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Final Project WeeSan Lee

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1 Final Project WeeSan Lee

2 Final Project - Proposal Individual or group of 2 Related to Unix System Administration Proposal  1 page (only) in PDF Problem description Proposed solution Expected deliverables  Latex & bibtex  Due in the beginning of 5 th week (4/28 @ 11:55pm)

3 Final Project - Report & Presentation Report  4 pages (at least) in PDF Introduction Related work Technical details Result Conclusion References  Latex & bibtex  Due in last class (6/6 @ 11:55pm) 8-10 mins in-class presentation  About 6-8 slides

4 Final Project - Examples Automation  Kick-start install  Package management/update Scripting  Web front-end of user account management Network  Web cache performance enhancement using multiple network interfaces Security  How to setup a secure network? Misc  Asterisk PBX (  Linux PVR (

5 Final Project - More Examples System Automation  If any server is down, can you setup an identical server within a few minutes? Scripting  Web front-end for email filter or SPAM filter setup  Improved lockdown script System Health Monitor System  Uses crontab or an agent to collect statistics of your system, such as uptime, load, # of processes, tx/rx bytes..  Implement a web frond-end to display those info

6 Final Project - More Examples Visualization  Instead of displaying number, display graph instead  Graph the topology of a given network Fault Tolerant System  Hot-standby and fail-over if primary system fails Load balance  NX server and preserve login session  Something better than round-robin DNS Backup  Incremental backup system  Snapshot-like implementation

7 Final Project - More Examples System Security  Parse the log files for potential break-ins, attacks, etc.  Tripwire re-implementation  Write a tool that determines if any NIC of a group of machines are in promiscuous mode Authentication Integration between Linux and Windows  LDAP Print Server  Write a script to filter out non-PS files before spooling the files File system Implementation  FUSE (

8 Final Project - More Examples Cluster Management  Torque (resource manager) & Maui (cluster scheduler)  TCP  TCP speed-up,  Read Any other topics related to Unix System Administration!  ministration

9 A Minimal Project Find a software related to system admin. Install and play with it Identify a couple of it’s weaknesses Improve the weaknesses by:  Hack the code  Add new scripts

10 Final Project Presentation Format Slide 1  Title of your project  Team members Slide 2  Show what is your project like, eg. A screenshot of the input and output Slide 3  Motivation  Solution Slide 4  Technical details Slide 5  What lesson did you learn from this project? Slide 6  What would you do in the next step? Slide 7  Conclusion

11 Final Project Presentation Format Each team gets < 5 mins to present Send me your slides 1 hr before your presentation Slides must be in 2003 PowerPoint format.pptYES.pptxNO

12 Final Project Report Format 4 pages (at least), double-column format in PDF  Introduction (20%) Put your project into context  Why your project is important?  What problems are you trying to solve?  An overview of your system/solution  Related work (10%) Summarize other similar projects Point out the differences between yours and others Be sure to include those projects in the references  Technical details (30%) How did you tackle the problems? What methods did you use to reach the goal of your project?  Result (20%) Show some tables or figures to support your claims  Conclusion (10%) Future work and conclusion  References (10%)

13 Final Project Report Format Latex & bibtex  _ex-0.1.tar.gz Due on 6/6 @ 11:55pm

14 Presentations (6/2) Web-based User Management + LDAP  Thomas Helander  Joe Chin System Security  Kenneth Anguka  Pissanuk Tansavatdi Asterisk PBX  Roberto Rivas  Robert Michael Ballou RT: Request Tracker  Jesse Banuelos Incremental Backup System  Malalai Behnawa FUSE + compressed FS  Atif Butt Nagios  Cole Christie LDAP  Quoc Anh Doan  Nguyen Do LDAP  Alaa Khatib  Simon Lui VPN with SWAN  Win Kongmuang SPAM  Nicholas Lee

15 Presentations (6/4) Kick-start Linux/Windows/OS- X  Casey Kirkruff  Charles Ma Asterisk PBX  Jose Alvarez  Thanh Mai USB Thumb Drive + Network Topoloy Layout  Joseph Wilhelm  Gilbert Rabuco Web-based Version Control  Jonathan Basseri  Noah Silas Web-based Kick-start  Jeff Standley Web-based User Management  Piti Supatyasakul File Backup System  Nehemiah Willis Security Surveillance with PVR  Ashwin Zachariah System Watch  Sean Foley Disk Usage Analysis Tools  Stephen Jones USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery + web-based kick- start  Ramiro Diaz  Genaro Velasquez

16 Presentations (6/6) Unix Recycle Bin  Bailey Miller Web-based rdiff-backup  Dominic Toledo USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery  Owen Ou SPAM  Josiah Jordan USB Thumb Drive + Passwd Recovery  Kevin Izu Web-based User Management System + LDAP  Kenneth McDowell  Joseph Pawlowski Kick-start  Jack Liu PS-printer filter  Joanne Lee TCP Speed-up  Michael An Unix Log Files Analyzer  Miguel Rodriguez

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