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The WHAP Survival Guide

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1 The WHAP Survival Guide
AP World History The WHAP Survival Guide

2 About AP World AP World is a course that will enable you to learn more about the world and the cultures that make it up, than you have ever known before The course also provides skills that will become vital for your future ~ for example note taking, essay writing, and analytical thinking AP World History also comes with a teacher, Papa Hathaway, who seems to know everything about World History

3 Summer Work Even though this part of the course is not that enjoyable, do not save it to the last minute Turn in assignments a day or two in advance so problems can be avoided with technical difficulties Do not read sparknotes to help with assignments on book readings, you are only hurting yourself

4 Supplies 2 inch or more 3-ring binder 2 or more pens and pencils
Leave you binder at home or in your locker because it is a pain to carry around Use a smaller folder for the current unit Transfer papers after the unit test into your binder 2 or more pens and pencils Papa Hath can rattle 3 or 4 pages of note per day so having more than one pen is highly recommended You only need pencils for test days, but make sure they’re sharp and that you have a spare because the tests are extensive Notebook Get a 2-3 subject notebook for your notes that way they are all in the same place and will remain organized

5 Time Management Use the online calendar
Plan ahead and use your time wisely If you don’t have much homework work ahead so you do not become overwhelmed Try your best not to procrastinate Your quality of work will go up exponentially if you take time and do it well

6 Note Taking Do NOT write down everything Mr. Hathaway says
He says a lot, and we know it is tempting to write it all down, but when you write too much you don’t absorb the information Write down the heading of each slide Ask questions If you don’t understand the power point it’s probably because Papa Hath doesn’t always proofread

7 Note Taking Continued No note packets, you’re on your own
Coming from Ms. Hailey’s pretty color coded note packet’s, Mr. Hathaway’s power point lectures can be daunting However he starts off slow and help you along the way

8 Essay Writing There are three types of essays you will need to write on the AP exam DBQ No outside information is needed Use all documents (the one more than half rule is out the window) You must describe the Point Of View in two or more documents expressed by the author or source Organize the documents in two or more groups depending on the question Include a paragraph that states the need for an additional document, and WHY it’s necessary

9 Essays Continued Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT)
What changed and what stayed the same in a certain period of time Include global context which state what else was happening at the time the essay specifies Organize essay into changes, continuities, global context, and reasons for changes or continuities

10 Essays Continued Compare and Contrast Essay
Thesis with direct comparison Organize essay into similarities, differences, and reasons for either similarities or differences

11 Test Taking There are FIVE choices for each multiple choice question
Answer all questions If you can eliminate at least one choice take a guess Watch the clock There are 50 questions on each Papa Hath test and the class period is only 40 minutes long If you get stuck on a questions skip it and come back to it if you have time

12 Quizzes Map Quizzes Vocab Quizzes
Fill out the map in your document packet Print off a copy of a blank map of the area for the quiz and practice filling it in correctly Have a parent or sibling quiz you on the locations of the countries (spelling doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as Papa Hath can sound it out) Vocab Quizzes FLASH CARDS!!! Use the wiki, and fill it out correctly, so that your classmates can use it too The best resource is your World Textbook To receive full credit your definitions must include who, what, when, and where, the more detail the better

13 Study Guides Study Guides Do Them- Papa Hath made them for a reason
Don’t do them the night before or you’ll go on information overload Test grades have a positive correlation with study guide completion

14 Readings Books Textbook readings
They are for the most part interesting and informative Papa Hath gives them to you early for a reason ( they’re long) Book reviews always follow the completion of the book Textbook readings Truthfully, the textbook is long and boring You can survive without reading it, there is a link on Papa Hath’s web page for the textbook, where outlines for the chapters are available

15 Studying-Unit Tests Do the study guides
On the textbook website there are practice multiple choice for each chapter (the exact questions often appear on tests) Study with a buddy it’s so helpful and loads of fun!!! Look over notes and vocab flash cards

16 Studying-Final Exam GET A REVIEW BOOK!!!
Don’t wait until the last week before the exam to buy one Do the Jumbo AP study guide Papa Hath gives you, and attend the after school review sessions Ask for review in topic you are most weak at after school or during activity period Do the school island review questions

17 Interdisciplinary Projects
Use the time in the library efficiently Have fun with the projects and think outside the box Schedule times to meet and keep the work-log as you’re going Make your final project intelligent with a humorous twist Choose a topic that is not necessary familiar or the easiest

18 Have FUN!!!- Catherine and Marissa

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