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Is revenge sweet?. “A Plague on both your houses” Mercutio “Oh, I am fortune’s fool.”- Romeo “Immediately we do exile him hence”- Prince.

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Presentation on theme: "Is revenge sweet?. “A Plague on both your houses” Mercutio “Oh, I am fortune’s fool.”- Romeo “Immediately we do exile him hence”- Prince."— Presentation transcript:

1 Is revenge sweet?

2 “A Plague on both your houses” Mercutio “Oh, I am fortune’s fool.”- Romeo “Immediately we do exile him hence”- Prince

3 A Plague on both your houses Why does he say this?

4 Fortunes’ fool? What theme is introduced here? Fate. Romeo is played like a puppet. What has been Juliet’s influence on him? Made him effeminate (womanly and weak) Does this apply to teenagers today? Does love make men weak?

5 Situational Irony The opposite of what you think will happen, happens Romeo avoids fighting Tybalt, but then kills him.

6 What are the consequences of Revenge? Good? Bad

7 3.2 What are consequences of secrecy?

8 Dramatic Irony Audience knows something the character doesn’t know. Juliet waiting for Romeo

9 Images of Night 3.2 Look at homework What are the images of night? How does it represent Romeo? How is light used here?

10 Allusion Gallop apace you fiery-footed steeds, Towards Phoebus’ lodging. Such a wagoner/ As phaeton would whip you to the west /And bring in cloudy night immediatly

11 Personification Come civil night/Thou sober-suited matron all in black/And learn me how to lose a winning match Come gentle night; come loving black- browed night (line 21)

12 metaphor Spread thy close curtain, love- performing night (4) Oh I have bought a mansion of a love But not possessed it, and though I am sold, Not yet enjoyed.

13 Simile So tedious is this day /As is the night before some festival/To an impatient child that hath new robes/And may not wear them

14 Allusion

15 What is Juliet confused about? Find line What are some of the oxymorons she uses?

16 Why does Juliet turn on the nurse?

17 Why does nurse agree to help her?

18 Images of Night 3.2 What does night represent here? How does it represent Romeo How is light used here?

19 Adversity’s sweet milk is… philosophy

20 Art thou a man? Take it like a man: standing up.- Friar about Romeo

21 A pack of blessings lie upon thy back 1.Juliet is alive 2. Tyblat is dead who would have killed you 3. You are banished not killed.


23 Literary term Subtext: the meaning beneath the line P.161-163 (3.5) Juliet: Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss. (let me weep for the banishment of my husband) But mom hears: Let me weep for the loss of my cousin Tybalt

24 Juliet: Indeed, I never shall be satisfied With Romeo till I behold him-dead- Is my poor heart, so for a kinsman vexed. Subtext: She won’t be happy until she can hold Romeo in her arms again. Mom: She thinks Juliet wants to see Romeo dead.

25 Juliet: I will not marry yet, and when I do I swear It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, Juliet Means: I will not marry Paris, because I am already married to Romeo whom you think I hate Mom Hears: She would rather marry an enemy like Romeo than marry Paris or any other man.

26 Dad’s Reaction? P.169-171 “An you be not (married) hang,beg,starve, die in the streets, For, by my soul, I’ll ne’er acknowledge thee,”

27 Parent/Child How has Juliet changed in this scene? Is she powerless? Is she acting childish? Or is she acting independently?

28 Who has betrayed her? Nurse: I think it best you married with the county. O, he’s a lovely gentelman! Romeo’s a dishclout to him.

29 Examples of haste is act 3? 1. Romeo and Juliet’s decision to marry 2.Romeo’s decision to kill Tybalt -code of honor/revenge 3. Capulet’s decision to marry Juliet to Paris 4. The haste with which Romeo and Juliet decide to kill themselves after Romeo’s banishment


31 Test Act 2-3 Vocabulary Quotes Literary terms in packet (3.2) Soliloquy: definition 3 blessings Subtext: what is it? Identify it. Irony: dramatic and situational

32 exposition Commentary; the act of describing;opening moments of music or narrative

33 conjure To call upon a supernatural force or being

34 perverse Stubborn or contrary

35 chide To scold

36 intercession To settle a dispute

37 procure To obtain or get; to provide

38 physi natural

39 envious jealous

40 vestal Chaste, virginal

41 perjury To lie

42 herald Announce or deliver

43 invocation prayer

44 idolatry Admiration and devotion for another

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