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Comfortable, adjustable, ergonomically designed furniture.

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1 Comfortable, adjustable, ergonomically designed furniture

2  er·go·nom·ics “ an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely -- called also human engineering ”

3 Things to consider:  Desk  Computer  Keyboard trays and mechanisms  Document holders

4 WORKSTATION “ Ergonomic work station set-up: alignment of keyboard, document and monitor precludes dangerous twisting and minimizes the risk of associated injuries.”

5 Tables and Desks Centennial Line Adjustable Workstation File cabinets Bookcases

6 E-class JORO tables -electric and manual adjustability allows for mobility and a variety of sitting/standing positions

7 Primary Work Stations are available as right or left handed stations electric, crank or incremental adjustment. By JORO Centennial Adjustable Workstations

8 Sitting Posture

9 7635 arm has a 5,5". Articulating keyboard arms with lever less height adjustment and T-handle tilt. No knobs to tighten or loosen. Cobra Arm keyboard mechanism fits any keyboard tray. Easily adjustable; just lift keyboard platform, move to desired position and release. Slim profile maximizes knee space. Teflon glide and tilt adjustment at neutral position. Spring assisted height adjustment. Universal tray, will fit to all platforms. 7635 arm for keyboard Cobra Arm keyboard mechanism 7438-21 keyboard arm

10 ISE HPD17F Corner keyboard Straight keyboard platform IISE HPD17F Corner keyboard platform with mouse forward The solution for that corner workstation. Comes with palm rest. Choose any mechanism to go with this platform CCorner makers transform a L- shaped desk into a corner workstation by attaching a platform to the 90 degree corner. Requires a keyboard platform and articulating mechanism to complete this transformation. ISE HP-28F Mouse Forward Keyboard platform Corner Maker

11  At the keyboard, wrists should be elevated, hands should not be up at a positive angle  carpel tunnel  Keyboard with tray should be pulled in so your bicep and forearm are perpendicular, no reaching as this will cause strain on shoulders

12 For the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome are achieved when the bottom of the Ergo-rest arm pads are positioned level with the lowest keys of the keyboard. Ergo Articulating Arm Rests

13  Clear mouse bridge- for bringing your mouse closer, avoid reaching, prevent shoulder and arm strain  Wrist rests for keyboard and mouse- elevate wrists so they are at a negative angle -prevention of carpel tunnel

14 1. ECH-200 Retractable In Line Copy Holder -put your computer on top and slide the copy holder underneath when not in use 2. Vision Vu Document Stand 14DC -also comes in 18” 3. Easy Reader Clipboard 4. Vu Ryte Document Station 18SL/18KB -angle and height adjustable 5. Pageboy book holder 6. Fellowes BookLift Copy Holder F-2100 -has clips to hold pages in place 1 2 3 4 5 6

15 1. Seat height 2. Seat pan depth 3. Head rest 4. Arm rests 5. Back rests 6. Movement

16  “musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)...constitute the largest job-related illness and injury problem in the U.S. today.  Contact stress affects the soft tissue on the fingers, palms, forearms, thighs, shins and feet. This contact may inhibit blood flow, tendon and muscle movement and nerve function." Musculoskeletal Disorder

17 A negative slope keyboard in a lowered position keeps wrists straight (neutral posture), opens up elbow angles and hip angles, keeps shoulders neutral and encourages recline, which reduces stress on the spine. Proper Sitting Position

18 Problems 1. Neck tension, tightness, upper back and shoulder discomfort -Hands and arms not supported while typing 2. Hand, wrist and lower arm discomfort. The wrist is deviated in an unnatural position. 3. Lower back pain discomfort -Lumbar curvature is not being maintained and supported. 4. Thigh discomfort. -Too much pressure on the thigh because chair is too high and legs are dangling. Workplace Problems and Solutions Solutions 1.For typing tasks, adjust the armrests to the correct height and angle to support the weight of the arms and use palm rest or wrist rest. 2.Set the keyboard and/or calculator to produce a neutral wrist position. 3. Bring backrest closer by tilting forward, and adjust height of lumbar curvature of backrest. It should be slightly above the pelvis to provide support in the lumbar region (lower back). 4. Lower chair height so that feet are supporting feet and lower legs only.

