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Christmas Assembly Year 7. Bethany England Sings Wham! ‘Last Christmas’

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1 Christmas Assembly Year 7

2 Bethany England Sings Wham! ‘Last Christmas’

3 Year 7 Achievement Awards Xmas 2011

4 Bradley Coumbe, Maisie McAdam, Elly Jarett, Alfie Lowe Ryan Lillingstone, Seyma Oz, Daisy Cousins, Amber Ford, Chloe Buller, Molly Bishop, Megan Greaves, Connor Stout and Lucy Moore Special mention for 7s2 who are such a lovely class and really work hard. I look forward to their lessons and enjoy teaching them! – Mrs Howe

5 Chloe Buller James Keeley Lucy Moore Bradley Coombe

6 Karate By Ethan Dye

7 The whole of 7S1 in French could be nominated so it's very hard to choose just one. But if I must: Megan Greaves 7TL and Joseph Cushion 7YL from 7S2 Also James Keeley, Rachael Allcock and Rhys Nicklin German Travis Watson and Danielle Waller Spanish: Alex French

8 Ellie Cushion and Harry Barnard Marnie Banfield Molly Bishop Reuben Noller Georgia Buller - For achieving 2 levels above her target for year 7 in her latest assessment Tanisha Phillips - For making the most improvement since the beginning of the year Ethan Dye - for outstanding contributions in every lesson and assessment.

9 Elly Jarrett Rebecca Cox Thomas Townsend

10 Anton Morina, Kelsey Andrews, Amy Green, Chloe Hardiman. Tamera Phillips, Bradley Killigrew, Ryan Green and Joshua Whiting I would like to nominate the WHOLE of 7MP for being brilliant Geographers! They have worked VERY hard this term and have been an absolute pleasure to teach! WELL DONE MP! Maisie McAdam, Kerry Jones, Ben Peters, Jodie Miles, Chloe Overton, Max Wilkinson, Lana Tibble, Lauren Goodall, Kyle McCallum, Aaron Godfrey, Ellie Jay Frary, Michaela Bailey, Matthew Borrett, Georgina Ball and Elliot Collishaw-Darby

11 Amber Ford Lauryn Flynn Rowan Copeland

12 James Brooksby Ethan Dye, Jamie Blackett, Jon Goulder, Rosie Fruish, Natalia Gray, Anna Roper, Abbie Dunnill, Maddie Mayes, Chloe Buller, Issac Farrants, Reuben Noller, Rowan Copland and Cameron Marrable

13 Santa Gets Robbed! Animation classic By Oliver Bowling Alex French James Keeley Aaron Godfrey Connor Mayes

14 Tech Chloe Overton, Rebecca Cox Maisie Burrows, Ethan Dye Abby Dunnill and Madi Mayes Food tech Chloe Buller, Alfie Lowe Jay Cushion, Megan Greaves

15 Daniel Bull, Chloe Edwards Joseph Earl and Daniel Roll Ms Grand would like to nominate the 7N4 PD group for recognition. We have covered difficult and challenging topics which they have approached with maturity and enthusiasm. They have worked brilliantly in role-plays, discussion, written and art work.

16 Dance by Marissa Reeve & Nishat Rahman

17 Jemima Kerkham, Cameron Marrable, Patrick Pye, James Keeley and Joseph Earl DRAMA SUPERSTARS

18 ICT SUPERSTARS Patrick Pye, Molly Bishop, Reuben Noller, Ellie Cushion, Makenzey Pells, Rhys Nicklin, Liam Mason, Caitlin Bone and Abigail Topley

19 Chloe Buller, Johnathan Shorten,Alicia Harwood, Alfie Lowe, Ethan Dye, Ellie Cushion, Ryan Mason, Anton Morina, Georgina Ball, Abby Dunhill, Harry Barnard, Katie Orbell and Jasmin Ridgeway. Special mention for Mr Cordeaux’s classes, AL, LR & YL have been excellent all term – well done!

20 Callum Paine & Jarell Bird

21 How many T-Shirts can we put on? T SHIRT CHALLENGE: JOE RIMMER V RHYS CORDER

22 AL HJ Nominees are................. CALLUM PYE, MAE DENT, JOSEPH EARL, ABBY DUNNILL, ANTON MORINA and TINASHE MADZIMURE And the winner is...... ABBY DUNNILL Nominees are....... Alfie Lowe, Ella Shemilt, Ethan Dye and Tyler Smith. And the winner is...... TYLER SMITH NOMINEES FOR TUTOR GROUP STAR!

23 LE LH And the winner is...... RHYS NICKLIN Nominees are....... Ellie Cushion, Caitlyn Cossey, Ryan Mason & George Leggett And the winner is...... ELLIE CUSHION The Nominees are..... Rhys Nicklin, Sintaro Bontigao, Nasreen Danesh, Alice Trett and Abi Topley

24 LR MG And the winner is...... AARON GODFREY Nominees are....... Rosie Carey, Alex French, Elly Jarret, and Jemma Shingles And the winner is...... ELLY JARRET The Nominees are..... Lana Tibbles, Matthew Borrett, Chloe Edwards, Aaron Godfrey Victoria Measures

25 MP NC And the winner is...... MATTHEW HERRON Nominees are.......Ellie Hornagold, Jack Deacon, Ruben Noller & Molly Bishop And the winner is......JACK DEACON The Nominees are..... Hannah Rainbird, Olivia Lark, Megan Stevens, Callum Paine, Matthew Herron and James Keeley.

26 TL YL And the winner is...... LAURYN FLYNN Nominees are....... Morgan Harrison, Rosie Fruish, Beth Gill & Harry Barnard. And the winner is......ROSIE FRUISH The Nominees are..... Thomas Townsend, Britney Westgate, Lauryn Flynn & Jake Hatch

27 Georgina Ball Sings Avril Lavigne

28 English Weekly Award winners Prize! Marissa Reeve Rhys Nicklin Ryan Lillingstone Callum Paine Daisy Cousins Bradley Coumbe Amber Ford Chloe Buller Molly Bishop VOUCHER

29 Our Charity Shoe Box Appeal Bishop Bridge House Sleeps 30 “This is brilliant, thank you so much the clients will really appreciate it!! Thanks again” Charley Jones

30 Anti – bullying Postcard nominations with the chance of winning an ipod shuffle are


32 and the winner is......................... ANTON MORINA

33 Tutor Group Competition results Total Attendance Good News Bad News Extra Form 10 – 136 93 130 87 - MG 9 - 251 96 181 26 - YL 8 - 256 92 178 14 - HJ 7 – 259 96 180 17 - TL 6 – 290 97 206 13 2 MP 5 - 303 96 218 11 - AL 4 - 327 95 238 6 - NC 3 - 329 94 236 9 8 LR 2 - 339 97 248 17 11 LE 1 - 379 95 266 9 27 LH

34 Come and celebrate Christmas in style at the Year 7 disco! Thursday 15 th December 2011 7-9pm Tickets are £2 and you can buy them from Year 11

35 Girls Most Good News slips Boys Most Good News slips 1 st..28...Rebecca Cox 2 nd..25...Marnie Banfield 3 rd..24...Ellie Jay Cushion 1 st..22...Ryan Lillingstone 2 nd..21...Josh Whiting 3 rd =..19..Rhys Nicklin..19.. Mohammed Rahman

36 From Mr Cordeaux, Mrs Cunningham and all the tutors!

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