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20 th Century American Music The 1980s E.J. Russell Elementary School 5 th Grade Music Mrs. Sandor.

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1 20 th Century American Music The 1980s E.J. Russell Elementary School 5 th Grade Music Mrs. Sandor

2 LAUNDRY LIST 1. Melody 2. Harmony 3. Rhythm 4. Form 5. Style 6. Mood 7. Timbre: Instrumentation / Vocal 8. Tempo 9. Dynamics Elements of Music

3 LAUNDRY LIST Melody: A logical succession of musical tones, also called the tune. Harmony: Combination of musical notes sounded at the same time. Rhythm: The patterns of sounds & silences. Form: The overall plan of a piece of music.

4 LAUNDRY LIST Style: unique way in which the elements of melody, rhythm, timbre, texture, harmony and form are handled to create a special “sound.” Mood: state of mind or emotion that is relayed in composed music. Timbre: Tone color, the unique quality produced by a voice or instrument. Tempo: Speed of beat Form: The structure of a musical composition.

5 LAUNDRY LIST Dynamics: The volume of sound, the loudness, or softness of a musical passage; intensity, power.

6 1980s - HISTORY The 1980s could be considered the Me! Me! Me! generation of status seekers. “If you've got it, flaunt it” and “You can have it all!” were favorite sayings. Source:

7 1980s - HISTORY Binge buying and credit became a way of life and 'Shop ‘Til you Drop' was also a 1980s phrase. Video games, aerobics, minivans, camcorders, and talk shows became part of our lives. Source:

8 1980s - HISTORY The U.S. Constitution had its 200th birthday, Gone with the Wind (movie with Clark Gable) turned 50, and ET phoned home. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial inscribed with 57,939 names of American soldiers killed or missing in Vietnam was dedicated, Source:

9 1980s - FACTS In the 1980s, the life expectancy (how long people were expected to live) was 69.9 years for men, and 77.6 years for women. (To compare, in 2010, the life expectancy for women is 81.1, and 76.2 for men). Source: American Cultural History, Lonestar College

10 1980s - FACTS The average salary in the 1980s was $15,757, (compared to $7,564 in the 1970s, and $4,743 in the 1950s.) Source:

11 1980s - HISTORY Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman Supreme Court Justice. 52 hostages were released from their 444 days of captivity in Iran. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial inscribed with 57,939 names of American soldiers killed or missing in Vietnam was dedicated. Source:

12 1980s - POLITICS Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman Presidential candidate, and Jesse Jackson was the first African American candidate for President. Nancy Reagan's “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign had great influence. Source:

13 1980s - POLITICS Toward the end of the decade, when President Bush called for a kinder, gentler nation and volunteerism and contributions reached an all time high. Source:

14 1980s - FAMILIES Families changed drastically during these years. The 80s continued the trends of the 60s and 70s - more divorces and more single parent families. The two-earner family was even more common than in previous decades. More women earned college and advanced degrees. Source:

15 1980s - TECHNOLOGY Science and technology made terrific strides in the 1980s. Large numbers of Americans began using personal computers in their homes, offices, and schools. Research money allowed for studies and new treatments for heart, cancer, and other diseases. Source:

16 1980s - TECHNOLOGY In 1981, VCR sales rose 72% in 12 months. By 1989, 60 percent of American households with televisions received cable service. Source:

17 1980s - TECHNOLOGY Source: and The digital compact disc (cd) revolutionized the music industry. Launched in the UK in March 1983, the CD ushered in a new era of digital technology. Compact Disk Player 1983

18 1980s - TV Cable was born. MTV came on the air in 1981 and it revolutionized the music industry. Source: and New music reached the ears and eyes of American’s youth quickly and easily. MTV had a great impact on music and young people.

