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Those were the days…. Past Committees… Activities 1993 / 1994.

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1 Those were the days…

2 Past Committees…



5 Activities 1993 / 1994





10 Activities 1997/1998






16 Transformation Workshop Activities 1997/1998



19 Activities 2003/2004 AGM Cum Dinner at China Square V’llage Restaurant Presentation of ASH Plaque to new member: Marie Ooi, Fraser Residence ASH Ex-President Denise and HPA representative Sharon See

20 Activities 2003/2004 Members enjoying themselves…

21 Activities 2003 /2004 FHA 2004

22 Activities 2003 /2004 Visit to Goodrich showroom

23 With Special Thanks to:

24 And also… Kooka Paper Products Pte Ltd Mega Euro-Advance (S) Pte Ltd Xessex Pte Ltd B.T. Waste Contrac-Image Trading Pte Ltd Matsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd Inspiration Productions Supersteam

25 And Also… Central Laundry Pte Ltd Singo Services Pte Ltd Woleco Hotel Supplies Pte Ltd Nafa System Services Pte Ltd Pestbusters Pte Ltd Goodrich Wallcoverings & Carpets Pte Ltd Anthony Cushion

26 And Also… Ecolab Pte Ltd The Linen Master Technigroup Far East Pte Ltd Top Ten Supplies Pte Ltd JohnsonDiversey Singapore Pte Ltd Zero Spot Laundry Service Pte Ltd Esquire Marketing Services Pte Ltd Syntech Chemicals Pte Ltd

27 And Also… Decoideas Pte Ltd Seng Soon & Co Inpurpose Resource Trading Mirage Design M Luck Management Pte Ltd Hemsley Pte Ltd Weetek Tailor Lextrade Enterprise

28 And Also… Newpro Multi-Source Pte Ltd Alsco Designer Box Anchor Cleaning Agency Pte Ltd Mirage Focus Pte Ltd

29 And last but not the least… General Managers who have given us their support…

30 Come Visit Us at….

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