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The Slides will change automatically The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean.

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2 The Slides will change automatically

3 The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

4 Green Bee-eater - Vilpattu National Park

5 A family of Sri Lanka deer - Vilpattu National Park

6 Lonely, wind battered tree at Reverstan peak - Knuckles mountain range

7 Bablers - Talangama Lake

8 Frescoes - Sigiriya UNESCO World Heritage Site

9 Leopard cub waiting in the shade for its mother to return - Vilpattu National Park

10 Light filter through the storm clouds gathered above paddy fields - Mahiyanganaya

11 A herd of elephants marching towards water - Minneriya National Park

12 Light filtering through a canopy of trees surrounding "Mapalana Ella" falls, Rathnapura

13 View of a paddy field with mountains and blue sky in the back-drop, Mahiyanganaya

14 An Indian Roller in lookout pose, Minneriya National Park

15 A Leopard sitting on a jeep track - Vilpattu National Park

16 Elderly woman, plucking tea leaves in a low land plantation - Kudawa, Rathnapura

17 Close up of a Pitcher Plant - Sinharaja Rain Forest

18 Relaxing by the waterfall - Athwelthota

19 Early afternoon view of "Buthawa Lake", Yala National Park

20 Wild Flowers - Morningside

21 Adams Peak falls at the edge of Mausakelle reservoir - Maskeliya

22 Portrait of a water buffalo

23 A flock of Open-Bills flying over a lake at dusk - Minneriya

24 Waterfall "Kolapothana Ella" – Mandaram Nuwara

25 Frescoes - Sigiriya UNESCO World Heritage Site

26 Laxapana Falls – Norton Bridge

27 Sunset at Galle-Face, Colombo

28 After a rough journey through hills, Mahaweli river calms down in north central plains

29 A Hill slope prepared for paddy cultivation - Kaikawala, Udadumbara

30 Somawathie Stupa, Polonnaruwa

31 Giant Boiler at St.Clair Tea Centre - Thalawakele

32 An Egeret takes-off from a river bank with the reflection on water.

33 A Traditional Farmer Working in a Paddy Field

34 Mausakelle Reservoir in a Misty Morning - Maskeliya

35 Sunset at Bolgoda Lake - Moratuwa

36 Colourful Rock Formations - Aberdeen Falls, Ginigathhena

37 Where Best Tea in the World is Produced - A Tea Field at Thalawakele

38 Early Morning at Rakwana, a Small Town in Sabaragamuwa

39 Waterfall and the Explorer - Fishing Huts, Maskeliya

40 The Three Trees and Twilight – Nonpareil Estate, Balangoda.

41 A Buddhist Monk Meditating – "Ruwanmali Stupa", Anuradhapura.

42 Hath-Mahal Ella (Seven Story Falls) - Deniyaya

43 Mist covered Bambarakanda Falls, heights waterfall in Sri Lanka.

44 Tranquility of early morning at Horton Plains.

45 Life at its own pace � A villager seen at Kandala tank

46 Quite and peaceful morning at MahaEliya (Horton Plains)

47 Dawn at Attala-Mettuwa (Corbett's Gap) - Dumbara (Knuckles) Mountains

48 Photos: Courtesy of


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