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1 San Jose State University: The Valley Foundation SCHOOL OF NURSING Baccalaureate Program Everything You Need to Know*** *** as of Mar. 2012 Advisor:

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1 1 San Jose State University: The Valley Foundation SCHOOL OF NURSING Baccalaureate Program Everything You Need to Know*** *** as of Mar. 2012 Advisor: Dr. Sue Malloy 408-924-3131 Main office School of Nursing Health Building Rm 420

2 Today, @ Monthly group advising,  When you come in, sign on the sign-in sheet 2

3 3 School of Nursing Group Advising Sessions  Schedule posted in online “BS in Nursing- General Information Packet”  2-hr Advising sessions held ~10 times /year  See Nursing’s web page (under “advising”) for dates/times/places of monthly group advising sessions  Starts on time, so allow at least ½ -1 hour for campus parking (10 th st. garage); bring $$$.  Campus maps available on website  pus_maps/ pus_maps/

4 After today, if still more ?s:  ……Call Nursing secretaries and other Nsg advisers also available about Nursing questions (924-3131).  General advising through CASA Student Success Center – Information on ‘College of Applied Sciences’ web site (for hours)  MacQuarrie Hall 533 –PH 924-2910 ……on facebook too 4

5 OFFICE HRS – MAIN OFFICE- HEALTH BLDG RM 420 OFFICE HB 420 OPEN (Please be courteous!) and  Mon- FRI ( except holidays)from (10 AM-12 noon and 2-4 PM) 5

6 6 USE the Nursing Website !!   under “Pre-Nursing”  B.S. Information Packet 9 Prerequisites How to Apply When to Apply Applicant Checklist Upcoming Group Advising Schedule Curriculum, Applicant Selection, etc.

7 7 IMPORTANT! You must be accepted to the University and, once admitted, you have had ongoing enrollment status- If this is not your case, contact the adviser…

8 8 IMPT to Check Updates Content is sometimes updated with recent changes, so it is important for you to re- check the website information and the application checklist about every 2 months. Application checklist found under “forms” on website

9 Watch add/drop dates !!!  Must come, the first semester you’re admitted!  Pay fees on time, or DROPPED  Must drop by official deadlines SEVERE  Late drops ONLY for SEVERE and compelling reasons (work itself is not an adequate excuse- If medical, need documentation-see adviser)  Check your schedule every 2 weeks, so do not get dropped 9

10 SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science, Nursing – General Information FEB 2012 ( Updates with Spring application deadline and Teas 5.0 minimum) * MISSION STATEMENT Provide innovative education in the art and science of professional nursing while empowering our baccalaureate and masters graduates to be socially and ethically responsible and knowledgeable clinicians, leaders, and scholars who will meet the changing healthcare needs of a diverse global community. The Valley Foundation School of Nursing One Washington Square Health Bldg 420 San José, CA 95192-0057 (408) 924-3131 Nursing Office- Health Bldg- Room 420 Note: Restricted hours, due to budget cuts (MON-FRI: 10 am-Noon; & 2-4 pm) at 9 th & San Carlos St. 10 4 digit extended zip is IMPT!!!!

11 Group advising times/places on Nursing’s webpage RECOMMENDED: All students attend one of the 2 hour monthly group advising sessions Call the secretaries at 408-924- 3131 for individual advising times, as several faculty do advising on various weekdays 11

12 12 As of June 2011, updated changes to University admissions:  dbgen/narr/static/admission/impaction. html dbgen/narr/static/admission/impaction. html now admitting  The University is now admitting students who already have a Bachelor’s degree (FYI-do not have to do SJSU’s areas R,S,V, if B.S. degree already), but must do HPROF 100W

13 13 Admission for The Valley Foundation School of Nursing New Fall FROSH: http://info.sjsu.edu (top of page “admission”) pre-nursing All pre-nursing is now impacted, as well… that means that non-SJSU enrolled students apply as a pre-nursing major to, based on University restrictions for acceptances. No guaranteed places for actually getting into the Nursing See rest Major ( You must apply… See rest of slide show for how to do so of slide show for how to do so).

