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International Baccalaureate Program. WHAT IS IB? The IB (International Baccalaureate) is a recognized educational program worldwide IB is a rigorous program.

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1 International Baccalaureate Program

2 WHAT IS IB? The IB (International Baccalaureate) is a recognized educational program worldwide IB is a rigorous program that offers a top-level education in more than 2,000 schools and 143 countries IB is a College/University Prep Program that is highly recognized by many prestigious colleges/universities IB is a comprehensive well-rounded program not just focused on single subjects Offers the most AP courses and the only IB courses in the surrounding counties Best college preparation earning maximum college credits

3 -PHS IB success rate on AP exams is well above the State and National Averages

4 SO MANY OPTIONS— WHY PHS IB? Free program for top-quality education Program is designed for college-bound students Prepares students for various fields of study Career academies prepare students for the workforce not college PHS IB receives the most scholarship dollars Specific scholarships for IB students only IB Students INSPIRE each other Long-established tradition of excellence -28 years

5 83% of the IB Class of 2015 Receives National Recognition for their SUCCESS

6 What sets us apart PHS IB is the only school with National Merit Commended Scholars, Semi-Finalists, and Finalists every year for the past 15 years 12 students accepted into MIT in the last 12 years Only school in the county that offers: 3 years of Chemistry 3 years of Biology 3 years of Physics BC Calculus/ IB Math HL -instrumental in some students college acceptance 5 Lombardi Scholarships winners -UF full ride Academic team qualified for Nationals PHS IS THE TOP TEAM IN THE COUNTY Consistently ranked one of the top schools in FL



9 HOW IS IB IMPLEMENTED AT PHS? Magnet program—students are able to apply who live outside the district and county Over 450 students in the IB program Center-to-Center bus routes available (parents transport student to stop) Students admitted into program take core classes at the pre-IB or AP levels to prepare them for the rigor of “real” IB.

10 “SCHOOL WITHIN A SCHOOL” Pre-IB and IB students take their core academic classes with other IB students Lunchtime Clubs, athletics, other extracurricular activities combined, we’re all PHS Tigers!

11 History Geography Psychology English Biology Chemistry Physics The Arts Math Foreign Language Electives

12 9 th Grade -English 1 pre-IB -French or Spanish 1 pre-IB -AP Human Geography -Biology 1 pre-IB -Geometry Honors -2 electives 10 th Grade -AP Language and Composition -French 2 pre-IB / Spanish 2 pre-IB -AP European History -Chemistry 1 pre-IB -Algebra 2 Honors or Algebra 2 -2 electives 11 th Grade -AP Literature and Composition -IB French 3 or IB Spanish 3 -AP U.S. History -IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Physics -IB Precalculus or IB Math Studies -IB Elective: World Geography, Art,Theatre,or Psychology, 2 nd Science -Theory of Knowledge 1 12 th Grade - IB English 4 -IB French 4 or IB Spanish 4 -IB History of the Americas -IB Biology 3 or IB Chemistry 3 -IB Cal or BC, IB Statistics or IB Math HL -Art 2,Theatre 2, or Physics -Theory of Knowledge 2 -Elective

13 FUN AND FASCINATING ELECTIVES AP Psychology AP Environmental Science AP Economics AP Government & Politics AP Calculus/ AP Statistics Physics Honors Marine Science H / Physical Science H Debate Air Force Junior ROTC Career Academies: -Business-Global Logistics, Health, Law Band, Chorus, Orchestra Guitar Art, Ceramics, Photo Student Government Drama, Acting, Stagecraft Web & Digital Design Yearbook /Journalism Anatomy & Physiology Lab Assistant

14 Thinkers The IB program instills ten characteristics in students through the IB Learner Profile Risk-takers Inquirers Principled Knowledgeable Reflective Balanced Caring Open-minded Thinkers Communicators Risk-takers Inquirers Principled Knowledgeable Reflective Balanced Caring Open-minded IB PROGRAM CARES ABOUT THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OF OUR STUDENTS

15 ction ervice CASCAS CAS = Community Service Project Helps foster leadership skills Appealing to colleges & universities

16 Research paper started in the junior year on individual interest Acclimates students with the independent research and writing skills expected at university Another way students become prepared for college/university

17 ISN’T “IB” TOO MUCH WORK? Many changes in the last two years to make this program more manageable If students are accepted into the program and motivated, IB is doable IB is manageable: Time management Our students are ready for college, not dismayed by college-level expectations. IB is not for everyone, but students who graduated from the program report IB has prepared them for life

18 MYTHS ABOUT IB IB students have six hours of homework every night WRONG! Approximately 2 hours Homework policy and calendar IB students don’t have time to have a life. WRONG! IB students are very active. All IB students are gifted or super genius. WRONG! Most are capable students who work hard. PHS is not a safe school. WRONG! PHS is safe! We reflect a diverse group that firmly address problems and provide a safe learning environment.

