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THE STORY OF HYALURONAN AND SYNO-VITAL. THE VILLAGE OF YUZURIHARA In 2000, an ABC TV news reporter visited the Japanese village of Yuzurihara. After conducting.

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2 THE VILLAGE OF YUZURIHARA In 2000, an ABC TV news reporter visited the Japanese village of Yuzurihara. After conducting a survey of 990 villages, it was found that there were 10 times more people over the age of 85 living in Yuzurihara than in the of North America and Japan combined. What’s more, the appearance of these people seemed to defy the hands of time. You can see that original ABC News report here: gM34f7v9k

3 YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE THANKS TO HYALURONAN The Yuzurihara villagers had smooth skin, flexible joints, think hair and good eyesight despite their significant years. On female resident in particular had skin that was free from wrinkles and age spots despite being 90 years old. The local doctor with 60 years experience, Dr Toyosuke Komori also noted there had never been a case of skin cancer within the population, and there were minimal incidences of other age related health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Dr Komori attributes the longevity and good health of the Yuzurihara residents to a substance called HYALURONAN (HA)

4 WHAT IS HYALURONAN (HA, HYALURONIC ACID)? First discovered in 1934, HA is the principle compound in the body used for retaining moisture in the connective tissues and organs. As the body is between 55% and 78% water and hyaluronan is responsible for maintaining this level of water in the body, it is an extremely important molecule. Hyaluronan is a glycosamineoglycan. It consists of two sugar like molecules: glucosamine and glucuronic acid.

5 WHAT IS HYALURONAN (HA, HYALURONIC ACID)? HA occurs naturally in the body and is found in it highest concentrations in collagen, which is the substance found around cells. It is HA’s ability to maintain hydration that supports collagen and prevents it from cracking, drying and degrading. As we age, this collagen or connective tissue, loosing it’s water content and dries out and this is when the sign of aging, like wrinkles appear.

6 WHERE IS HYLAURONAN IN THE BODY? The human eye is 80% hyaluronan. The skin is 56% hyaluronan. The muscles and skeleton are 35% hyaluronan. The blood and nymph fluids are 9% hyaluronan. Hyaluronan can be found in: The Hair The Eyes The Skin The Muscles The Gums The Joints Blood and Lymph Fluids

7 HYALURONAN AND SKIN CARE Over half the HA in the body is in the skin, which is the body’s largest organ and is regularly renewed more than any other kind of tissue. Skin is heavily affected by lifestyle, in particular by smoking, eating a poor diet and exposing it to sunlight. The skin looses HA naturally as we age and so skin becomes unable to retain as much water, leading to the signs of aging. Taking oral HA and using HA serums can help replenish the skin and increase hydration in the dermis.

8 HYALURONAN AND JOINT SUPPORT Hyaluronan is also found in the synovial fluid found between joints and increases the viscosity of this fluid. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis affecting 1 in 13 people. OA is a result of free radicals attacking the synovial fluid in the joints, degrading it and reducing the lubrication it provides between connecting bones. This causes friction at the joint, especially on weight bearing joints and so the symptoms and effects of arthritis begin to manifest themselves. Adding HA to the joints can reduce this friction and provide a ‘cushion’ between the joints. In synovial fluid HA also acts as an anti-oxidant and a natural inflammatory agent helping relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

9 HYALURONAN AND WOUND HEALING HA production naturally increases during wound healing processes. The initial increase in HA production for would healing is rapid and lasts for around 3 days, by day 7 the extra hyaluronan has gone. Ha is also known for blood vessel building properties and it is through the blood vessels that nutrients necessary for wound healing are transported to damaged tissue, further explaining the importance of HA for these processes. In adults, wounds do heal but can result in scarring, so by treating your skin to extra HA by using things like HA serums, you may be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

10 HYALURONAN (HA) AND EYE HEALTH Evidence suggests that a lack of HA in the eye can lead to numerous age related eye disorders, for example: people with Glaucoma have 77% less HA than the levels found in normal eyes. Healthy vitreous gel is composed of 92% HA and 8% Chrondroitin Sulphate. As HA levels deplete with time, this can lead to a break down in the structure of the vitreous gel leading to the formation of protein clumps which can affect light travelling through the eye. Other research also shows that taking oral HA can lower the risks of developing a detached retina or suffering macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in adults. HA plays a role in maintaining the health of the cornea, retina and vitreous gel in the eyes. Its also an excellent lubricant for contact lens wearers. Taking HA improves eye tissues and health by raising HA levels and, strengthening collagen structure improving the visual system.

