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INVENTIONS OF THE 1950S The hit inventions of the 1950s.

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1 INVENTIONS OF THE 1950S The hit inventions of the 1950s

2 OPTICAL FIBERS  Optical fibers were invented in 1956. Harold Hopkins and Narinder Singh Kapany who went to the Imperial College, London invented it. They are used in fiber- optic communication, which is superior to other forms of communication. The optic fibers are capable of up to 10 billion bits of information per second! They are also used for medical and industrial endoscopes. ns-of-the-1950s.html

3 HOVERCRAFT  The hovercraft, also known as the Air- Cushion Vehicle was invented by Christopher Cockerell in the early 1956s. The hovercraft moves across a water surface, which limits the friction between the water and the vehicle. The hovercraft can handle amphibious terrain which makes it reliable on military purposes. The hovercraft is still used in some parts of England.

4 CREDIT CARD  The Diner’s Club introduced the credit card in 1950. American Express later issued them in 1958. You can use the Credit Card to withdraw cash from automated teller machines, or to purchase an item so that they can pay for it at a later date. all/

5 VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER  Invented in 1956, the Video Cassette recorder became popular. the Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus is the first actual VCR to be invented. But the model introduced by Ampex overrode the VERA and became the most popular VCR to be used. The price was $50,000 and was unaffordable to ordinary people. Most television networks used them. Primarily the video recorder did was recording and replaying video and audio signals. http://videopreservation.conservation-

6 BARBIE DOLL  The Barbie Doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler. Barbie was first introduced at the Toy Fair in New York City. Barbie’s main job was to be a teenage fashion doll. But over time it has been made to connect to over 125 different careers. The first year Barbie came out 300,000 of them sold. The price for a Barbie Doll was 3$ it first came out. a/The-History-Of-Barbie-Dolls.htm

7 MR. POTATO HEAD  George Lerner of New York City invented and patented Mr. Potato Head in 1952. Based on an earlier toy called “make a face” that used a real potato. Lerner sold Mr. Potato Head to the Hassenfeld Brothers of Rhode Island, who owned Hasbro Inc., the toy company. Instructions were included that suggested the use of vegetables and fruits instead of the Styrofoam.

8 MUSICAL SYNTHESIZER  The Electronic Music Synthesizer manufactured by Radio Corporation of America in 1951 through 1952 was much different from the synthesizers in use now. The major difference being the fact that the earliest model did not produce sounds in real time. It was used more as a composition machine. The 1957 model, however, was largely used by many composers. mastering-home-music-studio-part-52-introducing-midi/

9 LIQUID PAPER  In 1956 Bette Nesmith Graham who was a Dallas secretary invented liquid paper or white out. Liquid paper was used to cover up mistake on paper or a typewriter. She took a tempera water based paint and mixed it together with colored paint that matched to paper. She took to her station at her secretary job and not soon after that most of the secretary's throughout her building were asking for some of it to. ve.html

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