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Driving Innovation to Position Maryland in a Nationally Competitive Funding Environment.

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1 Driving Innovation to Position Maryland in a Nationally Competitive Funding Environment

2 Mary Alice McCarthy, Workforce Analyst Office of Workforce Investment Division of Adult Services Employment and Training Administration (ETA) United States Department of Labor (USDOL)

3 By June 2012, increase by 10 percent the number of people who receive training and attain a degree or certificate through the following programs: Workforce Investment Act (WIA) adult, dislocated worker, and youth National Emergency Grants (NEG) Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

4 Why Credentials

5 Career Pathways and Credentials Baccalaureate Degree Career Pathways have the goal of increasing an individual’s educational and skills attainment and employment outcomes. Career Pathway Programs are a clear sequence of education coursework and/or training credentials that include several key components.

6 What Do We Mean by Career Pathways? Baccalaureate Degree  Are aligned with the skill needs of regional industries;  Include secondary, adult education, and postsecondary education options;  Include curricular and instructional strategies that contextualize learning;  As appropriate, integrate education and training that combines occupational skills training with adult education services, give credit for prior learning, and accelerate advancement;  Lead to the attainment of an industry-recognized degree or credential;  Include academic and career counseling, and support services;  Are organized to meet the particular needs of adults, with flexible and non-semester-based scheduling, and the innovative use of technology

7 The Career Pathways TA Initiative Baccalaureate Degree Joint DOL-DOEd-HHS Effort (ETA/OVAE/ACF) 9 States and 2 Tribal Entitie State/Local, Cross-Agency Teams Workforce, ABE, Community Colleges, TANF, CBOs And Employers! Focus on Building Partnerships and Shared Vision

8 Career Pathways Six Key Elements Framework Baccalaureate Degree

9 Career Pathways Six Key Elements Goals Baccalaureate Degree

10 On-Going Efforts to Support Career Pathways and Credential Attainment Baccalaureate Degree TAACCCT: Building the capacity of community colleges and partners to serve adult learners and job-seekers The Workforce Innovation Fund: Supporting innovative services delivery strategies and the systems change necessary to support, sustain and scale those strategies. Specifically, the WIF will invest in strategies that: Deliver services more efficiently and achieve better outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations and dislocated workers; Support both system reforms and innovations that facilitate cooperation across programs and funding streams in the delivery of services to jobseekers, youth, and employers; and Emphasize building knowledge about effective practices through rigorous evaluation and translating “lessons learned” into improved labor market outcomes and increased cost efficiency in the broader workforce system. Joint Guidance/Definitions

11 Baccalaureate Degree Minnesota FastTRAC Adult Career Pathways Judy Mortrude, State Program Administrator Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

12 Baccalaureate Degree Minnesota’s Skills Gap

13 Baccalaureate Degree www.SHIFTING-GEARS.ORG “ Nothing is more important to our economic future than matching worker skills to employer needs.” – Ellen S. Alberding, President, Joyce Foundation

14 Baccalaureate Degree 2008-2009 Incent partners to work together Adult Basic Education (ABE) bridges to Continuing Ed Training; industry- recognized credentials without college credits Full cost model 2010-2011 Partners create effective programming models, experience success, and seek to sustain and broaden ABE bridge programs linked to integrated Career Tech Education (CTE); industry-recognized credentials w/ college credits that build into career pathways Encouraged leveraging of funds 2012 - Transformative, systemic, sustainable programs that impact education and workforce development ABE bridges to CTE credit certificates to longer career pathways in colleges Repurpose percentage of partner funds to create sustainable base funding for FastTRAC adult career pathways

15 Baccalaureate Degree Adult Career Pathways

16 Baccalaureate Degree Integrated Instruction Example – Medical Office Career Pathway Recruit learners, provide funding, host internships Recruit learners, provide funding and support services Facilitate project, coordinate progress meeting, provide technical support & networking Ensure bridge course connects; support integrated course Guide course development and implementation Central Point of Contact

17 Baccalaureate Degree Trudy Chara, Innovation and Programs Manager Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning

18 Baccalaureate Degree DLLR built 2 teams : Planning Team & Policy Team Planning Team with necessary partners and local focus helped build a local model Policy Team with state reps will address broader policy issues Attended DOL Institutes and wrote plan Conducted in-house Labor Shed Analysis Facilitated integrate career development into ABE/GED/ESL course offerings Conducted a CNA pilot program Career Pathways Upper Shore as the Model

19 Baccalaureate Degree Critical Components Build Local Implementation Team and a State Policy Team Labor Shed Analysis and Employer Validation Drove Program Decisions Build comprehensive strategies including: Bridge programs to support transition from one step to the next Build programs that lead to industry certifications Stackable Credentialing result in pathways out of poverty

20 Baccalaureate Degree Upper Shore’s Career Pathways Process: What We Learned Putting the right team together Building a common language & understanding of each programs goals and measures Program priorities were identified by Labor Shed Analysis (data driven decision making) Career development could be integrated into ABE/GED/ESL course offerings at no cost Visits to other programs changed the result Bridge programs are critical

21 Baccalaureate Degree Continuing Challenges $$$s Braiding funding - conflicting performance measures by funding title Identifying industry certifications and building pathways around them Stacking credentials Identifying multiple Career Pathways beyond Healthcare

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