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Individualized Studies for Independent Minds. What Is CUNY Baccalaureate? An individualized, University-wide bachelor’s degree for highly-motivated, self-directed.

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1 Individualized Studies for Independent Minds

2 What Is CUNY Baccalaureate? An individualized, University-wide bachelor’s degree for highly-motivated, self-directed students.

3 Work with Faculty Mentors Students work with CUNY faculty members to develop one or two coherent and meaningful areas of concentration (similar to majors).

4 Individualized Study: Energy Resource Policy Independent Mind: Clint Porter Energy Resource Policy BaruchEES 4900 Topics in Environmental Science Baruch P SC 5000 Internship (Solar Electric Power Association, Washington, DC) CCNY P SC 223 U.S. Foreign Policy CCNYP SC 236 Latin American Political Systems CCNYP SC 355 Environmental Politics CCNYP SC 310 Independent Study (Domestic Energy Policy in Underdeveloped Areas of Latin America) CCNYP SC 310 Internship (Center for Sustainable Energy, Bronx Community College) CCNYP SC 312 Selected Topics in Political Science His Faculty Mentor: Prof. Sherrie Baver, Political Science, City College His Next Step: Even before graduating, Porter was offered a job in sales and marketing with Kaco Solar, Inc., USA, an international company that manufacturers photovoltaic inverters.

5 Individualized Study: Theatre and Social Change Independent Mind: Kayhan Irani Theatre and Social Change Brooklyn THEA 83 Indep. Research (Political Theater) CCNYANTH 230 Political Mobilization and Change CCNYPHIL 311 Special Topics: Theory of Action CCNYP SC 312 Seminar in Community Organizing CCNYP SC 314 Selected Topics: Political Science, A Cross Cultural Perspective CCNYP SC 324 Politics of Protest Hunter THEA 214 Multicultural Perspectives in Theatrical Performance Grad Center/SPS TACP 602 Theater of the Oppressed Grad Center/SPS TACP 603 Creating Meaning through Community Drama Her Faculty Mentors: Prof. John Krinsky, Political Science, City College Prof. Dale Byan, Theater, Brooklyn College Her Next Step: Upon graduation, Irani toured to promote the book she co-edited, Telling Stories to Change the World (Routledge, 2008), and accepted a position with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Adult Education as Director of Outreach/Writer for We Are New York, a new TV sitcom for immigrant New Yorkers.

6 Individualized Study: The African Diaspora in the Americas Independent Mind: Easter Wood The African Diaspora in the Americas BaruchBLST 3024 Women of Color in the Americas BaruchBLST 4900 African and Latino Diasporas in America CCNYBLST 318 African American Literature CCNYENGL 310 Independent Study (Apollo Curriculum Project) CCNYENGL 312 Caribbean Ghosts, Colonial Spirits CCNYENGL 318 Blues Aesthetic CCNYHIST 377 Comparative Slavery HunterAFST 205 African American Politics of Social Change Her Faculty Mentor: Prof. Jo-Ann Hamilton, English/Black Studies, City College Her Next Step: After speaking on behalf of her graduating class at the CUNY BA/BS commencement, Wood traveled back to tour the African continent, then returned to City College to start her Master’s in History as a New York Life Graduate Fellow. And she intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Africana Studies.

7 CUNY BA/BS Student: Heather McCown Focus: Sustainable Transportation Independent Studies: John Jay College HIST 389 Independent Study Afloat: Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Ferry Service in NYC John Jay College SPE 389 Independent Study Public Transportation, Public Discourse Self-Directed Learning: Independent Studies, Internships, Etc. Heather McCown &Professor Amy Green Established a nonprofit organization called Sunset-Ridge Waterfront Alliance (SRWA) Started a petition drive, collecting 2,000+ signatures in support of reinstating the 69th St. Pier ferry Created an annual environmental festival Initiated the SRWA Green Youth Award Program

8 Study Abroad CUNY offers study abroad programs in 29 countries, from Antigua to Vietnam CUNY BA/BS students are eligible for an International Foundation for Study Abroad (IFSA) scholarship of $5,500 for full semester study CUNYBA/BS holds an informational forum about study abroad annually CUNY BA/BS students have recently studied in China, Venezuela, Belize, Guatemala, Egypt, France, Dubai, India, Germany and Austria.

9 Thomas W. Smith Founder and managing partner of Prescott Investors; serves on the board of several corporate and nonprofit organizations. First private benefactor of the program; has given over 3 million dollars over the last 14 years Funds the highest achieving CUNY BA/BS scholars Over 500 students have received the Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowship (full tuition & small stipend until graduation) Tom Smith and Smith Fellow, Tyleen Kelly

10 Additional Scholarships Harriet Brows Scholarship Daniel E. Smith Scholarship for Returning Women Memorial Scholarship for Students in Education or Human Services Albert Simic Scholarship for Actors International Foundation for Study Abroad (IFSA) Scholarship

11 Graduates routinely receive promotions or raises Many have begun new careers in public service, business, and various other professions Nearly 80% hold jobs in fields related to their areas of concentration* Almost 50% continue on to graduate schools, half of them attending a CUNY graduate program* *According to a recent survey Graduates

12 Recent Graduate School Acceptances CUNY Graduate Center Central European University Emory University Georgetown Law School Harvard Divinity School London University Rutgers University Teachers College/Columbia University Yale University

13 Admissions Criteria Matriculated at a CUNY college Have passed or been exempted from the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) 15 credits of prior academic history Minimum 2.50 GPA Well-written Personal Statement Strong letter of recommendation Coherent area of concentration proposal outlining a unique or interdisciplinary course of study

14 Contact Us CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies The Graduate Center, Suite 6412 365 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10016 Main Office: 212.817.8220 Registrar’s Office: 212.817.8227 Admissions Office: 212.817.8230 Fax: 212.817.1512

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