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Practical Prophetic Prayer & Warfare, Emmanuel Kure

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1 Practical Prophetic Prayer & Warfare, Emmanuel Kure
-Page ( 1-6 steps)

2 SECURE THE GATES DECLARE – Lift up your heads O ye gates. Lift up your heads, O ancient Doors. Ps 24:6-8 When you break their spell there will be liberty in the land. Altars at the gates establish covenants.

3 RESTORING GATES Gates are entry points Gates are exit points
The enemy constantly works to secure the gates in his favor When you secure the gates you make every person outside your covenant an alien A resident may be considered an outcast

4 EZK 11:11 – The city shall not be your cauldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the borders of Israel Cauldrons are where witches, spiritualists and satanists cook the flesh of the people. They program you into all kinds of manipulations Wealth, slavery, health, relationships,politics, education, media.

5 STEP 1 Lord we reverse the curse of sin upon this land by the shed Blood of Jesus and We break and cancel any covenants with the pit of hell. Now that our eyes are open to this sin, We are sorry for it and we ask you to restore our liberty in the land, our authority and our inheritance.

6 STEP 2 We destroy the Cauldron of the works of wicked men, including the leaders and forefathers by the shed blood of Jesus. We judge this town at its borders and ask that the spiritual legislations on the land be reversed. – Pick up soil and hold it towards the city(as Moses did against Egypt-it became boils.)

7 STEP 3 Lord in your name and according to you word in Isaiah 61: we destroy poverty and declare no more will one labor and another reap. We declare Isaiah 62 to come to fulfillment.

8 Isaiah 62:8 The LORD has sworn by His right hand       And by the arm of His strength:       “ Surely I will no longer give your grain       As food for your enemies;       And the sons of the foreigner shall not drink your new wine,       For which you have labored.        9 But those who have gathered it shall eat it,

9 STEP 4 We declare by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus that all blood covenants made with Satan over this land are null and void.

10 STEP 5 We declare by the pouring out of his Blood The lord Jesus Christ put and end to all forms of libations – Thus any and all covenants of libations poured out to Satan and his demons are destroyed.

11 STEP 6 We prophesy to every shrine that Jesus Christ has spoiled your power and legality. YOUR AUTHORITY IS DESTROYED!

12 DECREE “ Wickedness shall not be my portion.”

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