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The Major Prophetic Books MjP4:The Book of Daniel The Statesman and Prophet Bible Study for Pr-Servants Dec 17, 2011.

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1 The Major Prophetic Books MjP4:The Book of Daniel The Statesman and Prophet Bible Study for Pr-Servants Dec 17, 2011

2 Lecture Points Between Ezekiel (last lecture) and Daniel Who is Daniel? Overview of the Book of Daniel Individual Chapters summary Christ in the Book of Daniel Practical values from this book

3 References Holy Bible (the “Open Bible” – New King James Version) Various commentaries on the Book of Daniel Internet articles and presentations

4 Daniel and Ezekiel

5 Who Is Daniel? 1.Descended from one of the noble families of Judah (Daniel 1:3) and was probably born in Jerusalem about 623 B.C., during the reign of Josiah. 2.At the first exile of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel and three other noble youths were carried off to Babylon along with some of the vessels of the Temple. 3.He was obliged to enter into the service of the king of Babylon and was trained in the royal schools (Daniel 1:4). According to the custom of the age, received the Chaldean name of “Belteshazzar”, i.e. “Prince of Bel” OR “Bel protect the king” 4.Daniel rose to the rank of governor then “chief of the governors” over all the wise men of Babylon.

6 Overview of the Book of Daniel The first six chapters are largely narrative, with some prophecies interspersed. They narrate the life of Daniel from his exile in Babylon up to his old age. The last six chapters are largely prophetic, with only a bit of narrative regarding how each vision came to him.

7 BOOK OF DANIEL AN OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK OF DANIEL The Book of Daniel has 3 main sections: 1.Introduction to the person of Daniel(Chapter 1) 2.Daniel’s key tests of character and development of his prophetic interpretation skills (Chapters 2-7) 3.His series of visions about future kingdom" and events (Chapter" 8-12)

8 Mostly Narrative (chs 1-6) Daniel trained in royal service (1) Nebuchadnezzar’s image dream (2) The golden image & fiery furnace (3) Nebuchadnezzar's tree dream (4) The handwriting on the wall (5) Daniel in the lions' den (6)

9 BOOK OF DANIEL AN OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK OF DANIEL I. The Historical setting of Daniel (Chapter 1: 1-21) A.Daniel and his friends deported to Babylon (1: 1-7) B.The faithfulness of Daniel and his friends in Babylon (1:8-16) C.The promotion of Daniel and his friends in the King's court (1: 17-21)

10 BOOK OF DANIEL Chapter 1 demonstrates Satan's strategy of demoralizing people he takes captive (or he desires to take captive) Steps: 1 - Took them captive 2 - Attempt to steal their identity with their God and their heritage and purpose (to cause them to forget who they were in God.) Note: on the positive side: God changes our names when we come to Him!!!! 3 - Attempt to defile them with an identity of a "new thinking" Note: The Israelites who came out of Egyptian bondage had allowed themselves to assimilate the ways and thinking of Egypt!

11 Nebuchadnezzar's image (2) An unusual image w/ gold head, silver upper body, bronze lower body, iron legs, iron & clay feet Daniel interprets the parts as picturing world empires to come (Babel, Persia, Greece, and Rome).

12 Golden image & fiery furnace (3) Nebuchadnezzar has a golden image built which he commands all to bow down & worship. Daniel's companions refuse to worship the image & are thrown in a fiery furnace. God rescues them in the midst of the fire.

13 Nebuchadnezzar's tree dream (4) A mighty tree is cut down, leaving only stump & roots. Daniel: judgment to come for pride of Nebuchadnezzar. Dream fulfilled: Nebuchadnezzar’s pride, madness, & recovery.

14 Handwriting on the wall (5) Belshazzar uses the sacred dishware from God’s temple. A mysterious message appears. Daniel: your empire is at an end. That night the kingdom is taken.

15 Daniel in the lions' den (6) Daniel is punished for praying to anyone but the king. God protects Daniel from the lions, but his accusers are later devoured.

16 Mostly Prophecy (chs 7-12) Daniel’s dream of the four beasts (7) His vision of the ram & goat (8) His prayer & the message of the 70 sevens (9) His vision of the heavenly man (10) The angel's message (11-12)

17 The four beasts (7) Lion, bear, leopard, & terrible beast appear. Then a throne scene w/ Ancient of Days Son of Man receives universal kingdom. Four kingdoms to come, then judgment, then eternal kingdom of saints

18 Ram & goat (8) Ram w/ 2 unequal horns conquers all. He in turn is defeated by a goat with 1 horn, which horn breaks & is replaced by 4 horns. Ram = Medes & Persians Goat = Greece

19 The 70 sevens (9) Daniel repents for self & Israel. God sends an angel with this message. 70 sevens determined upon your people & your holy city…

20 The heavenly man (10) Daniel sees a shining man, is terrorized Is this Gabriel? Mentions princes of Persia & Greece (seemingly angelic) Comes with message for Daniel

21 The angel's message (11-12) The doings of the coming kings of the north and the south The king who exalts himself (Antichrist) The end-times The wise will understand at that time.

22 Christ in the Book of Daniel The Great Stone who will crush the kingdoms of this world (2:34, 35, 44). The Son of Man who is given dominion by the Ancient of Days (7:13, 14). The vision of the 70 weeks (9:25, 26) pinpoints the coming of the Messiah.

23 The End What are some of the practical values of Daniel’s prophecy?

24 Some Practical Values God's people must typically live as a minority in their dispersion. We need to know how to do so in time of difficulties. We (like Daniel) need to do our best in the situation God puts us in. We need to use the opportunities He provides. We gain strength and encouragement from knowing how it all ends.

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