14 Who applies and who gets in? 14

15 Undeclared or change of major students:  See SON web site for further information, as we are “on hold” this fall ( OK to submit forms now, with all various schools’ unofficial transcripts) 15

16 16  If you are transferring Nursing prerequisites, see for pre-approved courses (you will not find private schools here), under “school to school”  Minimum GPA required, but all accepted enrollments are based on space/resources of the University- Updates on Univ. web pages…. not  If a pre-nursing course is not articulated, the Prerequisite Course Substitution Form is submitted for School of Nursing approval ( under “Forms”  See the Nursing website under “Forms”, Allow 3-4 weeks for mailed responses/ No faxes… stamped envelope to cover postage  Send in substitution forms now, with official course descriptions, and stamped envelope to cover postage! Admission for School of Nursing

17 17 Forms FORMS To OBTAIN Pre-requisite course substitution forms - go to “FORMS”

18 18 Must submit envelope with postage for return materials or pick up in HB 420 office Initially, we do not need syllabi…..

19 19 FORMS Pre-requisite course substitution forms - go to “FORMS” on Nursing’s website http:// do so NOW.http:// is the place to look for CSU and Jr. college and some UC courses taken. If “no equivalent” listed for the name of the SJSU course, then file prerequisite substitution form and do so NOW. No syllabus needed, initiallyNo syllabus needed, initially

20 20 FORMS Pre-requisite course substitution forms - go to “FORMS” on Nursing’s website http:// is the place to look – Go under “school to school” transfer To the “Undergraduate Coordinator”

21 21 FORMS Pre-requisite course substitution forms - go to “FORMS” on Nursing’s website For those who have attended non-CSU/ non-Calif. Jr colleges, then you must submit course substitution forms, with catalog descriptions, to the School of Nursing- Private schools will not be on articulation pages.

22 22 BS Information Packet 9 pages) APPLICATION Packet and check-off form

23 23 Two Distinct Applications:  San Jose State University Apply into “impacted pre-nursing” and receive your acceptance from SJSU (ongoing enrollment needed) Meet Graduation (General Education) Requirements for your BS degree & Nursing (pre-nsg courses and admission to major in process) Fall Spring  Apply in Oct/Nov for following Fall and August for Spring School of Nursing Major  Secondary application process: Complete all 9 pre-requisite courses and application materials (i.e, WST passed /pass TEAS, etc). If meet criteria, qualifies you for the Applicant Pool Selected from a pool of applicants – no waiting lists  Prior to this, classified as “pre-nursing”  Apply in month preceding the due date with application form (web site); see following slides both  You must meet the requirements of both the University and the School of Nursing

24 24 REVIEW University’s impaction requirements…. You may come in as an undeclared due to limited spots in the Pre-nursing major

25 25 1. University Admission  You must apply online at  Apply as “Pre-Nursing” for your major  Meet impaction criteria for Pre-nursing  FROSH (minimum SAT or ACT) vs. transfer  Check the University website for General Education requirements and university advising,  You must have been accepted (or in progress) by SJSU as a student, when you apply to the School of Nursing

26 26 1. University Admission  or  FROSH (minimum SAT or ACT) vs. transfer  Check the University website for General Education requirements and university advising,

27 27 1. University Admission  Once you have been accepted by the UNIVERSITY, you must attend when you say you are going to start, or you are dropped…  GET WST exam done ~4-5 months ahead for transfer students (after Engl 1B)

28 28  Apply to Univ. in October/Nov. for University admission for the following Fall semester.  Apply in August for University admission in the following Spring semester (could be budget dependent)  MY.SJSU.EDU is the Univ. web site for enrolling in classes, once you get accepted and have a student ID  Nursing has different application deadlines- see later in slides for University Admission

29 29 Approximate Time Lines Approximate Time Lines prior to application deadlines  6-10 months ahead- apply to University  6 months ahead -send in pre-requisite course substitution requests  ~4-5 months ahead of applying to Nsg - take WST exam (see following slide)  2-3 months ahead of applying to Nursing - TEAS test (can only take 2xs)  2-3 months ahead - have all of your Schools’ sealed transcripts sent to your home  3-6 months ahead- attend a group advising session

30 30 Approximate Time Lines Approximate Time Lines prior to application deadlines  For a FALL Nursing start: Apply to UNIV. the prior Oct/Nov to Apply to Nursing, by March 15 th (with all requirements completed, including WST results  For a SPRING Nursing start: Apply to UNIV. the prior August to Apply to Nursing, by Oct 1 st (with all requirements completed, including WST results

31 31 How many get accepted each semester to nursing major?

32 32 2. The School of Nursing  Impaction – What is it?  Scoring for Impaction  Prerequisites  To Apply  Submitting Your Folder  When to Apply  After You Are Accepted  Advanced Placement  Accelerated BS in Nursing  Will I Be Accepted?

