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Bamboo furniture Eco friendly Durable Hand-made.

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3 Bamboo furniture Eco friendly Durable Hand-made

4 Facts about bamboo the fastest growing plant on earth. a sustainable natural resource. an essentail component in the balance between Oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Bamboo is cut it near the root and a new bamboo pole imediately starts to grow. A bamboo stand can produce poles for about 50 years. On its way up Bamboos consume C0 2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees. It is therefore an important player in climate change prevention. Bamboo is a member of the grass family and grows to full size in just 4 years. Bamboo is:

5 Kenza sofa set

6 Kenza arm chair

7 Indoor/outdoor furniture Most of the furniture shown in this presentation can be used both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use the cushion/matress fabrics must be specified for outdoor furniture.


9 Bamboo

10 Facts about the furniture The furniture in this presentation is made from bamboo poles supplied by Son Cuoc Co., Ltd. Son Cuon is focused on re-forestation and is planting bamboo in the highlands of central Vietnam. Re-planting is essential for ecological protection, to prevent land erosion and to protect the rain forest. The company works with the indigenous minorities in the central highlands for the sourcing and re-planting of bamboos to provide employment and support for the ethnic rural population of Vietnam. The poles are treated with insecticide and fongicide to prevent mould and insects. All glue, color and surface treatment are in compliance with The European standard Reach and the furniture are produce in accordance with code of conduct regulation for furniture production as set out by the European Standards. The furniture is designed by Scandinavian Designers and Architects.

11 Bamboo Bamboo Set

12 Kenzo couch

13 Egypt folding table

14 Bamboo

15 Butterfly tray

16 Shoe bench

17 Shoe bench and ladder

18 Bamboo

19 Tiki kitchen stool

20 Out-door furniture

21 Malaga canopy daybed


23 Director folding chair – Producers folding table

24 Director folding chair

25 Bamboo


27 E-folding chair- Egypt folding table

28 Camper folding stool

29 Bamboo

30 Provincial folding chair

31 Provincial folding chair – Egypt folding table

32 Beach couch


34 Bamboo

35 Alexander side table – Beach couch

36 Miro bar – Tiki bar stool

37 Bamboo


39 Product data measurements loading assembly

40 To assemble/disassemble the furniture you need a bamboo hammer and bamboo pegs. These are included in the carton box. The poles are numered with a corresponding number inside the holes into which they are to be inserted. It is important to follow the number system when assembling the products. The furniture is handmade and assembly is tested before delivery. Assembly

41 Kenza 3-seat sofa - Dimensions: 220 x 93 x 85H Loading 40 HC: 92 -Code: DB-000007-01 Kenza 2½ seat sofa - Dimensions: 180 x 93 x 85H Loading 40 HC: 164 - Code: SO-000006-01 Kenza Arm chair - Dimensions: 73 x 93 x 85H Loading 40 HC: 284 - Code: CH-000004-01 Kenza product data Itzi coffee table - Dimensions: 75 x 100 x 38H Loading 40 HC: 479 - Code: TA-000046-01 Itzi coffee table - Dimensions: 75 x 160 x 38H Loading 40 HC: 300 - Code: TA-000018-01

42 Only hammer on the lower part of the legs Only hammer on the part of the armrest that is between the front and back legs. Kenza assembly Delivered flat-pack 1 2 3 4 5 6 Insert seat and back frame poles in holes on the legs with correspondin g number. Lock with pegs

43 Fishersmans product data Fisherman Bench - Dimensions: 124x67x80H Loading 40HC: 230 - Code: B-000003-01 Fisherman Chair – Dimensions: 62x67x80H Loading 40HC: 423 - Code: CH-000011-01 Fisherman Ottoman – Dimensions: 65x60x32H Loading 40HC (2pcs/carton): 826 Loading 40HC (1pcs/carton): 748 Code: ST-000010-01 Fisherman Coffee Table - Dimensions: 140x50x36H Loading 40HC: 424 - Code: TA-000059-01

44 Fishermans set - KD system KD Fishermans bench KD Fishermans chair Packed in box with cushion Fishermans Coffee table and Fishermans ottoman are not KD

45 Kenzo couch product data Kenzo Couch – Dimensions: 216x75x52H Loading 40HC: 201 - Code: CO-000004-01

46 Delivered plat-pack Hammer on the lower part of the leg. Lock with peg 1 2 3 Kenzo couch - assembly Insert seat frame poles in holes with corresponding number.

