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Problems and Solutions Chapter 2 Section 2 Psychology.

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2 Problems and Solutions Chapter 2 Section 2 Psychology

3 Warm Up How did Jack Nicholson in Anger Management collect data from his patient?

4 Self-fulfilling Prophecy A situation in which a researcher’s expectations influence that person’s own behavior, and therby influence the participant’s behavior. THESE MUST BE AVIODED AT ALL COST!! Psychologist avoid self-fulfilling prophecy by the use of single-blind or double-blind technique.

5 Single-blind Experiment An experiment in which the participants are unaware of participants received the treatment The participants are “blind” in the sense that they do not know whether they have received the tranquilizer or the placebo

6 Double-blind Experiment An experiment in which neither the experimenter nor the participants know which participants received which treatment

7 Single and Double Blind Experiments

8 The Milgram Experiment In the 1960s Stanley Milgram wanted to determine whether participants would administered shocks because an authority figure told them to The volunteers did not know the shocks were false Most of the volunteers delivered a full range of electric shocks (over 60%) Later, Milgram informed the volunteers that they had been deceived and that no shocks had been administered (Great Example of a Single-Blind Experiment)

9 The Placebo Effect A change in a participant's illness or behavior that results from a belief that the treatment will have an effect, rather than the actual treatment The place is some sort of treatment, such as a drug injection, that resembles medical therapy but has no medical effects

10 Were You Paying Attention??? Explain how psychologist try to avoid the self-filling prophecy???

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