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SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY -  The fearful judgements denounced against the worship of the beast and his image(Rev. 14:9-11), should lead all to a diligent.

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3 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY -  The fearful judgements denounced against the worship of the beast and his image(Rev. 14:9-11), should lead all to a diligent study of the prophecies to learn what the mark of the beast is, and how they are to avoid receiving it. GC 593.

4 Progressive Wrath of the Devil…  Rev. 12:7-9 - He was cast out of heaven  Rev. 12:10-12 - He was judged at the cross.  Rev. 12:17 - The group that persisted and kept God’s law.

5 Progressive Development of Satan’s Mission:  To destroy Christ (Rev. 12:1-5).  To destroy the Christian Church (Rev.12:6,13-16)  To destroy the Remnant (Rev.12:17).  He was defeated in the first two and will be defeated in the last one.(Rev.12:11).

6 Progressive Deployment of Agents in the Conflict  Pagan Rome - Gives power, and authority and throne to the next agent. (Rev. 13:2)  Papal Rome - Responsible for persecution during the 1260 years – Middle Ages (12:13- 16;13:1-10).

7 - The beast came from the earth (13:11) - Introduces the Mark of the Beast in collaboration with the first beast  Protestantism(USA)

8 - The beast came from the earth (13:11) - Introduces the Mark of the Beast in collaboration with the first beast

9 Characteristics of the Mark of the Beast  Rev.12-14  End-time phenomenon  Wilful and knowledgeable opposition to Sabbath truth.  Coercive Sunday Observance  In harmony with Roman Catholicism  Refusal to accept Jesus Christ.  Deception/Persecution  Character matured in opposition to God

10 End-time Phenomenon  It will take place after 1260 years – 12:17.  After the mortal wound has been healed - 13:4,8,10  Will be accompanied by miraculous signs and wonders – 13:13  After the image of the Beast has been set up – 13:14

11  It will be experienced at or after the time of the Three Angel’s Message.  MOB is the evidence of final and irrevocable settling into error;  While the Seal of God is the final and irrevocable settling into truth.

12 Implication for Evangelism…  What is the point of accepting Christ today and keeping the Sabbath if all this has end- time emphasis ? –We may not be alive at the end of time, salvation has a “today” emphasis. –Today we are judged by what we know and what we do with it.

13 –Membership in the SDA church is no guarantee for one’s salvation and the opposite is true.

14 Spirit of Prophecy: “No one has received the mark of the Beast. The testing time has not yet come. There are Christians in every church, not excepting the Roman Catholic communion. When the decree shall go forth enforcing the counterfeit Sabbath… the line will be drawn between the false and the true.

15 Then those who continue in transgression will receive the mark of the Beast (Ev. 234,235). “The living righteous will receive the seal of God prior to the close of probation.” 1SM 66

16 “ When the leading churches of the United States, uniting upon such doctrines as are held by them in common, shall influence the state to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions, then Protestant America will have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy, and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters will inevitably result.” GC 445.

17 Wilful/knowledgeable opposition to Sabbath truth:  Commandments of God. - Devil targets those who obey God – 12:17 - Those who speak against the Beast – 14:12 - Those who follow the Beast will be the ones who break God’s commandments.

18  Worship - 13:8,12 – The whole world worships the Beast - 14:6 – The whole world is called to worship the Creator - The Sabbath reminds us about the Creator worthy to be worshipped. - Those who accept the MOB reject the Sabbath

19 Opposition to Sabbath cont’d  Seal vs Mark - Sabbath referred as a sign (Ex. 31:12-17) - In the end-time the false and true are distinguished by Sabbath observance. - The Mark of the Beast is evidence of Beast’s authority seen in changing God’s law (Dan.7:25).

20  Worship of the Beast is wilful and knowledgeable: - Occurs in spite of Three Angel’s message (14:6-12) - Matt.24:14

21 Sabbath a Test of Obedience  In the end-time the Sabbath becomes a test of our obedience, a sign that we have accepted Christ.  Those that keep God’s commandments are seen by observing the Sabbath as God’s day.  A similar situation can be seen in Exodus 16. - vs. 23 they are commanded to observe the Sabbath and gather no bread.

