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Unity Church of the Triangle Congregational Meeting Sunday, December 9, 2012.

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1 Unity Church of the Triangle Congregational Meeting Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 Agenda Opening prayer – Neusom Holmes Leadership Selection Ministry – George Smith State of the Ministry Report - Neusom & Team 2013 Budget – David Johnson Papillon / Facilities Update – Carl Goode & Phran Gacher Q & A – All Closing prayer - Phran

3 Leadership Selection Ministry You may vote for up to five: Lou DeCellis Anita Deters Sterling Fulton Mona Garrett Al Henderson Sonya McKay Kayelily Middleton Tracey Obeida A warm thanks to each of these seven congregants for stepping up to leadership! We love you, we bless you, we appreciate you, and we behold the Christ in you!

4 State of the Ministry Adult Education Children’s Ministry Music Ministry Service / Outreach Prayer Key events / highlights for 2012 Staff Update

5 State of the Ministry Lead Minister Associate Minister Office Transformational Studies Youth Education Music

6 Lead Minister Hosted UMMAS sub-region 2 times Joined Board of S.E. Region Taught meditation to business and community groups Taught Classes at Kanuga

7 Associate Minister 1. Introduction of UCT in the Hispanic community a. Two services in Spanish and some prayer groups b. Counseling in Spanish to Spanish-speaking congregants c. Participation of UCT in Programa Ministerial Internacional (the Unity School in Puerto Rico services Spanish ministries in Latin America and in the US mainland) Rev. Ana Quintana was one of the keynote speakers at this event. 2. S.E.E. Classes a. Affirmative Prayer by Rev. Jennifer Holder b. Even Mystics have Bills to Pay class by Rev Ana c. Prosperity Plus (Spring & Fall) by Paula, Neusom, Ana d. Do Greater Things class by Rev Ana 

8 Associate Minister Continued 3. Special Events a. Good Friday Special Service b. World Day of Prayer c. Peace in the Park & Interfaith Service d. Grief Workshop Series 4. Pastoral Care a. Congregants got their monthly wellness calls b. Prayer Chaplains support through special retreat

9 Office New member/contribution software, Servant Keeper, was purchased and implemented to organize our database Total Re-design of Power Point presentation Total Re-design of bulletin Creation and launch of new website (Thanks to Dean Sauls) Added 170 new Facebook likes, created events and maintained pages Branded Peace in the Park, Robert V. Taylor book signing and the Christmas Concert events Worked with mid-week office volunteer team to create better organization and schedule Updated and designed weekly e-updates and separate special event e- updates Working with Ana Quintana to formulate marketing strategy for 2013

10 Transformational Studies 35 new members were welcomed into our spiritual community in 2012 We brought the author of “How to Pray without talking to God”, Linda Martella Whitsett, and Robert V. Taylor “A new Way to be Human” to speak to our spiritual community Held our first author Meet and Greet in the bookstore Organized and facilitated 2 Prosperity Plus classes which brought more consistent givers and people who tithe into the community Held numerous small group and two community- wide bookstudies which enriched the small group experience starting with “A Year to Live” and finishing with Bustin’ Loose from the Money Game. “A Year to Live” study was our first attempt at Wednesday night supper and book discussion at the church Brought other spiritual leaders like Richard Levy and Richard Lang to speak on Sunday and hold workshops. Held our first week of Grief workshops with Certified Grief Coach Tamara Sutton

11 Youth Education ♥ Sunday classes for children and teens, birth -18 years, average youth attendance total 64 ♥ Approximately 32 volunteers and staff active every month, with others involved in special events ♥ Spiritual Parenting Class – 6 monthly workshops, 3 in Spring and 3 in Fall ♥ Monthly Parents Night Out –every month except June ♥ YOU teens attended 4 regional retreats, including 2 of ours at a leadership retreat in Sept. ♥ Unitweens attended 2 regional retreats, Spring and Fall 

12 Youth Education Continued ♥ YFM Volunteer Retreat in March, focus on Affirmative Prayer ♥ Teachers attended regional teacher training in Wilmington ♥ Celebrated holidays with special events, including Easter Egg Hunt, Earth Day with World Harmony Runners, Christmas Play (today!) ♥ Summer of Butterflies, exploring the arts, culminating in Summer Showcase of artwork, gardening, African drumming and dancing ♥ Family Dinner Night in November

13 Music Performed Spring and Holiday Concerts for huge crowds Continued to grow music program Added several new musicians Added Youth Choir program Brought in many guest performers throughout the year

14 2013 Budget

15 The Finance Committee Bill Holt Neusom Holmes Jim Markov Ana Quintana Ralph McLester David Kramer John Pelligrino Tricia Sauls David Johnson “ We are ready, willing and worthy to accept a new era of prosperity at Unity. We recognize, praise and bless every manifestation of Good coming to us now.”

16 2012 re-establishes strong footing Strong giving in 2012; well-controlled expenses Contributions exceed 2011 levels – 8% higher Good income from weddings, rental (W.M.) Expenses maintained below budgeted amounts

17 Contributions regain “trend” level

18 Re-establishing “cushion”

19 2013 Budget

20 Income: 2013 Budget 86% 1% 2% 5% 6% 0% Contributions Bookstore Net Events Net Whitaker Mill Income Wedding & Rental Income Youth Ed Income

21 Expenses: 2013 Budget 0% 1% 3% 7% 9% 25% 51% Whitaker Mill Volunteer Pastoral Care Continuing Education Youth Education Sunday Service Music Operating Tithes Paid Longview Lease Payroll

22 -50,000 -40,000 -30,000 -20,000 -10,000 0 10,000 20,000 2012 Net Cumulative Income (Blue–Actual; Red–Budget) JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Income/expense pattern requires “cushion”

23 Good contributions continue; possible WM sell

24 Expenses:

25 2012 contributions, income vs. 2011

26 Papillion / Facilities Update Have considered many properties. Each has positive features and negative features. Trying to keep reasonable options open. Tryon Road had unknowns that cannot be resolved.

27 Papillion / Facilities Update Some Criteria 2010 Long Range Plan / Papillion Congregational input Location Property size Environmental concerns Costs both immediate and long term

28 Bless Papillon Update

29 Q & A

30 Merry Christmas!!!!

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