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The Egg Baby Project 500 Points!!!.

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1 The Egg Baby Project 500 Points!!!

2 Quick Overview of the Project
Components: 1. Egg baby (hard boiled egg) 2. Carrier for the egg baby 3. Scrap book with journals and assignments 4. Single or partners

3 Egg Baby You need to bring a hard boiled egg to school on Monday in a carrier Your name must be on it I will put my signature on it You must treat this egg as your baby. Treat it properly, prevent injuries (such as cracks).

4 Continue …. You must keep your egg baby with you all day, EXCEPT during P.E. Right before P.E, you must hand off your egg baby to a responsible babysitter (friend you can trust)

5 Carriage All babies need a safe and comfortable carriage…SO…
Your Egg Baby also needs a carriage. Example: small basket with cushion; small cup with cushion It is your job to make the carriage

6 Journals/Scrapbooks You need a binder (or binder space) to keep all the assignments we do this week I will check your assignments daily to see the progress and at the end of the week to check if it is all completed!

7 Single or Partners By yourself
You can choose to work either: By yourself OR With a Partner (you will only have one egg baby but will each need to turn in a completed project binder/scrapbook)

8 Homework for the weekend
Boil and egg. Bring a hard boiled egg to school on Monday 2. Make a carriage for the egg. Bring on Monday

9 Any Questions?

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