47 Butterfly tray – product data Stand, foldable Tray Delivered flat-pack Butterfly tray with stand – Dimensions: 70x50x74H Loading 40HC: 1318 - Code: TR-000007-01 Butterfly tray – Dimensions: 70x50x12H Loading 40HC: 2656 – Code: TR000012-01

48 Shoe bench – product data Shoe Bench - Dimensions: 95x35x50H Loading 40HC: 1464 - Code: SR-000001-01

49 Shoe bench - assembly Delivere d flat pack Place the side frame on the floor and insert the two shelves. Hammer gently on top of the poles. Place the second side frame on top of poles and hammer in the center part of the leg. Lock with pegs. 1 2 3 4

50 Tiki bar stool – Tiki kitchen stool – product data Tiki Kitchen Stool - Dimensions: 50x42x62H Loading 40HC: 460 – Code: ST-000002-01 Tiki Bar Stool - Dimensions: 50x42x80H Loading 40HC: 393 - Code: ST-000002-02 Delivered build-up One stool in a box

51 Malaga canopy daybed – product data Delivered flat-pack Malaga canopy daybed - Dimensions: 210x120x200H Loading 40HC: 74 - Code: CA-000015-01

52 Malaga canopy daybed – assembly Insert poles so the numbers on the poles match the numbers inside the holes. Hammer gently on the side poles and lock wit a peg. 1 2 3 4 5 Delivered flat pack

53 Director folding chair – Provincial folding chair Delivered folded Provincial Folding Chair - Dimensions: 58x42x94H Loading 40HC: 465 - Code: CH-000019-01 Director Folding Chair - Dimensions: 58x42x94H Loading 40HC: 475 - Code: CH-000001-01

54 Delivered folded E - folding chair E - Folding Chair - Dimensions: 46 x 52 x 75H Loading 40HC: 1440 - Code: FC-0000020-01

55 Egypt folding table - Dimensions: 60x60x70H Loading 40HC: 1140 - Code: TA-000060-01 Egypt folding table & Egypt side table – product data Egypt side table - Dimensions: 45x45x45H Loading 40HC: 2822 - Code: TA-000061-01

56 Egypt folding table & Egypt side table assembly Delivered folded Lift the top and the frame will follow 123 Lock top to frame with pegs on either side.

57 Camper folding chairs - product data Camper folding stool - Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 38H Loading 40 HC: 3540 - Code: ST-000015-01 Camper folding stool - Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 47H Loading 40 HC: 3184 - Code: ST-000016-01 Delivered folded 4 pcs/box

58 Producer folding tables – product data Producer folding table - Dimensions: 70x70x75H Loading 40HC: 828 - Code: TA-000034-01 Producers side table - Dimensions: 50x50x45H Loading 40HC: 2220 - Code: TA-000045-01

59 Producer folding tables assembly Delivered folded Lift the top and slot the X-bar pole into the cut in the top of the legs. This will hold the table in polsition. No tools needed. 123

60 Beach couch – product data Beach Couch - Dimensions: 201 x 65 x 36H Loading 40HC: 201 - Code: CO-000005-01

61 2 4 Insert the poles in the corresponding holes. Hammer gently on the mid section of the pole. Lock with the pegs Delivered flat pack 1 3 Beach couch assembly

62 Miro bar – product data Miro Bar - Dimensions: 190x150x210H Loading 40HC: 104 - Code: BA-000004-01 Miro Bar without Top Dimensions: 190x50x80H Loading 40HC: 322 – Code: BA-000004-02 The Miro bar is packed in two carton boxes: The top cover and the bar itself. You can also use the bar without the cover.

63 Miro bar assembly 1 2 3 4 5 6 Delivered flat pack Assemble the mid panel with the side frames. Fit the top in position on top of the frame. Lock the top to the side frames with pegs. Slot the shelves in place. They will rest on the side frames.

64 Miro bar assembly 2 7 8 9 10 11 12 Insert the poles into the holes in the bar top. Lock the top poles to the legs with pegs. Fit the top cover into position on the poles. Lock the cover to the poles with screws.

65 Miro bar stool – product data 3 different seats: bamboo slats, woven seagrass or spun bamboo Miro bar stool - Dimensions: 42x42x70H Loading 40HC: 660 - Code: ST-000008-01 Delivered build-up 2 pcs/box

66 Made in Vietnam

67 Bamboo Bamboo Set


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