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Chelsea Barron The Power Clean.

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1 Chelsea Barron The Power Clean

2 Technique

3 Technique Starting Position Upward Movement Phase
1st Pull Scoop 2nd Pull Catch Downward Movement Phase

4 Technique Starting Position
Feet hip to shoulder width apart and slightly turned out Pronated grip, hands slightly wider than shoulders on outside of knees Bar should be in line with the shoulders and over the balls of the feet Back flat and chest up

5 Technique Upward Movement Phase: First Pull
Elbows remain extended as you lift the bar with hip and knee extension Hips should always stay below the shoulders and maintain a flat back Bar should be kept close to shins Elbows remain extended and back stays flat When bar rises above knees, move hips forward slightly to bring the bar over the thighs

6 Technique Upward Movement Phase: Second Pull Most explosive phase
Jump up (hip and knee extension, plantar flexion) As lower body comes to full extension, shrug rapidly with elbows still extended At highest point of shrug, flex elbows and pull body under the bar Pull with arms as long as possible Keep back flat Elbows pointed out

7 Technique Upward Movement Phase: Catch
After lower body has fully extended and bar reaches max height, pull body under bar Hips and knees go into a quarter squat Rack bar on clavicles with upper arms parallel to floor Neutral head, flat feet, back straight and abs engaged Stand up, hips and knees fully extended

8 Technique Downward Movement Phase
Gradually lower bar to thighs, flex hips and knees to cushion Squat down with elbows extended until the bar reaches the floow

9 Spotting Typically no spotting
If lifter begins to fall or loses balance, they get out from under the bar and let it fall to the platform In some cases, a spotter could stand behind lifter to help them regain balance should they begin to tip backward

10 Major Muscles Involved
Gluteus Maximus Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus and Biceps Femoris Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Medialis and Rectus Femoris Soleus and Gastrocnemius Deltoids Trapezius

11 Variations Clean and Jerk Hang Clean Bar begins just above the knees
not at the floor

12 Typical Technique Errors
Rounding the back Jumping backwards on the catch Elbows too low Throwing the head back – throws off balance Pulling bar with the arms (upright row) Not reaching full extension, usually at the hips

13 Video

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