19 1980s - MOVIES Memorable movies were: - On Golden Pond - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Flashdance - Beverly Hills Cop - Back to the Future - Cocoon - The Breakfast Club - Star Trek Source:

20 1980s - FADS Team sports for kids were really popular beginning in the seventies and going through the present. Eighties' mothers ran carpool after work, kids had after school and week end cheerleading, baseball, football, soccer, gym, dance, jazz, you name it! Source:

21 1980s - FADS Collectibles were big in the 80s. Smurf and E.T. paraphernalia, Cabbage Patch dolls, camcorders, video games (Nintendo, Pac Man, Game Boy), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Barbies were big. Source:

22 1980s – FADS Sources: & Various : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Barbies

23 1980s – FADS Sources: & Various : Smiley Faces Smurfs ET Dolls Cabbage Patch Dolls

24 1980s – FADS Sources: & Various : 1980s Video Game Console

25 1980s – FOOD/SNACKS Food of the 80s included the popular fast food places like Taco Bell and McDonald's McBLT and McRib. Source: and Various Kids loved Sweetarts, Skittles, Nerds, Runts, Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum, and Five Alive.

26 1980s – FASHION The combination of Nancy Reagan's elegance and Princess Di's love of fashion, stimulated a return to opulent clothing styles. Power dressing was in. Madonna was a big influence on young fashion. Source: Madonna

27 1980s – FASHION Sources: Various Princess Diana Nancy Reagan

28 1980s – FASHION Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, and Calvin Klein were designers for the 80s. Film continued to influence and inspire clothing. The Flashdance look had young and old in tank tops, torn jeans, and leg- warmers. Sneakers were very popular. Source:

29 1980s – FASHION Source:,, and various Puma Sneakers 1980 1980s Socks & Leg Warmers

30 1980s – FASHION STYLES Large shoulders and oversized jackets are very representative of fashions ordinary working women wore. Accessories were big and gaudy. Source: Various

31 1980s – FASHION Source: Various

32 1980s – FASHION Source: Various

33 1980s – HAIR STYLES Hair during the 80s was big, excessive and rebellious. Everyone had big hair even those people with short hair. Women wore scrunchies and side-ponytails complemented by leg warmers, outrageous outfits and quirky bracelets. More than a crowning glory, hair in the 80s was a statement of social and cultural affiliations. Source:

34 1980s – HAIR STYLES Source: Various

35 1980s – ART The 1980s was a huge decade for art, art museums, and artists. Famous artists included Keith Haring, Andy Warhol completed some ads during the 1980s. “Pop Art” continued to be popular and evolved. Source:

36 1980s –ART Source: Various Andy Warhol “Pop Art” Art Print Cushion

37 1980s – ART The Joy of Painting TV series, starring Bob Ross, first episode was aired in 1983. Source: Ross taught his audience an easy painting technique that included how to make "happy" clouds and "happy" little trees. Many people who would otherwise not have painted, tried painting!

38 1980s - LITERATURE Robert Ludlum Martin Cruz Smith Tom Clancy Alice Walker Danielle Steel James Michener John Irving Stephen King Source: America was reading! Famous authors included:

39 1980s - LITERATURE Non fiction books became best-sellers. Books such as: All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life were popular. Children Book Award winners included: Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. Source:

40 1980s - LITERATURE Caldecott Award Winner for 1982 was 1982: Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg. Van Allsburg won again in 1986 for The Polar Express. Source:

41 1980s – MUSIC The 80s music was full of energy! New wave music was powered by the synthesizer and the drum machine, and took the airwaves and the dance floors by storm. Source:

42 1980s – MUSIC The 1980s saw the emergence of pop, dance music and New Wave music. Pop music was at the top of its game in the 1980s. Disco fell out of fashion in the early 1980s. Source: and

43 1980s – MUSIC Source:,, and Various 2010 Synthesizer iPad app. 1980 Synthesizer

44 1980s – MUSIC Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, and Duran, Duran were only a few groups who used synthesizers instead of traditional instruments (guitars, drums, etc.) Source:

