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Study 4 – “Bethel remembered brings release”. Laban’s Teraphim.

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1 Study 4 – “Bethel remembered brings release”


3 Laban’s Teraphim

4 Laban’s Teraphim (cont.)

5 Final struggle with “the Syrian”

6 Laban Jacob Performs a perfunctory search and accepts a lame excuse! Leah Rachel Maid-servants

7 20 or 40 years in Haran?


9 The use of zeh twice “Now the twenty concurrent years of neighbourly assistance, and the disjointed twenty of covenant service, seem both of them distinguished in the history itself. For upon Laban’s pursuit of Jacob he mentions twenty years twice; which two sets of twenty, if really different, make forty. Each mention of the twenty years is introduced with the word zeh, which word, when repeated, is used by way of distinction; as when we say, this and that, the one or the other.” Clarke

10 Why 20 years too short!


12  Galeed signifies “witness heap”.  Jegar-sahadutha – Aramaic (Chaldean) for “witness heap”.  Mizpah signifies “watchtower”.  Laban’s objective – To draw a line over which Jacob could not cross with the teraphim (title deeds) to claim Laban’s assets.


14 Why is it not immediately answered?

15 The Governing Principle


17 Study 5 - Exhortation – “From Jacob to Israel: A painful journey”

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