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First Trimester of Pregnancy First 14 Weeks Health 7 th block.

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1 First Trimester of Pregnancy First 14 Weeks Health 7 th block

2 Week One A women starts her period on the first day of this week and it will be the last one for approximately nine or ten months. The egg has not been released yet, since this is the start of the women’s menstrual cycle.

3 Week Two The women’s period just finished and the uterus is now building a new layer of endometrium to cushion and nourish the fertilized egg. One of the women’s ovaries is growing and ripening an egg, preparing for ovulation.

4 Week Three At this stage the egg leaves the ovary and it travels through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. During intercourse anywhere from 140-350 million sperm will be ejaculated. Finally the egg and the sperm fuse together, creating a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg, will spend 3-7 days traveling down the fallopian tube and will float in the uterus for another few days. Then it will implant itself to the walls of the uterus.

5 The egg’s journey through the fallopian tube to the uterus.

6 Week Four The blastocyst, or the fertilized egg, is deep inside the uterus. It keeps dividing to form tissues in the uterus both for the mother’s and baby’s use later on in the pregnancy. The mother may feel fatigue and notice tenderness in her breasts at this stage.

7 Week Five The spinal column, brain and the heart have just started to develop at week five. The baby is just 1/16 of an inch long. The mother might be experiencing nausea that can last just in the morning or throughout the day. This stage is when most people purchase home pregnancy tests and go to the doctor.

8 Week Six Eyes, ears, and a mouth have started to develop. Blood is being pumped by the few cells from the heart which now is beating. Buds for the arms and legs are also developing. Miscarriage is a possibility at this point in the pregnancy.

9 Six Week Old Baby

10 Week Seven The baby is now a 1/3 of an inch, which is about the size of a grain of rice. The arm buds have grown and now hands are developing along with the brain, intestines, pituitary gland, and pancreas. Though the genital tubercle is present, it’s still to early to tell the gender of the baby. The mother might experience changes in her appetite and unexpected acne because of the change in her hormones.

11 Week Eight During this week, the baby’s gonads will either become testes or ovaries. It is the father’s sperm that determines the gender of the baby. The limbs are growing longer and the arms are bent at the elbow allowing the baby to hug itself. The mother’s uterus has expanded to the size of a grapefruit. Before pregnancy it’s the size of a human fist.

12 Eight Week Old Baby

13 Week Nine The baby has started to develop bones and cartilage. The hands and webbed feet are now formed. The baby now responds to movement. The mother should be gaining weight regularly.

14 Week Ten At this stage most of the baby’s joints are formed and all of the organs are present but not fully formed or functional. The baby is about 1 ¾ of an inch long and ¼ of an ounce in weight. The mother’s veins might become more noticeable because of the blood volume increase.

15 Week Eleven The baby doubles its size during this week in the pregnancy. Finger nails begin to grow and the irises of the baby’s eyes develop. Due to the pregnancy, the mucus membrane in the mother’s body begins to swell. Swollen feet, stuffy nose, and middle ear fluid are examples of a couple changes the mother might experience.

16 Week Twelve The baby now practices breathing movements. The mother’s uterus shifts upwards a bit so it doesn’t cause pressure to the bladder which helps from going to the bathroom so much. Fatigue and nausea slowly decrease during this stage.

17 Week Thirteen All of the baby’s teeth are formed and are stored in the gums. The teeth will start to come in when the baby is about four months old. Fuzzy hair has started growing on the baby’s head and is white because there isn't any pigment there. Stretch marks may or may not appear depending on the mother’s heritage.

18 Thirteen Week Old Baby

19 Week Fourteen The baby is now about three inches in length and weighs no more than a slice of cheese. Reflexes start to operate and the baby’s chin, nose, and forehead are more define now, he looks more like a human. While nausea is letting up heart burn could be another problem at this stage for the mother.

20 Sonogram of a fourteen week old baby in the womb.

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