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The Promised One & the Ministry of Jesus Christ Asian Fellowship Teacher: Ed van Ouwerkerk.

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1 The Promised One & the Ministry of Jesus Christ Asian Fellowship Teacher: Ed van Ouwerkerk

2 Today we move our focus from the Old Testament to the New Testament Do you remember some of the stories described in the Old Testament that point to Jesus? - The first promise of a Deliverer (Genesis 3:15) - Abraham offers his son, then God provides a substitute (the ram) (Gen. 22:13) - Joseph was treated like Jesus was treated He was not welcome, they tried to kill him They tried to sell him He was falsely accused He was forgiving - The blood sacrifices; compare the saving blood on the doorposts of the Jews in Egypt that saved them and Jesus the Lam of God

3 the Promised One The birth of the promised deliverer Background: At the time of Jesus’ birth Israel was controlled by the Roman empire. Jesus was born during the reign of Caesar Augustus in approximately 4 B.C. What is the meaning of Jesus’ name? (Matthew 1: 21) How did God solve the problem of Sin in the human race? Discuss the incarnation: God became man and His virgin birth Jesus is True God: John 1:1,14 ; John 20:28 ; Philippians 2: 5,6 Jesus is True Man: Luke 2:7, 40 ; Romans 1:3 ; 9:5 (ancestry); John 4: 6 (tired) ; Luke 8:23 (sleep) ; John 11:35 (cry) His sinless nature: 1 Peter 2:22, 3:18 ; Hebrews 4:15, 7:26 Discuss Jesus’ humble beginnings. The Hope, chapter 8

4 Jesus as a child How did Satan try to destroy God’s plan? What did God do to protect Him? (Matthew 2: 13-15) The baptism of Jesus John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. Why did John baptize? (Mark 1: 1-5) What happened to Jesus at his baptism? (Mark 1: 9-11) The temptation of Jesus ( Matthew 4: 1-11 ) How was Jesus tempted, just as we are – but without sin? How did Satan try to destroy God’s plan? Discuss the spiritual warfare that is going between the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Satan.

5 the ministry of Jesus Christ Jesus faced Satan’s challenge in the wilderness before He began His public ministry. Satan tempted Jesus, trying to gain power over Him and destroy God’s plan (Matthew 4:1-11). What other instances of Satan’s attempts to destroy God’s plan did we see earlier ? –Satan’s rebellion, the temptation in the Garden of Eden –Pharaoh’s attempt to kill all the male babies of the Hebrews –Herod’s killing of the children at the time of Jesus’ birth Throughout Jesus’ ministry we see the conflict between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The Hope, chapter 9

6 Jesus calls His disciples (Mark 3:16-19) 1.Simon (also called Peter) 2.his brother Andrew, 3.James (son of Zebedee), 4.his brother John, 5.Philip, 6.Bartholomew, 7.Thomas, 8.Matthew, a despised tax collector, 9.James (son of Alphaeus), 10.Thaddaeus, 11.Simon (the Zealot, a revolutionary freedom fighter against the Romans), 12.Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed Jesus - to be witnesses (Acts 1:8) - to make other disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) - to be fishers of men (Matthew 4:19) Common, ordinary people, most of them fishermen What were the disciples being prepared for? What kind of people did Jesus call to be His friends/followers?

7 What was the central theme of Jesus’ teaching? (Mark 1:14-15) the Kingdom of God, God’s rule. Jesus declared that the reign of God had come in Him (Jesus). REPENT  SUBMIT TO GOD’S RULE  LIVE ETERNALLY In what ways did Jesus show His compassion and power? healed the sick - Luke 4:38-40 cast out demons - Luke 4:33-36 miraculously fed the hungry - Luke 9:12-17 raised the dead - Luke 7:12-15 forgave sins - Luke 5:20 calmed storms – Mark 4 What do Jesus’ works tell us about His authority, His character, His origin?

8 Jesus, the fulfillment of 4000 years of prophesy What prophecies did Jesus fulfill?Prophecy (in Old Testament) Jesus fulfilled (in New Testament) 1. Virgin birth Isaiah 7:14Matthew 1:22-23 2. Birth place Bethlehem Micah 5:2Mathew 2:1-6 3. The seed of Abraham Genesis 12:2-3Galatians 3:16 4. Of the tribe of Judah Genesis 49:10Luke 3:23; 33-34 5. Of the house of David II Samuel 7:14Matthew 1:1 6. Anointed by the Holy Spirit for ministry Isaiah 11:2Luke 3:21-22; 4:14 7. Messiah would heal the sick Isaiah 35:5-6Matthew 9:35; 11:4-5 8. Messiah would suffer and die for our sins Isaiah 53:2-12All gospels

9 What were the responses people had toward Jesus? And what did the people in Jesus’ day expect or want from Him? (Matthew 16: 13-16; John 6: 15; 60-66). –some thought he was John the Baptist –some thought he was one of the prophets raised from the dead –some believed he was the deliverer, some did not believe –some wanted to make him King

10 Jesus offends the religious leaders How did the religious leaders respond to Jesus? A few believed He was from God - John 3:1-2 Many wanted to kill him - Luke 19:47 What special authority did Jesus claim to have? –to forgive sins - Luke 5:18-24 –to be the Lord of the Sabbath - Luke 6:1-5 What angered the religious leaders so much about Jesus? –Jesus claimed: I am (God) before Abraham was born - John 8:58-59 –Healing the sick in combination with forgiving of sins - Luke 6:11

11 What significance does this story of Jesus have for us today?

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