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nike JUST DO IT. summary I.Our History II.Our Chronology III.Product Resolution IV.Nike People V.Brand News VI.The origin of the Swoosh VII.Key Market.

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2 nike JUST DO IT.

3 summary I.Our History II.Our Chronology III.Product Resolution IV.Nike People V.Brand News VI.The origin of the Swoosh VII.Key Market VIII.Our Heroes

4 I.Our History

5 Bill Bowerman

6 Phil Knight

7 Jeff Johnson

8 Steve Prefontaine

9 II. Our Chronology

10 1957 ~ 1961 Before the beginning

11 The BRS/Tiger Partnership 1962 ~ 1971

12 1972 ~ 1980 BRS becomes nike

13 nike as a player 1981 ~ 1991

14 In our own League 1992 onward since 1992

15 III. Product Revolution a. Shoe Evolution b. Marketing Innovation

16 a.Shoe Evolution -Shoe Technologie -Nike Air Timeline -Design & Development -The making of an athletic shoe in a nutshell -The nike Alpha Project

17 Shoe technology nike and innovation a long standing tradition

18 Why cushion?what is a last?

19 Nike-air Timeline part#1

20 Nike-air Timeline part#2

21 nike Sport Research Laboratory

22 Design & Development

23 The making of an athletic shoe in a nutshell

24 The nike Alpha Project

25 b. Marketing Innovation

26 Mkg Innovation(suite_1) 1968, BRS Store 1977, There is no finish line 1987,’Revolution’ Ad 1988 1990, Air 180 Campaign 1991, Women’s Print Campaign 1991, ‘Stay in school’ Ad 1992, Hare Jordan Campaign

27 Mkg Innovation(suite_2) 1995, Evil Ad 1992, NikeTown Chicago 96, Nike Shop, Liverpool, England 96, Nike Shop, Japan Nike Park, Atlanta NikeTown, NYC

28 Mkg Innovation(suite_3) 1996, Airport Soccer 1998, What if we treated all athletes like Skateboarder? 1999, NikeTown, London 1999, NikeTown, Berlin

29 IV. nike People

30 Philip H. KnightPhilip H. Knight, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman, NIKE Inc. Richard E. Anguilla, Vice President, Investor Relations Donald Blair, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mary Kate Buckley, Vice President, Oscar Cardona, Vice President, Human Resources for Nike's USA Region Jeff Cava, Vice President, Global Human Resources Dr. Thomas E. Clarke, President, New Business Ventures Charlie Denson, Vice President / General Manager, Nike USA Gary M. DeStefano, Vice President, Nike Asia-Pacific Shelley K. Dewey, Divisional Vice President, Footwear Production Trevor Edwards, Vice President European Marketing Maria S. Eitel, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility Dr. Joseph M. Ha, Vice President/Consultant, Nike International Clare Hamill, Vice President Global Women's Business Tinker Hatfield, Vice President, Special Projects Joaquin Hidalgo, Vice President & Global Brand Director for Soccer Gerald P. Karver, Divisional Vice President, Footwear Product Creation Dusty Kidd, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Gary Kiedaisch, President and CEO of Bauer Nike Hockey INC. Robert L. Kreinberg, Divisional Vice President, Global Logistics Eunan McLaughlin, Vice President, European Sales Larry Miller, President of The Jordan Brand Paul Mitchell, Vice President, Advanced R&D and President/CEO Nike IHM (In House Manufacturing) Juliet Moran, Vice President and Global Brand Director for Running John Notar, Vice President, US Apparel Mark Parker, Vice President, Global Footwear Curtis S. Roberts, Vice President, Global Strategic Planning Peter Ruppe, Vice President of Nike Equipment Eric Sprunk, Vice President/General Manager, The Americas Kirk Stewart, Vice President, Corporate Communications Lindsay D. Stewart, Vice President, Law & Corporate Affairs Marcia Stilwell, Treasurer Ian Todd, Vice President, Global Sports Marketing Jim Tucker, Vice President & General Manager of Nike United Kingdom Frits D. van Paasschen, Vice President/General Manager, Nike Europe Howard White, Vice President of Sports Marketing for The Jordan Brand Mike Wilskey, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing Roland Wolfram, Vice President, Supply Chain and Information Technology Bob Wood, Vice President/President, Nike Golf Kevin G. Wulff, Vice President, New Brands and New Business Craig Zanon, Divisional Vice President/General Manager, U.S. Footwear Richard E. Anguilla Donald Blair Mary Kate Buckley Oscar Cardona Jeff Cava Dr. Thomas E. Clarke Charlie Denson Gary M. DeStefano Shelley K. Dewey Trevor Edwards Maria S. Eitel Dr. Joseph M. Ha Clare Hamill Tinker Hatfield Joaquin Hidalgo Gerald P. Karver Dusty Kidd Gary Kiedaisch Robert L. Kreinberg Eunan McLaughlin Larry Miller Paul Mitchell Juliet Moran John Notar Mark Parker Curtis S. Roberts Peter Ruppe Eric Sprunk Kirk Stewart Lindsay D. Stewart Marcia Stilwell, Ian Todd Jim Tucker Frits D. van Paasschen Howard White Mike Wilskey Roland Wolfram Bob Wood Kevin G. Wulff Craig Zanon people Nike people (suite)

31 V. Brand News Jordan Brand nike Golf A.C.G.

32 Jordan,Golf & ACG Jordan Brand: Takes it to The Rim Jordan Fundamentals: Takes it to the Schools Noke Golf: Commitment to performance All Condition Gear: Going for Extreme Excellence

33 VI. The Origin of the Swoosh NIKE nike

34 VII. Key Market Quick Facts LocationOne Bowermen Drive Beaverton OR 97005-6453 Phone: (503) 671-6453 Web Site IndustryTextile – Apparel Footwear & Access Employees21,800 ExchangeNYSE Fundamentals Current P/E19.50 Earnings/Share2.02 Dividend Yield1.20% Debt/Equity Ratio0.13 Net Profit Margin6.00 Share Outstanding271.2 Mil Market Capitalization11.09 Bil

35 VIII. Our Heroes


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