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Technical Committee February 2010 Sanibel Island Florida.

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1 Technical Committee February 2010 Sanibel Island Florida

2 Your Technical Committee at Work!

3 Updates Technology News Sustainability – PET – GT Cushion NMFTA Numbered Package Regulation Changes 2010 Technology Innovator of the Year Award 2010 Sustainability Entries

4 Technology News

5 NASA discovers world’s smallest dot! Flexo industry upstaged!

6 Technology News Dave Norton testing new “Crosshairs”

7 Sustainability.030” PET Mounting Material polyethylene terephthalate – a form of polyester 30% of plastic bottles 60% of synthetic fibers Recyclability – Most urban areas collect PET – PVC is not commonly collected nor recycled – PVC manufacturing is hazardous vinyl chloride, the building block of PVC resin, has been classified as a human carcinogen None made in USA

8 PET Manufacturer: ThyssenKrupp Semi Transparent.030” x 48” wide roll Cost – Double.030” PVC per sq. in. Cost at volume unknown Density unknown

9 PET TargetObservationPassFail Thickness.030” =/-.002”.0290” to.0295”X TransparencyMax. opacity.25D.17DX Lay FlatMax.25” wave in 24” length See PhotosX Curl SetNo reverse curl required to remove curl set Excessive curl setX Impact Resistance No shattering after hard impact with blunt instrument at 0 to 120 degrees F No ShatteringX

10 PET TargetObservationPassFail Scribe / CutAfter.005” scribe with knife, material will separate after bending back 90 degrees and will follow scribe. Separated with less than 90 degree bend X (*) SewingWill not crack or shatter as a result of sewing. No cracks or shatters.X FlexibilityMinimum of 30, 180 degree bends before cracking or separation Very flexible.X Adhesive and Sealer Resistance No welting from adhesive or sealers No welting visibleX * May break along scribe too easily.

11 PET

12 Observations Roll edge “waves” unacceptable. Curl set unacceptable. Material may break along scribe too easily. High cost.

13 PET Conclusions Development needed to overcome flatness, curl set and scribe-break issues. Volume may drive cost down..010” PET established in market. Replacement for.030” PVC? – Not yet, but very possible solution.

14 Green Technology (GT) Cushion Material Cushion mounting material with 17% recycled tire content Under development and soon to be distributed by The Pitman Company

15 GT Cushion Material Targeted Properties Physical PropertyUnit of MeasureResult DensityLb/ft38.5 – 11.5 HardnessShore 022 Tensile Strengthpsi120 (min) Elongation%120 (min) Tear StrengthLb/in13 (min) Compression Set 50% - 22 hours @ 73F %3 (max) Compression Force Deflection 25% psi4 - 10 Compression Deflection @ 25% Psi10 - 16 ColorGrey

16 GT Cushion Material Field and Bench Testing.125” GT material with adhesive mounted to.010” Mylar CGC.125” ProFlex as control 532,000 impressions with.013” impression setting. – Wash-up and dry every 50,000 impressions

17 GT Cushion Material Bench Test Results Physical PropertyGT MaterialControl Overall Thickness Original.134”.136” 532k Impressions.135” Hardness (shore O) Original2626.5 532k Impressions26

18 GT Cushion Material Bench Test Results Physical PropertyGT MaterialControl Compression Deflection 0.050” (37%) PSI Original14.9414.98 532k Impressions12.9412.31 86.6%82.2% Compression Set 0.062” (50%) for 24 hrs % Original2.62.8

19 GT Cushion Material Observations Comparable performance in bench tests to control. Possibly more resistant to deterioration – compression deflection. Possible less compression set. Price unknown. Print trials underway (look good).

20 NMFTA Numbered Package Regulation Changes

21 NMFTA National Motor Freight Traffic Association A nonprofit membership organization headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Membership is comprised of 950 motor carriers operating in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce. Publishes the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), which is a standard that provides a comparison of commodities moving in commerce.

22 NMFTA Numbered Package Regulation Changes Oversees BMC’s and Numbered Package Certificates The Package Number is printed within a rectangular stamp that is used in lieu of the normal round BMC. NMFTA wants its members to start using the Package Number. The new rules became effective on January 9, 2010.

23 NMFTA Numbered Package Regulation Changes NMFTA is saying that if the shipping container does not follow the NMFC then the freight carriers insurance does not have to pay for damage to the shipment. Not many box makers have been following the NMFC regarding numbered packages. The NMFTA has no idea of how it will regulate this. Most of our customers have no idea that numbered package requirements exist. The FBA has asked that we get the word out. So we better get the word out, or one of us will have to pay. Good luck.

24 2010 Technology Innovator of the Year Entrants (in reverse alphabetical order!) MacDermid – Liquiflex Kodak - Digicap NX Screening GMF - Final Print Assurance Esko - HD Flexo DuPont - DigiCorr

25 MacDermid LiquiFlex “The new MacDermid LiquifleX platemaker represents the latest advancements in liquid photopolymer platemaking technology. It combines the benefits of liquid, such as low plate cost and flexibility of operation, with the simplicity of sheet platemaking.”

26 Kodak Digicap NX Screening “A unique solution to boost ink transfer in flexo printing. Kodak Digicap NX delivers increased visual impact of final print through higher densities and expanded color gamut with no increase in ink usage.”

27 GMF Flexo Prepress Inc. Final Print Assurance “The primary objectives of Virtual Press Approvals are to eliminate on-site Press Approvals, to guarantee Quality Assurance and give clients the opportunity to control their own Color Management.”

28 Esko HD Flexo “HD Flexo is a new product by EskoArtwork that revolutionizes digital flexo by offering high quality, easy to use imaging. HD Flexo is a combination of hardware and software technologies, including 4000 dpi high- resolution optics for the Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) – a finer image.”

29 DuPont DuPont Cyrel DigiCorr “A unique method of exposing photopolymer printing plates in an inert atmosphere to change the dot profile that is more favorable to printing on corrugated board.”

30 2010 Technology Innovator of the Year And the winner is… DuPont Cyrel DigiCorr

31 2010 Sustainability Entries Entrants (in alphabetical order) Asahi Products – David Chinnis Dynamic Dies, Inc. – Pat Sullivan United Engravers – Dave Newberry

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