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International Baccalaureate 4-Year Plan & Moving into Diploma Jeannine Hall & Tim Sullivan 971-7488

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1 International Baccalaureate 4-Year Plan & Moving into Diploma Jeannine Hall & Tim Sullivan


3 IB Middle Years 9 th & 10 th Grades Certificate Students –Students will complete assessments in all 8 subjects (Lang A, Lang B, Humanities/History, Science, Math, Arts, PE, Technology) –Students must earn a 3 or better in all subjects/personal project –Students will complete their Personal Project –Students will compete 20 hours community service each year for a total of 40 hours Associate Students –Students will complete assessment in 6 out of the 8 subjects and must earn a 3 or better in all subjects/personal project –Students will complete their Personal Project –Students will compete 20 hours community service each year for a total of 40 hours

4 MYP Courses Language A Year 4 & Year 5 Language B 2 Years (MYP 1,2,3) in one of the following: Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish Math 2 years of the following: Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, AP Calculus Science Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics Humanities Honors World History, Honors US History P.E. MYP Testing in 9 th grade The Arts Music, Drama, Visual Art Technology (Design Cycle) Integrated into the Arts

5 An independent project on any topic you like Examples from the past: Design recycled clothes, Create a support group for Bi-Polar children, Grow a garden, Learn how to do Stain Glass, Learn to play an instrument, Design a video game, Build a shed, Write a “How to take Care of Your Goat” manual The culmination of the student’s involvement with the five areas of interaction The Personal Project is completed between Spring of 9 th grade and Spring of 10 th grade You will receive checkpoint grades and time to write the final “Evaluation Report” in Humanities and Language A Personal Project

6 9 th Grade MYP 4 You will take the following classes in MYP English 4 2.MYP World History 3.Chinese, French, Japanese OR Spanish 4.Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus 5.MYP Biology (if in Geometry) OR MYP Chemistry (if in Algebra 2 or above) 6.MYP PE 4

7 PE & Health IB Full Diploma students will take: – 2 semesters of PE in summer school San Juan Unified Summer School PE will be offered at Mira Loma. Information will follow by the end of April –1 semester of Health in Independent Study Complete Health through Independent Study during the school year Brigham Young University’s online program

8 IB Diploma 11 th & 12 th Grade Full Diploma requires –6 tests (4HL + 2 SL OR 3HL +3SL) –Theory of Knowledge (TOK) –Extended Essay –150 CAS hours

9 Mira Loma IB Associate & Mira Loma IB Certificate Associate 4 tests (any combination of HL & SL) –Theory of Knowledge (TOK) –100 CAS hours Certificate Some Tests- HL or SL

10 Language A & B Language A (Diploma 1 and 2) –2 years (HL) Language B (IB 1 and IB2) As juniors you move to IB 1 --Juniors may take test SL --Seniors may take test SL or HL

11 History IB History (HL) History of the Americas Global Studies IB Economics (SL 1 year) taken either junior or senior year If students do not take IB Economics, they must take 1semester of Economics for graduation.

12 Science IB Biology (HL 2 years) IB Physics (SL 1 Year) IB Ecosystems & Society (SL 2 years) –Ecosystems & Society fulfills physical and life science for graduation requirements, but student must take both years.

13 Mathematics Math (HL) –Math 3 & 4 Students will take Pre-Calculus as Freshmen and AP Calculus as Sophomores Student will take Math 3 & 4 and Juniors and Seniors Math (SL) –Math Studies/Math 1 or Math 2 Students will take Geometry, Algebra 2 and/or Pre- Calculus as Freshmen and Sophomores Students will test in Math 1 or Math 2 in Junior or Senior year Students can also AP Calculus

14 IB Arts IB Art IB Theater IB Music All of these courses may be taken as SL or HL. If only junior year SL. If junior and senior year SL or HL To take the Arts in senior year, students will not take either Language B or Math

15 TOK Theory of Knowledge (TOK) taken in senior year You will: reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and on areas of knowledge consider the role and nature of knowledge in our culture, in the cultures of others and in the wider world. be aware of yourself as a thinker and will become more acquainted with the complexity of knowledge recognize the need to act responsibly in an increasingly interconnected but uncertain world. As a thoughtful and purposeful inquiry into different ways of knowing, and into different kinds of knowledge, TOK is composed almost entirely of questions. The most central of these is “How do we know?” TOK links the academic subject areas together.

16 CAS & E.E. CAS= Community, Action and Service and you can start this during the summer of your Sophomore/Junior year (Staff in charge: DeRuysscher) EE= Extended Essay which is a 4000 word essay on the topic of your choice of original research; you must work with a EE advisor (Staff in Charge: Sullivan)

17 Careers Start Looking!!! –What do you like to do? –Where do you like to spend time (regionally and environmentally) –To be autonomous…That is the question? –Are you motivated by money, community, or something else? –Sites to help: Occupational Handbook Vocational Information Center Rutgers Pre-college Career Planning Site Next Step (sign up for this one and they’ll send you stuff) Archived: Think College High School and Beyond (through http;//

18 Colleges Think where you want to live. It is 4 years! Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Do they have the best school for your major? Have a “Pie in the Sky” school, a “Sure bet’ school and a “Back up” school. Note to self: UC Berkeley is NOT a “back up” school for most students. Visit the campus!!! Duh… you will be living there. Sites to start looking: College Board at Making it Count SalleMae/College Answer Fastweb (scholarship site)

19 Freshman 1 course for each subject Sophomore 1 course for each subject JuniorSenior MYP English 4MYP English 5Diploma English 1Diploma English 2 Honors World HistoryHonors US HistoryHistory of the AmericasGlobal Studies MYP Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish Diploma Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish (Optional) Honors Biology/Honors Chemistry Honors Chemistry/Honors Physics IB Diploma Biology 1, Enviromental systems 1 or IB Physics IB Diploma Biology 2 or Enviromental systems 2 Geometry, Algebra 2 or Pre-calculus Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus AP Calculus, IB Math SL or IB Math HL MYP PE* 10 th grade PE taken in the Summer MYP/IS Global Art, Drama or Music IB Diploma Economics or IB Diploma Art 1, Drama 1 or Music 1, IB Diploma Physics (as elective in addition to other science) IB Diploma Art 1, Drama 1 or Music 1 Theory of Knowledge (TOK): All IB Diploma students take this

20 If you have questions: Jeannine Tim Or call at

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