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My Classroom Design Project Jon Period 1 Explorations in Education.

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1 My Classroom Design Project Jon Period 1 Explorations in Education

2 What is education? Education transmits knowledge, values, and skills Education is relevant Education has a formative effect on the mind

3 Formal definition of education “the act or process of giving or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally or preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.”

4 My definition of education “A process between teachers and students of sending and receiving useful information and knowledge, developing the powers of problem solving and critical thinking, and preparing oneself or others mentally and socially for the ‘real’ world, through relevant practices and past knowledge, to create knowledge.”

5 Why my philosophy works Education… Is a dual process that involves everyone A’o: To learn AND teach Is a collaborative effort Incorporates background knowledge and diverse learning styles

6 Objectives and responsibilities To teach students to be globally aware To encourage growth in problem solving and critical thinking To stimulate mental and social growth To transform “knowledge” into “wisdom To prepare students for college

7 Student responsiblities To be responsible for their own education To be able to turn “knowledge” into “wisdom” To do and be the best they can be

8 Classroom rules, procedures and grading policies The fun part

9 Welcome to my classroom… Welcome to the top of Mount Sinai my children. Thou hath traveled far to the pinnacle of the world as we know it, for thou wishes to gain heavenly wisdom from me, God. Maybe you don’t believe in me, but lemme tell ya’, if you look at me don’t I look real? *Insert loud random noise here* And I hath answered. I bestow upon you Twelve Commandments. Yes. History hath lied, there were Twelve, but many don’t speak of the other Two, because they are like that weird cousins in the family that we keep locked in the closet when guests are over. Let us read aloud together these Commandments:

10 Classroom rules One: Thou shall not ask stupid questions. TWO: Thou shall respect other’s boundaries and not obtrude in anyone’s “no-no” square. THREE: Thou shall not use electronics in this kingdom

11 Classroom rules continued TEN: Thou shall not use certain derogatory words ELEVEN: Thou may eat in class, as long as thou clean-ith up thy mess TWELVE: Thou shall respect these rules and I, God, shall respect you EIGHT: Thou shall write thy name and period on each assignment and follow MLA format for all major papers

12 Classroom procedures FOUR: Remember the Holy Board, for it is holy. Duh FIVE: Honor thy homework, major papers, and deadlines NINE: Thou shall be prepared to start class when the bell rings.

13 Grading policy SIX: Thou shall not get extra credit SEVEN: Thou shall abide by the following grading procedures. Tests, Major Papers/Projects – 70% Homework/Quizzes – 13% Classwork – 10% Participation – 7%

14 Couch

15 This is a white board… Here is the library section… Insert missing couch here

16 Side view of classroom

17 Classroom management Tone: Open, sarcastic, but yet colloquial environment White board/Filing cabinets Floor plan

18 White board Invisible filing cabinets Oh no! My couch was stolen!

19 Classroom management Misbehavior based on: Work-ethic Attentiveness Sins (not following the Twelve Commandments) Third-party intervention?

20 Any questions?

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