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? Are you a Non-Traditional Student? ? ? NON-TRADITIONAL COLLEGE

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1 ? Are you a Non-Traditional Student? ? ? NON-TRADITIONAL COLLEGE

2 Non-traditional Paths to Medical School
Tarik Asmerom, MS1 Robert Bonacci, MS1

3 Facts about the Non-Traditional Student
Definition: Any student who does not go straight to medical school after graduating from college Usually takes at least one year off Growing percentage of students entering medical school have taken one or more years off before matriculation The 2011 Perelman School of Medicine entering first year class: 60% are non-traditional students Average age at matriculation is 23 (Range: 21-30)

4 Why take time off? Pursue a passion
Improve credentials for application Change career to medicine Mature and grow as a person

5 What can I do before applying to medical school? A few examples:
Research NIH Travel/ Global Experiences Unite for Sight Community Service Work in the US Teach for America Other Types of Employment Academic Enhancement Post baccalaureate program Another degree

6 What should I keep in mind while taking time off before medical school?
Get letters of recommendation: Stay in touch with professors to ensure they have submitted (or are in the process of submitting) their letters for you Get recommendations from Post Baccalaureate program, graduate degree professors/administrators, supervisor/research advisor after graduation Describe worthwhile experiences after graduation in your application Be aware of deadlines: Take MCAT on time Apply early in the application season

7 Are there programs which can help me become a competitive medical school applicant?
Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs assist students prepare for medical school after having received their bachelor’s degrees 19% of 2011 entering class completed Post-Bac programs Types of Post-Bac programs: Changing career to medicine Completing science requirements Enhancing academic record Post Baccalaureate Website: http//

8 In addition to the Post Bac programs are there others?
Graduate degree programs might be another alternative. Make sure the degree program has biomedical science courses, because admissions committees want to see if you can handle a lot of these types of subjects MPH might also be a path, but first discuss this type of degree with your pre-health advisor and/or medical school admissions directors, because it’s important that you can demonstrate your facility with biomedical science. Attempt to earn as many A’s and B’s as possible!

9 Time off during Medical School
Research For competitive specialties School funded grants National grants Mentor funded Additional Degrees International Clinical Experiences Personal Time – Leave of Absence

10 Questions? Contact Us: Tarik Asmerom:
Robert Bonacci:

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