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Minneapolis Public Schools High School Transition & Application Process 2010-2011 School Year.

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1 Minneapolis Public Schools High School Transition & Application Process 2010-2011 School Year

2 2 Topics of Discussion What are the options available to me? Where do I get information? How do we request a high school? How will students be assigned to high schools? When will we find out our high school placement? What can we do if we want to explore other options after I am notified of my school placement?

3 3 Programs Each high school offers different programs. Students select their program based on their interests and skills. We offer specific programs at specific high schools.

4 4 Explore the options Seven High School Options EEdison High School WWashburn High School SSouth High School NNorth High School PPatrick Henry High School SSouthwest High School RRoosevelt High School


6 Terms You Should Know Attendance Zones – By Address No busing across Zones Attendance Area- By Address Transportation Provided SW-WHS CityWide Programs-Transportation provided *

7 Choice Website / Street & Avenue Guide http://highschoolchoice. Locate your attendance Area School & Zone Update 8 th graders’ addresses now

8 Roosevelt High School Health Careers – CW Program Digital Media Automotive & Construction-CW Program International Baccalaureate Diploma International Baccalaureate Career- related Certificate (IBCC) Health Careers CW Program – MTC Gold Card Provided BILINGUAL SUPPORT IN SOMALI AND SPANISH

9 Edison High School Business Enterprise American Studies International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Personal Care & Theraputic Services Technology & Multi-Media BILINGUAL SUPPORT IN SOMALI & SPANISH

10 Southwest High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Middle Years Programme

11 Washburn High School Liberal Arts International Baccalaureate Diploma Project Lead The Way- Engineering Bilingual Support in Somali &Spanish

12 Patrick Henry High School Commercial & Fine Arts Engineering Open –Not Citywide International Baccalaureate I.B. Candidate Middle Years Programme BILINGUAL SUPPORT IN HMONG

13 North High School All Citywide Programs Digital Media International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) STEM International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate (IBCC) Digital media * School Bus to all Zones

14 South High School CITYWIDE PROGRAM Bus to all Zones –ALL NATIONS AMERICAN INDIAN –OPEN (Marcy & Barton) Neighborhood/Community School Program –LIBERAL ARTS - Outside Attendance Area space available*Bus within Zone 2

15 15 TRANSITION TIMELINE The CLOCK is ticking so it is important that students do their research NOW so they can choose the best program that fits their goals for high school

16 Shadowing: November 11, 2010 High School Tours will replace Shadowing for all Minneapolis Public School students Anthony students will tour Southwest HS (am) and Washburn HS (pm)

17 High School Open Houses Mon., Nov. 15 – South Tues., Nov. 16 – Roosevelt Wed., Nov. 17 – Southwest Thurs., Nov. 18 – Washburn Tues., Nov 30 – Edison Wed., Dec. 1 – Henry Thurs., Dec. 2 - North ALL MEETINGS BEGIN AT 6:30 PM

18 18 How do I request a high school? Guidebooks with Request Forms will be mailed to all 8th graders during November Request a high school - 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd choice. using the High School Request Form Return Request Forms directly to Student Placement by mail or fax- on or before February 8 th, 2011. Complete an online application –February 8th.

19 Online Application


21 School Program Placement Protocol NEIGHBORHOOD/COMMUNITY SCHOOL 1st Sibling 2 nd Attendance Area 3 rd Employee 4 th Under-represented Demographics 5 th Attendance Zone 6 th Residents 7 th Open Enrollment

22 School Program PlacementProtocol CITYWIDE PROGRAMS North & South Open/ANP 1 st Pathway - Open Programs 2 nd Sibling 3 rd Employee 4 th Under-represented Demographics 5 th Residents 6 th Open Enrollment

23 23 When do we find out our high school placement? High school welcome letters will be the beginning of March 2011 Save your welcome letter!!!

24 Appeal Process Formal Appeal Process – DEADLINE – APRIL 15, 2011 Questions and Discussions

25 25 Questions ?????????

26 26 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES *Math/Science Clubs *Citywide Student Government *Newspaper *Chess *Yearbook *Debate Club *Drama *Dance Line *Music Groups *World Language Clubs *Baseball *Badminton *Basketball *Cheerleading *Football *Golf *Gymnastics *Swimming *Tennis *Track and Field *Wrestling *Softball *Volleyball *Community Service …. ….AND MORE! THESE ACTIVITIES COUNT! COLLEGES WANT TO SEE THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN YOUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY! SEE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GUIDE FOR ACTIVITIES OFFERED AT EACH SCHOOL!

27 27 WORLD LANGUAGES FRENCH JAPANESE SPANISH CHINESE GERMAN LATIN OJIBWE ARABIC (Many colleges recommend and/or require at least 2 years of a world language.)

28 28 graduation requirements Earn a minimum number of credits in District coursework including required courses in the following areas: English/Language Arts, 4 years Social Studies, 4 years Math, 3 years Science, 3 years Arts, 1 year Health, 1 year Physical Education, 1 year Electives (as needed to fulfill program and graduation requirements

29 29 graduation requirements Pass Minnesota state test as required (reading, math, written composition) Complete My Life Plan, web based planning and advisory system to help students in planning for careers, a post-secondary education, and life after high school

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