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Jeremiah: Prophet of Judgment and of Hope –The Jewish Exile Mr. Perrotti Theology 1 Chapter 5 –Prophets Part 2.

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1 Jeremiah: Prophet of Judgment and of Hope –The Jewish Exile Mr. Perrotti Theology 1 Chapter 5 –Prophets Part 2

2 Prophet of the South Jeremiah was the prophet born in Anathoth, about three miles north of Jerusalem, whose minis­try began in the 13th year of Josiah king of Judah (i.e. 627 B.C.E.), and extended for a period of over 40 years The book of Jeremiah contains much biographical and autobio­graphical material, so that more is known about Jeremiah's life than about any other of the great literary prophets

3 Jeremiah and King Josiah Josiah grandfather had led the people astray from monotheism to worshiping Idols. Josiah was the King of the South, who tried to reform Israel and bring them back to Yaweh. Josiah's reformation consisted of the restoration of mono­theism and the centralization of worship in the Temple

4 Josiah's People Did Not Follow His Example! Many of the people, however, con­tinued to follow the ways to which they had been accustomed during the reign of Manasseh, Josiah’s grandfather. This did not sit well with Jeremiah! Like the Prophets before him, God challenged him to bring his people back. Unlike some of the other Prophets, Jeremiah worked with a faithful King.

5 God’s Wrath on the North From the beginning Jeremiah wit­nessed the downfall of the Assyrian Empire in 606 B.C.E (The world Power at the time) The death of his friend King Josiah in 605 B.C. The destruction of the Jewish State by the Babylonians in 587 B.C. –Southern Exile! The carrying-away of most of the people in captivity to Babylon

6 The book of Jer­emiah Comprised of four major parts! – 1. chapters 1-25, consisting of smaller units cen­ tered on the judgment announced against the Southern Nation – 2. chapters 26-36, comprising prophecies and sayings within a storyline framework – 3. chapters 37-45, dealing with Jeremiah's life from the siege of Jerusalem to his final ministry in Egypt.

7 The book of Jer­emiah – 4. chapters 46-51, a separate section containing forewarnings against the Jewish and pagan nations. Jeremiah is fearless in denouncing the faith­ lessness of both the people and the noblemen It is honesty and knowledge of Him that God wants, and it is in these alone that man can take pride and follow. All of Jeremiah’s writings echoed this message!

8 Prophet of Exile Followed Israelites to Babylon where he tried to keep them faithful to God. Like the others he did not succeed! Jeremiah himself was taken to Egypt by fugitive Judeans who escaped Babylon. He died while in Eygpt, according to the leg­ end, a martyr's death


10 Prophecy of Jeremiah For all the criticisms of his people, Jeremiah sounds a note of encouragement and of hope God, he says, remembers the loyalty of their ancestors and He will restore the exiled people to their land in the future. Jeremiah preaches not only to the nation but to the individual who is acceptable to God when he repents of his evil deeds.

11 Prophecy of Jeremiah Even while addressing the nation as a whole, he breaks off to address himself to the individual whose temptations he recognizes “I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man accord­ing to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings" (17: 9-10).

12 Jeremiah the Prophet ch?

13 Ezekiel “meaning God will strengthen” Ezekiel lived during the Babylonian Exile, among the Jews who settled at Tel-Abib in Babylon. He was among those taken away captive with which occurred about 597 BC., 11 years before Jerusalem was completely destroyed during the Exile.

14 Book of Ezekiel The Book of Ezekiel is one of the greatest prophetic works of the Bible He provided a magnificent outlook of what the future holds in store for humanity and the world.\ He is considered one of the Messianic Prophets – Predicted Messiah, savior of the world. A number of Ezekiel's prophecies are reiterated in the Book of Revelation

15 Other Themes of Ezekiel's Work Ezekiel's assignment from God as a "watchman“ of Israel during Exile. The parable of the two eagles – Read Ezekiel Chapter 17 in Class – How does this foreshadow “The Parable of the Sower and Seed” in Mathew’s Gospel –.

16 What is a Parable! - Also Known As: An Allegory A parable is a comparison of two things, often done through a story that has two meanings Parables appear in both the Old and New Testaments but are more easily recognizable in the ministry of Jesus. Jesus turned to parables, explaining to his disciples in that those who sought God would get the deeper meaning, while the truth would be hidden from unbelievers. Ezekiel used them the same way!

17 The Parable of the Two Eagles The Parable of the Sower and the Seed

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