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Technology to Enhance Health and Nutrition The present and the future of health and exercise.

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1 Technology to Enhance Health and Nutrition The present and the future of health and exercise

2 Why is it important to be healthy? Your body can become free from various forms of disorders giving you longer life. You can be able to perform to the best or your ability. You can feel good about yourself inside and out. You can see a drastic improvement in the overall quality of your life.

3 Our Goal Our goal is to make health and nutrition a part of everyone’s daily routine.

4 How can health and nutrition be a part of your daily life?

5 DietMaster 2100 DietMaster 2100 v11 is like having your own private nutrition counselor. Helps to quickly analyze & design an eating program Uses ready-to-print recommended eating plans & grocery lists designed by Registered Dietitians or Doctors Offered in 2 editions and a variety of options

6 DietMaster 2100 Numerous editions: $59.95 each ◦Low Glycemic ◦Performance ◦Bone Health ◦Lean Body Builder ◦Stable Blood Sugar ◦Detox Fruit ◦Detox Veggie ◦Detox Lean Meat software

7 Fitbit Tracker Track everyday activity like steps, distance, calories, stairs climbed, and active minutes. Log your food with Fitbit's online tools and mobile apps to get a more complete view of your health and fitness. Use the Aria WI-FI scale to stay connected to your weight, BMI, and % body fat over time. Measure how long and how well you sleep. Wake up in the morning with a silent wake alarm.

8 Fitbit Tracker Variety of different devices: $99.95 each ◦Flex- Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband ◦Zip- Wireless Activity Tracker ◦One- Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker ◦Force- Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband ◦Aria- WiFi Smart Scale ◦Premium

9 NordicTrack Treadmill Take your workout uphill to lower impact and increase calorie burn, and downhill to strengthen legs and add variety – all with the touch of a button. Every step of your run is fully cushioned with built-in shock absorbers beneath the running deck. This minimizes impact on your joints and adds helpful energy rebound to each step, helping you run more efficiently over longer periods of time. DurX™ commercial motors are custom designed for each treadmill to help you train safer, longer and quieter.

10 NordicTrack Treadmill X9i Incline Trainer - $1,999.00 2950 Commercial Series - $2,299.00 Elite 9500 Pro - $2,999.00 C 700 - $899.00 rack/Treadmills

11 NoricTrack Elliptical Heart rate monitor: Stay in your target heart rate zone for better results. 18’’ stride length: Take long, full strides at any pace to burn calories and develop lean muscle. 0-10 Degree power adjustable incline: Target and tone lower body muscle groups. The power adjustable ramp angle changes the shape of your stride to engage different muscle groups. Soft touch upper body grips: Burn more calories with upper-body workout arms. 24 digital resistance: Quick, responsive, OneTouch™ controls adjust your resistance to burn more calories. Wireless chest strap: Maximize your results with heart rate training. The included NordicTrack® wireless chest pulse strap sends a continuous reading to the display so you stay in the right training zone for better, faster results.

12 NordicTrack Elliptical Audiostrider 990 Pro - $899.00 A.C.T Commercial - $999.00 Elite 12.7 - $1,299.00 Audiostrider 1490 Pro - $1,499.00 dicTrack/Ellipticals

13 Stationary Bike: SOLE R92 Maximize your fitness with a low-impact workout on the SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike. Get the most comfort out of your ride with: ◦a 12-position adjustable gel cushion seat, an oversized foot pedal with a 2-degree inward slope to prevent aches, and a 9-inch LCD display for easy review of information. This bike will safely push you to the next level with 20 levels of resistance and 10 pre- set workouts including hill and strength programs.

14 Stationary Bike: SOLE R92 -Cost: $999.99 -Features: Recumbent bike with 10 challenging pre-set programs (6 Standard, 2 User Defined, 2 Heart Rate) Hill and strength programs to help you reach goals 30 LB effective flywheel with oversized foot pedal with 2 degree inversion Gel cushion seat with supportive back for added comfort during your workout, includes 12-position adjustments that easily allows user to move forward/backward on seat Wheels upfront so that the bike is easy to move Quick touch controls for adjusting resistance options from 1-20 1546656&cp=4406646.4413986.4417717.4417731

15 So how does technology benefit one’s health? These forms of medical technologies can benefit the lives of people in many ways. Through the use of such technologies, people can live healthier, more productive and independent lives.

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