45 1980s – MUSIC Rock music continued to enjoy a wide audience. Sub-genres emerged such as New Wave, soft rock, and glam metal. Adult contemporary, quiet storm, and smooth jazz also gained popularity. Source:

46 1980s – MUSIC Contemporary R&B originated in the 1980s. Musicians started adding disco-like beats, high-tech production, and elements of hip hop, soul and funk to rhythm and blues, making it more danceable and modern. Source:

47 1980s – MUSIC Musicians in the 80s became fashion icons and trendsetters. Colorful musicians such as Cyndi Lauper and Boy George of Culture Club became as famous for their music as their 80s makeup, clothes and hair. Source:

48 1980s – MUSIC Source: Various Cyndi Lauper Boy George

49 1980s – MUSIC Many Rock sub-genres were popular: country rock, jazz, soft rock (also known as Easy Listening), hard rock, progressive rock, urban rock (with its African-American influences), punk rock (late 1970s), ’70’s R&B, and disco! Source:

50 1980s – GROUPS Soft Rock and singer-songwriter Michael Jackson,, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks Hard Rock Queen, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi Arena Rock Styx, Rush, Journey, Foreigner, Aerosmith Source:

51 1980s – GROUPS Groups Making Comebacks from ’60s & 70s Beach Boys, Steve Miller Band and Steely Dan Hip Hop Run-DMC and Public Enemy Country Rock Alabama, Source:

52 1980s – MUSIC Pop, rock, new wave, punk, country, and especially rap or hip hop became popular in the 80s. Rap was new in the late 80s and 90s. Early important groups are Milli Vanilli, M. C. Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and L.L. Cool J. Michael Jackson's album Thriller became the best selling album of all time. Source:

53 1980s – POPULAR SINGERS Whitney Houston Michael Jackson Stevie Wonder Madonna Van Halen Bruce Springsteen Source: Popular singers included: Julio Iglesias David Bowie Billy Joel Lionel Richie John Mellencamp Billy Idol

54 1980s – POPULAR SINGERS Whitney Houston Bruce Springsteen Lionel Richie Julio Iglesias

55 1980s – JAZZ, SWING In 1980, Wynton Marsalis went on the road with Art Blakey. In 1981 Herbie Hancock produced Marsalis’ debut album. Harry Connick Jr. rose to fame through the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack in 1988, when he became a chic new king of swing. Source:

56 1980s – JAZZ Herbie Hancock, 1980s Wynton Marsalis Harry Connick, Jr.

57 1980s – LATIN In 1985, Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine released their first album. Source:

58 1980s – TV AND MOVIES Cosby Show Cheers Roseanne A Different World America's Funniest Home Videos Source: Golden Girls The Wonder Years Empty Nest 60 Minutes Unsolved Mysteries The decade of the sitcom (situation comedy), here is a list of the top 10 TV shows of 1989.

59 1980s - CARS Source: Various Ford Detroit-Style Luxury Car 1980s Honda CR-X 1981 Delorean

60 1980s – AVIATION Aeronautics in the 1980s experienced many technological improvements built on achievements from the previous two decades. By the 1980s, almost half of the total flying in the world took place in the U.S. However, the 1980s was a turbulent period for the commercial aviation sector in the United States. Source:

61 1980s – AVIATION Deregulation meant that the federal government no longer had great control over fares and routes. Free competition brought in a new era in passenger air travel. Discount air fares were new. Many airlines had to declare bankruptcy. Source:

62 1980s – SPACE RACE Columbia, America's first reusable spacecraft was launched in 1981. A sad day in our history was January 28, 1986, when space shuttle Challenger exploded 74 seconds after liftoff at Cape Canavaral, Florida killing all seven astronauts, including school teacher Christa McAuliffe. Source:

63 TEACHERWEB SITE DoreenSandor 5th GRADE MUSIC - 20th Century American Music5th GRADE MUSIC - 20th Century American Music: ( Click to open)

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