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THE GREEK GOD APOLLO BY: Alexander A. Restum.

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1 THE GREEK GOD APOLLO BY: Alexander A. Restum

2 Apollo’s description, sacred animals , and weapon
WHAT DOES APOLLO LOOK LIKE Apollo is a youthful male God that has curly golden hair, blue eyed, and a muscular build. He is usually wearing Greek robes and laced sandals or he was depicted as bare foot. To spot Apollo from other Greek gods look for a Greek harp or lyre he's holding. WHAT IS APOLLO’s WEAPON AND ANIMAL Apollo’s sacred animas is the crow, and wolf Apollo’s weapon is the bow and arrow called the Golden bow and arrows.

3 APOLLO’S DOMAIN Apollo rules over the arts, prophecy, oracles, music, archery, poetry, sun or light, healing, medicine, and disease.

4 Apollo has many wives, husbands, and chidren so I’ll only state a few.
Apollo’s Family Apollo’s mother a mortal woman Leto. Apollo’s twin sister Artemis and his father is Zeus Apollo has many wives, husbands, and chidren so I’ll only state a few. Apollo had female divine wives like Hecate goddess of witchcraft, Hestia goddess of the hearth, and Daphne a important nymph in mythology. Theirs also Kalliope, Mousai, Ourania, and Thaleia which are four of the nine Mousai or Muses. He had mortal female wives like Khione a princess of Phokis, Hekabe a queen of Troy, Akalle a princess of Krete, and Thero a lady of Boiotia. Apollo also had men as lovers like Adonis a prince of Kypros, Hyakinthos a prince of Lakedaimonia, Hymenaios a prince of Magnesia, and Kyparissos a prince of Keos. Some of Apollo’s divine children are Asklepios the god of medicine, Aristaios is the patron of beekeeping, olive oil manufacture, and Estsian winds, and Skylla a monstrous Sicilan Sea-Nymphe. Some of Apollo's mortal children are Apis king of Argos, Phoibe a princess of messenia, and Ion the prince of Athens.

5 Apollo’s Flaws Apollo flaws are (like his father) he falls in love with anyone he likes (which were a lot of people) which usually results in fighting for Apollo or tragedy to his lovers caused by Apollo. Apollo had a hard time losing competitions. Apollo would also lose his temper if provoked.

6 Allies of Apollo The allies of Apollo would include the minor and major Gods of Olympus except Hera who doesn’t like Apollo because she is married to Zeus who went out had a child with another woman and cheated on her. So she takes out her madness on him. Other allies would be his many children, lovers, and people who pray to him for help. Out of all the gods Apollo and his sister Artemis work together the most to fight or hunt or help each other out.

Apollo would most likely be in Olympus or in a temple of his own. On Olympus he would be entertaining the other gods through music , poetry, and art. On Earth and Olympus Apollo would be helping other gods too On Earth he may also teach mortals music, archery, poetry, art, medicine, and healing.

The symbols of Apollo are the lyre (Greek harp), rays of light, Apollo's golden chariot, and a crow of laurel leaves.

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