EduKick USA – PIA English Classes English Sequence Freshman English College Prep Sophomore English Junior English Senior English MPS Pre-IB/ Honors Honors Jr./Sr. Humanities (Two Year Program) IB (Year 1) IB (Year 2)

19 EduKick USA – PIA Theology Classes
Sequence Freshman Theology College Prep Sophomore Theology Christian Ethics Honors Religions of the World IB/Honors Peer Leadership Honors/IB

20 Mercyhurst Prep Technology Classes
EduKick USA – PIA Mercyhurst Prep Technology Classes TECHNOLOGY/BUSINESS Microsoft Office Microsoft Word MS Power Point MS Excel MS Publisher MS Access Intro to Programming Programming in Visual C++ Design Online Accounting Term Elective: Financial Planning, Saving and Investing, and Banking and Credit Year Elective: Your Financial Future

21 Additional Classes Mercyhurst Prep PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH EDUCATION
Principles of Wellness and Fitness Health I, II, III Cross Training Athletic Training Personal Fitness Advanced PE Topics INTERDISCIPLINARY COURSES Career Internship Theory of Knowledge, Honors/*IB Requirement Academic Skills Literacy Skills Intro to Flight Intro Restaurant/Cafeteria Management Roe v. Wade Intro to Logic


23 EduKick USA – PIA Student Clubs In addition to the EduKick USA – PIA soccer player`s daily training sessions there are many Mercyhurst Prep School Student Clubs to choose from: National Honor Society Visual Media Club Photo Club Golf Club Dance Team Student Politics Club Finance Club Mu Alpha Theta-Math Club Feed the Hungry Model U.N. History Club National Art Honor Society Speech and Debate Snow Ski Club Peace Corps Club Book Club Student Government Women in Motion

24 EduKick USA- PIA Soccer Development
Training 5 times per week (Monday to Friday) Supervised residency placement includes Three (3) meals daily. Individual training plans Documents and letters of invitation for all student-athletes who require student visas to study in USA Seasonal soccer program outline Bi-weekly communication to parents/guardians regarding the athletes performance Soccer Uniform/Kit package to include 3 sets of training socks, shorts, jersey and a tracksuit Set soccer specific goals for each student- athlete Placement to local club/teams. Our direct affiliated soccer club are the Erie Admirals: Perform informal and formal performance evaluations Supervised “Core Fitness” Gym Training Schedule for duration of the academic year Written academic report cards provided by affiliate school Mercyhurst Prep Trips/tournaments/exposure pertaining to the development and promotion of the athletes within the program to help athletes attain college scholarships/or play at the highest level in soccer Provide regular program news via specific blog, Facebook and YouTube and twitter accounts.

25 EduKick USA – PIA Playing Soccer and Studying at a U. S
EduKick USA – PIA Playing Soccer and Studying at a U.S. College Has Many Benefits… Opportunity to be drafted as a professional player into Major League Soccer Competitive advantage in the workplace Higher-paying job Development of skills and flexibility needed to work globally More personal independence Builds English fluency and Intercultural Competence (ICC)

26 EduKick USA Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA) www. piacademy
EduKick USA Pennsylvania International Academy (PIA) more information on EduKick partners PIA… PIA is a residential and student administration affiliate located near Mercyhurst. PIA provides housing 24/7 for international students that attend its affiliated school, Mercyhurst. PIA provides total support to international students from registration and admission to graduation and college acceptance with over 100 personal services offered.

27 EduKick USA Additional PIA Services
Additional Services: Regular support and communication around all soccer related services associated with EduKick USA - PIA A safe student environment with daily food service Administration of all fees Parent communications from registration to graduation Daily understanding of American culture Access to top doctors and heath care services ESL support when necessary Study support offered to students Well trained staff with over 200 years of combined experience

28 EduKick USA - PIA Residence Campus

29 Frequently Asked Questions
1) What are your detailed expenses? Tuition $39,990 USD (includes all education, accommodation and soccer) Deposit: $4,500 applied toward tuition Basic Activity Fee Included in Tuition Cost Medical Coverage Included in Tuition Cost Books Included in Tuition Cost Uniforms & Soccer Gear Included in Tuition Cost 3 Meals Per Day Included in Tuition Cost $ per week spending allowance Includes free Apple iPAD

30 Frequently Asked Questions
2) How often does school issue report cards? Three times a year. Parents can access grades from Website. 3) How do parents contact you? We have a full time student communications director, Amy Wiler, on staff who will answer questions daily by phone or . 4) Can parents come and visit? Yes – Parent are welcome anytime. We can arrange lodging at a local hotel. Parents must cover own expenses. 5) Is the Dormitory open during holidays? Yes – We are open 24/7 and during holidays.

31 Frequently Asked Questions
6) What is the soccer (football) curriculum? Train 5 days per week with EduKick USA staff coaches, inserted into local club team for additional two evening training and weekend match, also 2-3 core fitness gym sessions weekly. 7) Are there other weekend activities? We have activities planned every weekend. Expect to play at least one (1) soccer match. Some are free while others require a small charge that is deducted from the activity account. 8) What happens when student is sick? During school, a full time nurse is on staff. After school and on weekends, a full time Dorm Administrator will take student to the Certified Doctor. Nurses will look after all soccer related injuries. 8) What communication or updates are provided to parents for soccer? Bi-weekly BLOG post, twitter post and photos & videos will be shared with parents of international soccer players on the course.

32 Frequently Asked Questions
9) Are tutor’s available if student needs assistance? Yes – we have many available at a small charge. 10) Do you have safety checks? Safety of the student is one of our top priorities. We have daily, weekly, and monthly checklist that all must follow. 11) Is the Residence Hall Supervised? Yes- we have Dorm Teacher’s on staff 24/7 for the girls and boys wing. 12) What kind of English Programs are offered? We have many classes available along with an extensive cultural adjustment program to guide each student in learning English and western culture.

33 EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) EduKick USA - PIA
Our Mission: To operate the world's leading international soccer/football and education academy boarding schools; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical footballers possible and create international students with inter-cultural competence (ICC) enabling them to compete in the modern competitive world.


35 If you are committed to study & play hard and never give up, we will spare no effort to support you here at the EduKick USA – PIA Soccer Boarding School: Knowledge in "Soccer & Education" is the way to determine your destiny…contact NOW to start your application process! Tel: (905) Toll-Free: 1(866) Edu-Kick ( ) Fax: (905) SKYPE (VOIP) Name: jonedukick

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