11 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN There are many Hyaluronic Acid products available now on the market. A review from the Journal of Applied Nutrition examines the different kinds of HA available and talks about their effectiveness. Not all Hyaluronic Acid is created equal. Keep in mind when reading this study that our patented Syno-vital® is high molecular weight HA in the 2.4-3 million Daltons! Read the full study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition here: MW%20HA.pdf

12 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN "..dietary supplements containing HA are not equivalent due to the inherent properties of the three major types of HA commercially available as dietary supplement materials. Consumers and health care professionals need to be aware of the different types of HA and their very large differences in properties (even before ingestion). One source, hydrolysed chicken sternal cartilage, is clearly unlike native HA, does not match the biological properties of native HA, and consequently should not be represented as HA to consumers on product labels..."

13 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN ORAL ABSORPTION STUDY Washington. D.C., April 18, 2004 A consortium of scientists released clinical research results about oral delivery of HA and its ability to be taken up by joints. Hyaluronan has been used for years in veterinary and human medicine as an injection to replace lost joint fluid. The study was led by Dr. Schauss and conducted by a consortium of scientists from the Life Sciences Division of the American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research Inc. in Puyallup, Washington and the National “FJC” Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene, National Institute for Health in Budapest, Hungary. The research was supported by Weider Nutrition International. Proven bioavability and absorption with High Molecular Weight HA

14 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN Until now, there was no data on pharmacokinetics after oral intake and the therapeutic use of hyaluronic acid was limited to injections or topical applications. The results of this study, which examined the absorption, excretion and distribution of radiolabeled HA after a single oral administration in Wistar rats and Beagle dogs, demonstrated that HA is absorbed and distributed to organs and joints after a single oral administration. Excerpt from Abstract # 129.4- Absorption, distribution and excretion of 99mtechnetium labelled hyaluronan after single oral doses in rats and beagle dogs

15 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN High Molecular Weight HA from bacterial fermentation was radioactively labelled with 99-technetium and its oral uptake in rats and dogs was studied. Uptake of HA into the bloodstream (5% of an oral dose) was found, and scintigraphy found uptake of labelled HA into joints (FASEB, 2004). A. G. Schauss, L. G. Balogh, A. G. Polyak, D. G. Mathe, R. G. Kiraly and G. G. Janoki American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research, Inc and National Institute for Health. Thus, purified, high molecular weight HA is bioavailable and delivered to joints. Approximately 4.5 billion molecules of HA may reach each knee joint after oral ingestion of 3 mg of HA in humans. These results demonstrate that HA is absorbed and distributed to organs and joints after a single oral administration. An abstract with complete research details was published in the April issue of FASEB Journal

16 CLINICAL STUDIES ON HYALURONAN Most recently, hyaluronan has been implicated as a factor in preventing cancer based on investigations using naked mole rats. Researchers found that the hairless rodent’s tissues were rich in high molecular weight hyaluronan, which is linked to tissue repair. Experiments show that when HMW-HA is removed from the creature’s cells, they become susceptible to cancer, suggesting it plays a role in making the rodent ‘cancer-proof’ Read the full article from Metro UK on how the Naked Mole-Rat may hold the clue to beating cancer here: 013/06/19/naked- mole-rat-may-hold- the-clue-to- beating-cancer- 3848778/

17 SYNO-VITAL FROM MODERN HERBALS The HA in Syno-vital is great for athletes. It works in several ways: Restores normal synovial fluid with improved visco- elasticity Positively effects biosynthesis and degradation Has anti-inflammatory effects and is a direct analgesic.

18 HYDRA-VITAL FROM MODERN HERBALS Hydra-Vital from Modern Herbals is a professional strength Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan) Serum designed to help the skin gain and retain moisture. See more at: and-minerals/206-hydra-vital---pure- hyaluronan.html#sthash.wQT6lns1.dpuf Natural extract of roses and Hyaluronan, makes this Facial Spray very refreshing and stimulating. See more at: reviva-rosewater-facial-spray- 236ml.html#sthash.NALnFug0.dpuf

19 HYALURONAN: DID YOU KNOW… Newborn babies have high levels of hyaluronan in their skin and it’s thanks to this that they do not develop scars from cuts or scraps and why they have soft, plump skin. Echinacea, the purple cone flower, is a herb that helps maintain HA in the human body and therefore prevents the spread of infection. HA shortens the time it takes wounds to heal by 50% and can even help reduce thick, red keloid scars. Just 1mg of Hyaluronan can hold 1,000 times it’s weight in water. Human skin is 72% water and the loss of between just 2- 4% of the body’s water can lead to dryness and wrinkling.

20 READ MORE… For more information on the properties of hyaluronan visit our custom built information site at

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