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Fall 2004 Counselor Conferences Cal Poly Pomona Campus Highlights.

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1 Fall 2004 Counselor Conferences Cal Poly Pomona Campus Highlights

2  Campus Enrollment 19,804  Kellogg tradition - What is now the green wooded expanse of the university was originally the winter ranch home of W.K. Kellogg.  Location - Cal Poly Pomona's location (35 miles SE of Los Angeles) is ideal for studying, social and cultural activities, and recreation.  Student-faculty ratio 20:1  Diversity - Cal Poly Pomona is one of the most diverse universities in the West. The Campus and Campus Life

3  Apply online:  Apply during the initial filing periods  Only accept freshman applications in the fall term  Closed for all terms to lower- division transfers, second baccalaureate and unclassified post baccalaureate applicants Campus-Specific Admissions Practices

4 Campus-Specific Admissions Practices (Cont.)  Make sure high school students are on track with UC a-g coursework  impaction.html impaction.html impaction.html  Transfers will need to have completed 60 units for Fall 2005  Admissions Handbook link:  Check our Admissions and Outreach website at for: admission requirements, term closures, major closures, programs/services and more.

5 Academic and Student Support Programs  Number of Majors - 66 Bachelors degrees and 21 Masters degrees  Internships are a hallmark of our teaching method.  Nationally recognized academic programs –Engineering and Hospitality Management  Ranked fifth on the western regional list of “Top Public Universities” (U.S. News & World Report’s 2004 college rankings)  250 student clubs and organizations  Impacted programs - Architecture

6 Architecture Admissions Criteria  Applications are accepted only during the initial filing period of October 1 – November 30, prior to admission in the following fall quarter.  Admission of first-time freshmen will be based on the eligibility index.  Admission of upper division transfer students will be based on overall GPA in transferable courses.  Oral communication, English composition, Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by the end of the fall quarter in which the student applies to the program.  March 1 - Transcripts must be on file in the Office of Admissions and Outreach.

7 Housing and Financial Aid  Residence Halls, Residential Suites and University Village –Cal Poly Pomona encourages students to live on campus and get involved by offering a number of affordable housing options.  Capacity –Approx. 2,400  Cost –Approximately $7,212 (double occupancy Residence Halls)  Financial aid support –Over fifty percent of our students receive aid of some type.

8 New Student Information System  Cal Poly Pomona is one of 23 CSU campuses, which involved a CSU project to replace existing student information systems (i.e. Banner) with PeopleSoft Student Administration  Prospects went live on December 8, 2003 and Admissions on January 20, 2004

9 Become a VIP  90% of prospects are served electronically  A prospective student can request information 24/7  Provides event management capabilities (i.e. students can RSVP for events via the Web)  Sign on to VIP at

10 Important Information  E-mail is considered an official form of communication from the University.  Admissions and Outreach, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Office contact students electronically.  Stay updated electronically with your own VIP Counselor’s Page at  Campus Tours - Please call (909) 869-3529 or see

11 New Online Service  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Applicants can view their 2004-2005 application status  Update mailing and e-mail address information  And much more  Sign on at

12 Key Contacts  Admissions & Outreach869.3210  Athletics869.2810  Disabled Student Services869.3333  Educational Opportunity Program869.3362  Financial Aid869.3700  Library869.3074  Orientation Services869.3604  Registrar's Office869.3426  Test Center869.3353  University Honors Program869.3875  University Housing Services869.3307  University Village Apartments869.4242  Visitor Center 869.3529

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