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Perseus = Clash of the Titans Movie has many errors, but it is pretty cool. Here is the trailer for the 2010 movie: tch?v=rcdP8YAW-8A

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1 Perseus = Clash of the Titans Movie has many errors, but it is pretty cool. Here is the trailer for the 2010 movie: tch?v=rcdP8YAW-8A tch?v=rcdP8YAW-8A After we watch it, we will talk about the creatures, images, story, etc.

2 TAKE NOTES! On main characters and monsters. On stages of the hero’s journey & Archetypes!

3 Mythic Heroes – ‘cluster’ specifications Common Features of Legends Miraculous birth, early threats Disinheritance and/or powerful enemy Quest(s) – impossible tasks requiring strength and courage Helpers – often divine Warrior mentality Inability to manage women Difficulty controlling passions Egocentricity

4 Perseus – Legends of Argos

5 Acrisius, King of Argos, and the prophecy of his death King’s daughter was Danae. An Oracle foretold that Danae’s son would kill Acrisius. So Acrisius hid her away in a Bronze (or Ivory) tower (or vault.) Zeus visited her as a shower of gold and she had a son, Perseus. Really, Zeus? Okay.

6 Zeus impregnates Danae

7 Acrisius set Danae & child adrift, locked in a wooden box Acrisius put them in a box and had it thrown overboard a ship. They came to shore on Seriphos. They were rescued by Dictys, a fisherman and brother of the King: Polydectes. Dictys was a nice guy, took care of them, helped raise Perseus.

8 Polydectes wants Danae, Perseus goes on his quest. Polydectes, king of Seriphos, fell in love with Danaë, but she rejected his advances. Polydectes wanted to get Perseus out of the way so he could take Danae. Polydectes sent Perseus on a quest to bring back the head of Medusa– He hoped to get rid of Perseus so he could have his way with Perseus’ mother. Perseus leaves for his quest.

9 Perseus had help Perseus has no idea where Medusa is. Athena and Hermes guide Perseus: –They tell him to visit the Graeae (Old Gray Women) for advice on where to find the Nymphs (who can also help him) and Medusa. –Hermes gives Perseus a sword. –Athena gives him a shield with a mirror on it. He can look at Medusa through the mirror (if he looks directly at her, he will turn to stone). Nymphs offered cap of Hades (invisibility) winged sandals, and leather pouch.

10 The Graeae/Old GrayWomen The Graeae (Old Gray Women) represent old age. They share one tooth and one eye. Perseus takes their one eye and won’t give it back until they tell him where he can find the Nymphs and then Medusa and her sisters, the Gorgons.

11 The Graeae

12 Nymphs give Persues gifts. Nymphs are beautiful women. Three objects given by nymphs 1) cap of invisibility 2) winged sandals 3) leather pouch He is now prepared for his fight with Medusa.

13 Fighting Medusa

14 Medusa and the Gorgons They are snake- women with snakes for hair. Immortal. Can turn men to stone by making eye- contact. The only way to kill Medusa is decapitation. Even dead, her stare can turn men to stone.


16 Medusa, one of 3 Gorgons

17 Link to youtube clip of old movie: killing Medusa tAO4dYL98

18 In beheading Medusa Pegasus is born from Medusa’s blood. Although in myth, Perseus does NOT get Pegasus, he is usually drawn or depicted with Pegasus for this reason.

19 Pegasus

20 Perseus then travels home, meets Andromeda. Andromeda: daughter of Cepheus & Cassiepea. Cassiepea boasted she was more beautiful than the Nereids (sea goddesses), so Poseidon flooded the kingdom & sent a sea monster. The oracle of Zeus said the sea monster could only be appeased by offering a virgin. Andromeda was chained to a rock as an offering to sea monster, Ceto.






26 Note: Not the Kraken (a HUGE sea monster).

27 After the monster was slain… Perseus and Adromeda fell in love. They got married and returned to Perseus’s home. Perseus returns home to discover that Polydectes has been a bad boy. A tyrant. Perseus’s mother and Dictys are in hiding. Perseus turned Polydectes & followers into stone; returned the gifts to Hermes; Medusa’s head given to Athena who put it on her shield. Perseus & Andromeda returned to Argos & left Dictys as king of Seriphos.

28 The End – And the Stars! Death of Acrisius When Danaë’s father, Acrisius, learned that Perseus was coming, he left for Thessaly because of the prophecy that Danaë’s son would kill him. Perseus ended up in Thessaly & killed Acrisius accidentally when he hit him with a discus in the Games celebrated there. Descendant of Perseus = Hercules. Constellations.






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