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Gretchen Gueguen Digital Archivist April 12, 2012.

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1 Born-Digital @UVa Gretchen Gueguen Digital Archivist April 12, 2012

2 (AIMS) Born Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship Two year project to create a framework for stewardship of born-digital archival records in collecting repositories Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Partners

3 AIMS Framework Collection Development Arrangement and Description Accessioning Discovery and Access

4 OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE 1: – Transfer records and gain administrative control Outcome: – Records are transferred from the donor via electronic transfer or on physical media and administrative documentation is recorded. Decision Points: – determine what transfer methods are viable for the accession and make a determination of which to use – where should material be stored in the short-term (until it is ready for review) Tasks: – Confirm that documentation for the transfer of custody has been received and filed – If the collecting institution did not receive an inventory of the transferred records, create an inventory now – Verify that the transfer is complete and accurate using either a file manifest or checksums – Document the success and/or failure of the transfer in the register, accession record, etc.

5 Meanwhile, Back at Mr. Jeffersons University… Post-AIMS strategizing TJ Collection Development Accessioning

6 Agreements Copyright Access Ownership Photo courtesy of:

7 Feasibility File formats? Hardware/software needs? Scope? Normalization/migration needed? Private/sensitive information? Third-party/copyrighted information? Physical needs for transfer (network, storage space, etc.

8 Transfer Thorough collection Uncorrupted data Support files (fonts, software, databases) Enhanced curation

9 Assign identifiers to media and assess condition. Record in Media Control Record/Inventory Take photo(s) of disk(s) if necessary Create disk image or otherwise transfer files Quick search for deleted data, and duplicates to remove Quick search for sensitive material to restrict or redact Quarantine data in case of dormant viruses Run virus check/ remove virus or malware Scrub filenames and normalize file formats for preservation Move preservation copy to preservation storage and access copy to access location Triage and assess if further processing is needed Create accession record Create access derivatives yes no STOP Retrieve from preservation storage Process along with paper component if it exists Update version on preservation storage if necessary Update version in access location if necessary Create guide to collection Accessioning

10 Surprise! 8 inch floppy disk! Badly damaged CD! Hard drive from 1999! Unreadable zip disk! Mini disk!

11 Legacy Materials Priority – Get data off of aging media – Put it someplace safe and findable Tasks – Inventory – Triage – Transfer

12 Forensic Workstation FRED Toolbox Widescreen Monitor Procedure Manual

13 Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED) External 5.25 floppy with FC 5025 controller card External 3.5 floppy Ultra Bay writeblocker with USB, firewire, SATA, SCSI, IDE, and Molex for power USB 3 ports Additional External Hard drive Mulder and Scully 2 tb of storage CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive Microcard reader LTO Tape drive


15 Archivematica

16 Words of Wisdom

17 Thanks! Slides available at: AIMS White Paper:

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