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Grasping God’s Word New Testament—Revelation Chapter 17.

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1 Grasping God’s Word New Testament—Revelation Chapter 17

2 Introductory Matters  Author: John (author of gospel and epistles)  Date: AD 96  Location: Patmos (Roman exile)  Occasion: persecution under Domitian  Literary Type: A Prophetic Epistle with Apocalyptic style  Content: Four visions (things that are and things that are to come)

3 Apocalyptic Literature  Description of end of world history  Visions and dreams  Symbolic depiction of events  Battles between the forces of good and evil

4 Difference: Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature  References to the book as prophecy  Prophetic warnings & calls for repentance  Lack of pseudonymity  Optimistic worldview  No retracing of past as if prophecy  Realized eschatology (end had begun)  Little interpretation by angels  Belief that Messiah had already come Morris, The Book of Revelation, pp. 25-27

5 Themes  Second coming of Christ  Sovereignty of God in history  Wrath of God against evil  Holiness and justice of God  Limited, but vicious power of evil  Person of Christ: slaughtered lamb & conquering king

6 Outline I. Things That Are A. Introductionchapter 1 B. Letters to Seven Churcheschapters 2-3 II. Things That Are to Come A. Heavenchapters 4-5 B. Seven Sealschapters 6-7 C. Seven Trumpetschapters 8-11 D. Woman, Dragon, and Beastschapters 12-14 E. Seven Bowlschapters 15-16 F. The Judgmentchapters 17-20 G. New Heaven and New Earthchapters 21-22 Revelation, by Lewis Foster, page 24.

7 Use of Symbols NUMBERS  fractions: incompleteness  4: the earth  5: punishment  6: evil  7: God or heaven  10 and 12: completeness  666: ultimate evil  1000: completeness (10 cube)  144,000: faithful on earth (12x12x1000) COLORS  white: purity  emerald green: life  pale green: death  gold: value  red: sin  black: famine

8 Symbolism

9 Past Future Continuous Historical Ideal Late first century persecution under the Roman emperor Domitian (81-96) AD Events associated with the end of time/return of Jesus Events between John’s day and the return of Jesus Four Schools of Interpretation

10 First ComingSecond Coming Millennium (heaven)Tribulation Rapture judgment, final state Second Coming Rapture judgment, final state First Coming TribulationMillennium (earth) First Coming Tribulation Second Coming judgment, final state Rapture Millennium (Christians) First Coming Rapture Tribulation Second Coming judgment, final state Armageddon Millennium (Israel) Amillenialism Postmillennialism Historic Premillennialism Dispensational Premillennialism Millennial Views

11 Historical Premillennialism (held strongly during the first four centuries) Amillennialism (held by near all Christians from the 400s to the 1500s) Postmillennialism (held by many North American Christians during the 1800s) Dispensational Premillennialism (extremely popular in the United States since World War I) 400 100 1500 1800 2006 Timeline of Millennial Views

12 Principles of Interpretation  Figurative Language: Figures of speech are normal in all written language, and should be recognized and interpreted according to first-century understanding.  Simplicity of Meaning: The simplest explanation of complex information is generally preferred in science as well as interpretation of scripture, unless there is some compelling reason to do otherwise.  Telescoping of Time: A biblical prophecy may refer to both a near and a remote event (Isaiah 61:1-3).  Time Lines: Chronology can not be established with absolute certainty, but the need to make Jesus one’s first love can. Holman New Testament Commentary: Revelation, Kendell H. Easley, page 8.

13 A Final Thought  …Revelation both opens and closes with promises of blessing to those who heed its teachings (1:3; 22:7), not to those who intellectually decipher its prophetic landscapes. Kendell H. Easley

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