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Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Storage Chapter 6.

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1 Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Storage Chapter 6

2 Chapter6 2/29 Overview List Capacities Describe Hard Disk Characteristics Explain Cloud Storage Advantages Differentiate Between CDs & DVDs Explain Miniature Storage Use Identify the Uses for Tape

3 Chapter6 3/29 Storage Holds Data, Instructions, & Information For Future Use

4 Chapter6 4/29 Capacity Number of Bytes Medium can Hold Average Fortune 1000 Capacity is 1PB 3/07

5 Chapter6 5/29 Volatility Storage is Non-volatile Contents Retained when Power is Off Device Reading Transfer Item from Storage Media to Memory Writing Transfer Item from Memory to Storage Media Media Physical Material Stores Data, Instructions, & Information

6 Chapter6 6/29 Disk References A: — Always Primary Floppy Drive B: — Secondary Floppy If It Exists C: — Always Primary Hard Drive D:, E:, F:, Etc. — Next Available Drive Hard drive CD-ROM DVD USB Network

7 Chapter6 7/29 Access Time Time to Locate & Read Data on Media Time to Deliver Data from RAM to CPU

8 Chapter6 8/29 Hard Disk Main Storage for System Unit Internal Consists of Several Inflexible Platters Enclosed in Airtight, Sealed Case Uses Magnetic Particles to Represent Data

9 Chapter6 9/29 Hard Disk Mechanics

10 Chapter6 10/29 Hard Disk Formatting Prepares Disk for Reading & Writing

11 Chapter6 11/29 Hard Disk Formatting Track Circular Band Sector Pie-shaped Cluster Group of Sectors Cylinder Single Track Through All Platters

12 Chapter6 12/29 Hard Disk Head Crash Spinning Creates Air Cushion Floats Read / Write Head Above Platter Crash Head Touches Platter Surface Clearance = Two-millionths of an Inch

13 Chapter6 13/29 Hard Disk External Freestanding Removable Insert & Remove Miniature Used to Back Up or Transfer Files

14 Chapter6 14/29 Cloud Internet Service Provides Storage to Computer Users Benefits Access Files From Any Computer Allow Others to Access Their Files View Time-critical Data Immediately Store Offsite Backups

15 Chapter6 15/29 Cloud Examples Digital Photos Flickr, Picasa Digital Videos YouTube SocNet Content Facebook, MySpace Email Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail

16 Chapter6 16/29 Optical Disk Flat, Round, Portable Disc Made of Metal, Plastic, Lacquer Stores Software Data Digital Photos Movies Music

17 Chapter6 17/29 Optical Disk Mechanics

18 Chapter6 18/29 Optical Disk CD (Compact Disc) CD-ROM Cannot Erase or Modify Contents CD-R (Recordable) Cannot Erase Contents Once Written CD-RW (Rewritable) Can be Erased Stores About 700 MB Writing Requires Burner & Software

19 Chapter6 19/29 Optical Disk DVD (Digital Video Disc) DVD Drive & Software Required High Capacity CD Used for Movies, Music, Software 12.5MB per Frame 24 Frames per Second 3+ GB per Movie Compressed

20 Chapter6 20/29 Optical Disk DVD DVD-ROM Cannot Erase or Modify Contents DVD-R & DVD+R Recordable DVD-RW, DVD+RW, & DVD-RAM Rewritable

21 Chapter6 21/29 Optical Disk DVD Storage Two Layers of Pits Can be Used Lower Layer is Semitransparent Laser Can Read Through it to Upper Layer

22 Chapter6 22/29 Flash Solid State Media Contain No Moving Parts Solid State Drive (SSD) Benefits Faster Access Time Faster Transfer Rates Generate Less Heat Consume Less Power Last Longer

23 Chapter6 23/29 Flash Types

24 Chapter6 24/29 Flash Uses

25 Chapter6 25/29 Flash USB Drive Plugs into USB Port ExpressCard Module Developed by PCMCIA Used in Notebooks

26 Chapter6 26/29 Tape Magnetically Coated Plastic Ribbon Stores Large Amounts of Data Low Cost Used for Backup Purposes Storage Sequential Access Reads / Writes Data Consecutively Similar to Audio Tape

27 Chapter6 27/29 Other Storage Magnetic Stripe Card Contains Mag Stripe That Stores Data Smart Card Stores Data On Microprocessor Embedded In Card Prepaid Dollar Amounts Updated When Card is Used Healthcare Information Tracking Information

28 Chapter6 28/29 Other Storage Microfilm 100-215-foot Roll of Film Microfiche Small Sheet of Film Usually 4” x 6” Store Microscopic Images of Docs

29 Chapter6 29/29 Media Life Expectancies

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