19 Swim/Dive Golf Cross Country Football Baseball Volleyball Softball Track Basketball Soccer Tennis Weight Lifting Lacrosse (New) Can IB students have a life outside academics? YES!!! YES!!!

20 Academic Team Art Club Cheerleading Chess Club Debate Club Drama Club Engineering Team FBLA (Future Business Leaders) First Priority-Christian Club French National Honor Society HOSA Interact Club Jazz Ensemble Key Club Literary magazine National Honor Society Pretty-N-Pink Science National Honor Society Science Olympiad Student Government Association Spanish National Honor Society STEP team The Tiger Tribune ( PHS Newspaper) Yearbook -MANY IB STUDENTS HOLD LEADERSHIP ROLES

21 Best college/university preparatory program in the area IB is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities Earn college credit, in many cases allowing them to skip over entry-level courses Another success story Develop study habits and time management skills IB family community Faculty with advanced degrees and who are student focused


23 How do universities view IB programs vs. other programs? Vanderbilt University, University of Miami, Boston University, Emory University, Penn, etc. “ IB is the most preferred curriculum over AP, Dual Enrollment, etc.” Dual Enrollment is too variable Many Universities do not even accept Dual Enrollment credit Research indicates IB students are much more successful at University Drop out rate

24 How prestigious universities view IB compared to Dual Enrollment & other AP classes the IB as a challenging curriculum respect IB very much community service component of the IB is also highly respected have not been challenged to do so before or in other types of curriculums “A student’s high school courses and curriculum is the most important factor in the selection process complimented by all of the other pieces in the application. We see the IB as a challenging curriculum, with higher and standard level courses as well as the TOK and extended essay. As a staff, we respect IB very much and see applicants from all over the world in the IB curriculum. The community service component of the IB is also highly respected as students engage in outreach to their communities as a part of their holistic school requirements. We also note the extended essay subject and the opportunity for students to research and write in a way they have not been challenged to do so before or in other types of curriculums. The IB is a wonderful program. ” Jodi Robinson, Director of Admissions University of Pennsylvania

25 132 IB students earned over 13.1 million dollars which was more than the 6 other county schools COMBINED In the Class of 2014: 100% of IB students received Bright Future Scholarships IB College Counselor who meets individually with students and parents to prepare for scholarships and college applications Does being in the IB program help obtain scholarships?

26 PHS IB Students Have Been Accepted within the Last Three Years Harvard College Princeton University Yale University Columbia University Dartmouth College Rice University University of Notre Dame Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Penn Duke University Emory University Vanderbilt University Georgia Tech

27 Other Top Colleges and Universities IB Students Have Been Accepted within the Last Two Years Colorado School of Mines UNC – Chapel Hill Washington & Lee University Oxford at Emory University of Virginia University of Miami Wake Forest University University of Florida Brandeis University Florida Institute of Technology Drexel University Boston College Tulane University The University of Texas American University Rollins College United States Naval Academy United States Merchant Marines Students have also been accepted into International Schools such as: -McGill University – Canada -London School of Economics -Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland -University of Toronto -University of Edinburgh – Scotland

28 What type of student is best suited for the IB program? Likes to learn Enjoys a challenge Motivated Hard working College-bound

29 STUDENTS Select a school that most fits YOU- NOT where your friends are going Ask students about their experience at IB and shadow for a day PARENTS Talk to several IB parents about their perspective Be careful of choosing a high school based on a career academy Joint decision

30 SHADOWING Students interested in the program could benefit from spending a day with a current 9 th grade student. Attend classes Get a sense of PHS To make arrangements, please call the IB office a week in advance to schedule shadowing at 595-1500 ext 244

31 Applying for the IB Program On-Line Application: Nov. 4 th -Dec. 19 th Acceptance is dependent upon: Grades on current report card: Average A/B (8 th grade) Standardized test scores in 7 th grade: FCAT: 4 or higher-READING (80%) FCAT 3 or higher- MATH (70%) -If you had a poor testing year or report card, e-mail secretary will previous information Must enter 4 teacher e-mails on application: English Science Math Social Studies -BE CERTAIN TO PUT IB as FIRST CHOICE MUST RATE CHOICES No admission test Students only will receive one acceptance letter



34 Join the IB Family! IB website: Apply between Nov.4-Dec. 19 th on-line:

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