33 APPLICATION DEADLINES for NURSING APPLICATION DEADLINES for NURSING (see box on page 1 of the BS information packet)  March 15 th * Oct. 1 st  March 15 th * and Oct. 1 st (for the following semester’s start in the major)  Those attending a quarter system College, that has courses/finals end last week in March, can still submit application by March 15 th with notation that will hand-deliver a sealed letterhead letter, by first wk. of APRIL 33 * May submit application to Nursing 1 month prior

34 34 9 Prerequisites  (Must be Completed to Apply- none “in progress”)  Must take & pass the WST (Writing Skills Test) @ SJSU (allow time: 4-5 months ahead of application)  (Anat) Biol 65*(Physio)Biol 66* Chem 30A*Chem 30B* Micro 20Comm 20/20N* Engl 1A*Engl 1B* Stats 95*  *Also meet General Ed Requirements if taken @ SJSU

35 35 Impaction & Supplemental Criteria?

36 36 Impaction SCORE – What Is It? as of May 2011 * Change in minimum TEAS V score as of May 2011

37 TEAS Test (Test of Essential Academic Skills)  minimum individual score (%)  For version 4.0 (through DEC 2011) minimum of 80  For version 5.0 (beginning May 2011) minimum of 68  (only can use the higher score from the first 2 times taken-whatever versions)  Go to the testing web site 37

38 38

39 39 WEB PAGE for where TEAS discussed; Found on page 3 of “BS information packet” Limited to 1 st and 2 nd time only for scores- a minimum score required- sign up 1-2 months ahead

40 40 Scoring Scoring for Impaction (See BS Information packet) if Vers. V, divided by 23  TEAS Score (if Vers. V, divided by 23) +  Last 30 Semester Units (45 Quarter Units) GPA +  GPA for 5 Prerequisites …There are a limited number of acceptances … Not subjective – Score-based only  (Initial cutoffs were ~ 10.02 in Fall. 2011 and we had n=110 applications for SPRING 2012 applicants)

41 41 Co-requisites - formerly were pre-requisites …done prior to starting or in the first semester=>CD/HUP/KIN 67 (i.e., Development across the lifespan - birth to death) * These can be done prior to or within the first semester while taking nursing major courses *NEW change, as of 2009

42 42 Co-requisites (as of Fall ’07)- …….. formerly were pre-reqs PSYC 1 NUFS 8 (nutrition for health) HPROF 100W or NURS 100W @ SJSU ( upper division writing requirement) Other 3- can be done within the first year while taking nursing

43 43 Revision Date in Form’s Header Note: Total will be slightly over 30 Semester units sometimes

44 Xerox copy ( press “lighter” for good copy) of: (1)Calif. Driver’s License, AND (2) One of the following: -  a U.S. passport orU.S. Birth Certificate or Green Card permanent residency 44 REMINDERS:

45 (COVER form) Applicant Check List- see next slide also

46 (COVER form) Applicant Check List Second part of the cover sheet for application form

47 47 Other schools…..  Although other CSU’s may grant you points for languages and medical & volunteer work, the students’ impaction scores are solely used to decide the selected SJSU nursing students for each cohort.

48 48 WSTWST at least 4 months  Sign up at least 4 months ahead; Allow 6 weeks for results (Must have results to apply to Nursing major)  Can only be re-taken once to pass, then remedial course is required.  web site  If taken @ another CSU, then call DERRICK KOH @ PH 408-924-5980 to find out how to submit via FAX to the UNIV., as some CSUs you must actually take the course-  Derrick in Testing can answer these ?s….

49 49  What happens if I get admitted to the UNIV. and still do not have all pre-requisite courses or requirements completed (i.e., WST/TEAS tests) ?  Answer: You are not eligible to apply to NURSING:  Answer: You are not eligible to apply to NURSING: Many students begin their upper or advanced GE package, ONLY IF they have passed the WST exam ; It is given ~ 5 times annually (found in online “schedule of classes”  AREAS R/S/V and Z) for University Admission

50 Upper GE is under 4 areas 50  Area R  Area S  Area V  Area Z (writing area) All are heavy research writing courses, using skills learned in Engl 1A & 1B  Writing labs on campus available  Must take 1 course in each of these areas……but not prior to applying to Nursing major

51 51 ***GE studies should be reviewed in each semester’s schedule of classes- pages 7-11, 2011 NURSING MAJORS’CHOICES

52 52

53 53 AREA Z of advanced GE Required for Graduation: AREA Z of advanced GE  Completed by end of first yr. of Nursing major. or  HPRF 100W or Nurs 100W (Other approved options: RECL 100W, BIOL 100W, PSYC 100W, KINES 100W, HRTM 100W)  SJSU Upper GE- MUST be taken AT SJSU! No Transfers, despite having another BS degree from elsewhere.