19 Seat Height Adjustability feet to be flat on the ground to avoid stress on your hips and lower back Arm Height Keep forearm at right angles to your shoulders This will keep your shoulders and neck muscles relaxed Arm Width Increase distance between seat cushion and arm. For optimum comfort and support, your arms should rest at shoulder width Adjustability

20 The height of the back can be individually adjusted for lumbar support. The independent back angle adjustment allows the users to adjust backrest angle while seated and than release to lock on desired position. By sliding the seat cushion forward or backward; the support for the legs can be individually adjusted. Adjustability Con’t

21 A. Tension of rocking mechanism B. Rocking mechanism C. Height of chair D. Angle of back rest E. Height of back rest F. Seat depth A B C D E F Adjustability in the Chair

22  Knee tilt mechanism: this gives a chair the ability to free float smoothly within a wide range  The fulcrum for the rocking mechanism is near the knees to allow for further forward motion Multi-tilt mechanism: fulcrum in the middle creates less range -there is an extra lever to angle the seat pan further Knee tilt Multi-tilt

23  Features for knee tilt: 1. Back pan tilt 2. Raising/lowering chair 3. Rocking the chair 1 2 3


25 “Standard Systems is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of ergonomic seating; Based in New Westminster, British Columbia, we ship our products throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.”

26 Standard Systems SS 8701 SS 4101 MT SS 5105 KT SS 5101 MT SS4100 MT

27 “The Saffron MT chairs are the first to be recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.” ErgoCentric

28 Geo High-back Knee tilt ErgoCentric: Geo chairs GeoCentric Midback Multi-tilt Geo X Highback KT

29 Ergo-Centric Saffron I Saffron III MT Saffron IV KT Saffron II


31 VinylFabric Vinyl Ergo Ind SC tilt Ergo Ind LC tilt Ergo Ind SF Tilt Vinyl Ergo Ind L2F Tilt Vinyl

32 Ergo Ind Scooter Stool Ergo Ind Star Base Stool Ergo Ind Spider Stool Ergo-Industrial Sit Stand Ergo-Upholstered sit stand Ergo Upholstered Spider Sit Stand

33 NEUTRAL POSTURE ideos/ “This natural, stress free position is the body s preferred posture, similar to the free floating posture experienced when you totally relax in a swimming pool, or the posture typically associated with astronauts floating in space.” Neutral Posture

34 Neutral Posture 8000 Series Neutral Posture 8000 H1 Series Neutral Posture Prop Stool Neutral Posture Ab Stool RIO 2234 RIO 2236

35 Freedom F214G Highback Freedom F114G Medback Freedom F300G Stool Liberty

36 The obusULTRAforme chair with Moller back support system: The back is composed of three natural curves. Ideally these curves form an “S” shape. Maintaining this “S” shape is imperative to avoiding pain and injury over time. Global: Obus Forme Obus Forme 4432 Obus Forme 4434 Obus Forme 4470 Obus Forme 4430

37 Global Scale 3021-3 Global Maxima II 2438-16 Global Concorde Global Tyson 8601MT

38 Global Ride 2621-1 Global Ride 2631-1

39 Horizon Horizon Steno Chair 122 Horizon 1410 Horizon drafting stool Horizon stand star

40 Dauphin 102-4 mid back Dauphin 103-4 tall back

41 The smooth pivoting action, encourages changes in the positions of hips, legs, ankles and lower back muscles which helps reduce static muscle loading and thereby avoids the fatigue that can result from sitting in one position all day long. Ergocentric Foot Flexor

42 ISE Slant Board 2015P "This slant board allows you to position your work to an angle that best reduces neck, back and eye strain. Comes with a palm rest easy on the wrists when writing. Available in black only. ISE Slant Board 2015P

43 The zero-gravity technology is credited to the scientists and doctors at NASA has the following benefits: -Less pressure on the spine -Reduced muscle tension -Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity -Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels BackSaver Zero-Gravity Recliner 100 Series

44 Comfort Plus 2' x 3" Anti Fatigue Mats are ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue, back strain, and muscle pain in individuals who stand in a stationary position for extended periods of time. Comfort Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat

45 The original award-winning Obus Forme Backrest Support. Includes a removable lumbar pad. Available in black, blue, grey, green, or burgundy. Obus Forme Backrest

46 The Evolution Chair™ keeps your muscles active while you are seated. This not only holds you in the correct position for your spine but also allows you to build your core strength while you sit. The Evolution Chair

47 -This enables one to take the pressure of the spine -Keeps spine erect -Puts more pressure on the knees Global 2143 Kneeling Chair

48 bin/gu/ Search&cgifunction=form References

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