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1 Preparing to Face the World Michael M.C. Lai, M.D., Ph.D. President, National Cheng Kung University SATU Youth Forum Nov. 9, 2008.

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1 1 Preparing to Face the World Michael M.C. Lai, M.D., Ph.D. President, National Cheng Kung University SATU Youth Forum Nov. 9, 2008

2 2 The Missions of a University  Educate students to become future leaders and innovators  Do research to generate and promulgate new knowledge and technology  Serve the society and mankind to solve global and local challenges

3 3 The changing nature of university education  Before 19th century (e.g., Harvard University,1637): classical curriculum (Greek, Latin, moral philosophy and mathematics) –To prepare the virtue, religion and discipline of the mind –To mold “ Renaissance ” gentlemen of the upper-class society

4 4 The changing nature of university education (II)  Since 1870 (e.g., Johns Hopkins, Purdue, Stanford, etc.): promoting the advancement of new scholarship and knowledge. Research universities Research universities –Original research and scholarship –Practical skills in agriculture and mechanics (professional training for jobs) –Specialization of academic disciplines and creation of majors (in 1920s): studying subjects of individual interest

5 5 The changing nature of university education (III)  Since 1960: Bachelor degree emphasizes general education and has become only a preparatory degree. –Information explosion –Longer life span (changing several careers throughout a lifetime) –The need to acquire self-learning skills

6 6 The goals of university education  17th century: Renaissance men  19th century: Develop new knowledge and skills –Research universities –Professional training –Ivory tower  20th & 21st centuries: General education

7 7 The winning personality traits of 21st century  Skills and Knowledge  IQ (Intelligence Quotient) EQ (Emotion Quotient) EQ (Emotion Quotient) MQ (Moral Quotient) MQ (Moral Quotient) AQ (Attitude Quotient or AQ (Attitude Quotient or Adversity Quotient) Adversity Quotient)

8 8 The qualities of successful global citizens  Good EQ, MQ and AQ –EQ (Emotion quotient) –MQ (Moral quotient) –AQ (Attitude or adversity quotient)  Cross-disciplinary knowledge  Ability to do team work  Communication  Leadership and entrepreneurship  Appreciation for different cultures (internationalized)

9 9 Goals of undergraduate education at NCKU  Humanistic education accompanied by good professional training  Interdisciplinary education  Creativity training  Entrepreneurship and leadership  Communication skills  Internationalization (global awareness)  Social responsibilities and community involvement

10 10 Humanistic training  Broad visions  Character buildup  Interpersonal skills –Job search –Job promotion –Career success

11 11 Interdisciplinary training  Every issue involves more than specialty knowledge, e.g. –Gentrification (aging) –Global warming  Broaden views and experiences  Fresh ideas

12 12 Creativity  “ The process of asking new questions and solving them ” (S. C. Lai, a playwright)  Brain as a computer; creativity is the designing of the operating system to organize the database in the computer  Creativity is trainable  Creativity includes wisdom and methodology of execution

13 13 From Information age to knowledge age and finally to the age of ideas

14 14 Creativity is the core of future competitiveness  The decline of the labor-intensive industries and the rise of “ knowledge-based economy  The explosion of new knowledge and ever- expanding new disciplines

15 15 Communication skills  The ability to express ideas verbally and in writing (native tongue and foreign languages)  Make yourself and your work known  Exchange ideas  Lead

16 16 Entrepreneurship and Leadership  A will to lead  Different circumstances require different leadership skills –A university president (entertainer, visionary, preacher, psychologist, CEO)  Leadership is an art but is trainable  Creative, fresh thinking  Artful listening  Decision-making

17 17 Internationalization vs. Globalization  Globalization –“ The world is flat ” : Thomas Friedman –“ A global village ” : The world everywhere is connected and exposed.  Internationalization –The understanding and exchanges of cultures and knowledge  To become good global citizens through internationalization

18 18 Becoming a global citizen in the 21st century  “ The world is flat ” (Thomas Friedman)  A two-way process  Brain drain vs. brain circulation  The purposes of internationalization: –Acquiring new knowledge and skills –Gaining international perspectives and appreciating cultural diversity

19 19 Purposes of internationalization  To learn the cutting-edge science, technology and scholarship.  To learn attitudes and other qualities of students from other countries  To learn and understand foreign cultures.  To facilitate international communication and establish personal contacts.  To upgrade the country’s standing in international community.  To be competitive internationally

20 20 Skills for internationalization  Foreign languages (English as the second language)  Understanding different cultures  Understanding common etiquette  Establishing international connections  Keeping abreast of international news in politics, economy or your own field

21 21 What is a global university?  Global brandname recognition  Comprehensive excellence in teaching, research and faculty and students  Global “ export ” of teaching and learning  Strong international student demand  Close interaction with global business  Performing research on global issues

22 22 Social responsibilities and global concerns  Community service  Social awareness  Concerns for mankind: “ World is hot, flat and crowded ” (Thomas Friedman) –Energy conservation –Population control –Limit pollution –Green revolution

23 23 University life is not a period to relax, but is a time to reflect and grow

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