54 54 AREAs R, S, and V Also Required for Graduation: AREAs R, S, and V  Completed in order to graduate, but not in order to apply to NURS. Major  Used to be called “General studies” or “upper division”  Done after 60 units of lower GE @ SJSU  When lower division-60/70 units done also @ a Community College, then should get a “GE certificate” done

55 55 NOTE: must be 3 different prefixes for areas R, S, & V SAMPLE ONLY

56 Upper GE classes: 56

57 57 ***GE studies should be reviewed in each semester’s schedule of classes- pages 7-11, 2011 NURSING MAJORS’CHOICES

58 58 To Apply:  Application itself & Self-Checklist (print from the nursing website, current version please)  Proof of University Acceptance  Documentation of Passing WST exam  Documentation of TEAS Score (Can take more than once, for higher score)  Official Sealed Transcripts  Official Sealed Transcripts for all courses, including those @ SJSU- [Mailed to your home 2-3 months before applying to nursing]  Copies of “approved” course substitution forms  Completed “Functional Competencies Form” (Under “Forms,” on SJSU Nursing Website) AND  Calif. Driver’s License AND either US Passport, or US Birth certificate, or Green Card of permanent residency

59 59 Applicant Checklist (print from the website (under “forms”) or pick up at the office, current version please) self-check cover sheet Must include completed student self-check cover sheet, with actual application

60 60 Submitting Your APPPLICATION

61 Actual Nursing major classes?  Cannot register for any course with a prefix of NURS unless you have been admitted to the nursing major. 61

62 62 When to Submit Your Materials to School of Nursing for applying to the NURSING Major (not pre-nursing):  Make sure that you are already in the UNIV, or submitted materials for being accepted for the semester you would actually start the nursing major (….usually 1 month prior to deadline to NSG)  Once pre-requisites completed; and other requirements met  By March 15* for Fall Admission  By October 1 for Spring Admission * March 15 th date change from in the past

63 63 Acceptance Notifications  Mailed regular mail*  Acceptance or non-acceptance letters within 5-6 weeks of “Application Deadline Date”  No  No pre-req. courses or WST can be “in progress”… * NO Registered letters sent back to student; only regular US mail

64 64 After You’re Provisionally Accepted:  Submit a Health Statement (MD or NP Exam) and  Student Background Checks and Drug Screening done- only after receipt of acceptance letter from SCHOOL of NURSING (we send you instructions- √ web site under news and information)  Maintain current yearly CPR certification  Costs: Health Insurance, Equipment, Texts, and you must furnish transportation to Clinical Sites, etc.  Orientation Day is Mandatory  Complete Your Health Requirements and Clinical Documentation before first semester of Nursing courses (……..we send you instructions)

65 When you receive your letter:  OPEN it immediately as there are response deadlines  New student nursing workshop fee is non-refundable, when you return your acceptance form  Orientation Day is Mandatory (date will be stated in the letter) 65

66 66 After You Are Accepted to Nursing  Only then can you register for any nursing courses. Your acceptance letter will include instructions.

67 67 Advanced Placement (BRIDGE RN)  RN to BSN  Separate Process– see the Nsg. website (separate advising sessions)  Admissions to begin Bridge RN Nursing courses (separate advising sessions)  Apply by University deadlines prior to starting Nursing ( 

68 ATTN: Mandatory Orientation  All UNIV. transfer students must attend the TOP (Transfer orientation program) advising program to come to the UNIVERSITY.  All Freshman must attend mandatory FROSH orientation to University. 68

69 FYI  We have no accelerated undergraduate B.S. program 69

70 70 Where to find us on the website???

71 71 Contact Us:  Nursing Office (408) 924-3131 Call the School for other Advising Times / Dates (FYI: we cannot return calls outside of the local area codes of 408-, 415-, 510-, 831-, 650-)  Address:School of Nursing San Jose State University One Washington Square San Jose, CA 95192-0057

72 72 Staying Informed:  Our goal is to select the best possible applicants

73 73 Will I Be Accepted? Not If You Don’t Apply!

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