22 - vs.27 Some ventured and went to look for bread. - vs.28 – they are accused of breaking not just the Sabbath but God’s commandments and laws.  Therefore in the end-time those who break God’s commandments are those who refuse to keep the Sabbath.

23 Spirit of Prophecy: “ No one is made to suffer the wrath of God until the truth has been brought home to the mind and conscience and has been rejected…The decree is not to be urged upon the people blindly. Everyone is to have sufficient light to make his decision intelligently…” GC 605

24 Coercive Sunday Observance:  The worship of the beast will be characterized by coercion: - 13:15 – After the setting up of the image to the Beast. - 13:15-17: The decree to kill Saints. - Only those who keep the God’s law will be persecuted.

25  Spirit of Prophecy: “When Sunday observance shall be enforced by law…then whosoever transgresses the command of God to obey a precept which has not authority than that of Rome, will thereby honour popery above God… GC 443,445

26 [“Religious leaders will] put forth the claim that the fast spreading corruption is largely attributable to the desecration of the so- called “Christian sabbath”, and that the enforcement of Sunday observance would greatly improve the morals of society (GC. 587).

27 Harmony with Roman Catholicism:  The land beast speaks like a dragon – 13:11  Exercises authority of the first Beast – 13:12  Acts on behalf of the Beast – 13:13-14 - False prophet – 16:13,14 Protestant America). - Beast: false Christ(anti-Christ) - Dragon : Spiritualism.

28 “The Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism; they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power; and under the influence of this three-fold union, this country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of conscience”. GC 588.

29 Evidence of lack of relationship with Christ:  13:8 – Had refused to accept Jesus - Overcame by the blood – 12:11  12:17 – Do not love Jesus (John 15:14)  Matt,7:24-27 – have failed to build on the rock.

30 “ As trials thicken around us, both separation and unity will be seen in our ranks. Some who are now ready to take up weapons of warfare will in times of real peril make it manifest that they have not built upon the solid rock…”6T 400,401

31 Everyone who is not centred in Christ will fail to stand the test and ordeal of that day…” MYP 51,52

32 It Works through Deception:  13:13-15 – Deception is two fold - Cognitive - signs and wonders(receives mark on the forehead - Physical – persecution (receives mark in the hand (13:16)

33  Why are they deceived? 2Thess.2:9-12 - They are perishing - Did not receive the love of the truth(3 rd Angels Message) - Delighted in wickedness

34  “…Those who had great light and precious privileges, but have not improved them, will under one pretext or another, go out from us. Not having received the love of truth, they will be taken in the delusions of the enemy…” 6T 400,401

35 Character Matured in Opposition to God:  Those who receive the MOB do not keep God’s law.  Part of those who persecute God’s people  They worship the Beast.  They have finally resembled the dragon.

36  “In a marvellous manner will he affect the bodies of those who are naturally inclined to do his bidding.” MYP 51,52  “No one of us will ever receive the seal of God while our characters have one spot or stain upon them…” 5T 213-216

37 The devil’s Strategy unmasked:  …We must ensnare those who honour the Sabbath. We can separate many from Christ by worldliness, lust, and pride. They may think themselves safe because they believe the truth, but indulgence of appetite or the lower passions, which confuse judgement and destroy discrimination, will cause their fall (TM 473)

38 Productive Use of the period of Probation… “ The season of anguish and distress before us will require a faith that can endure weariness, delay and hunger – a faith that will not faint though severely tried. THE PERIOD OF PROBATION IS GRANTED TO ALL TO PREPARE FOR THAT TIME. (GC 621).

39  “This is our washing and ironing time – time when we are to cleanse our robes of character in the blood of the Lamb” IHP 356.  “Those who delay a preparation for that day of God cannot obtain it in the time of trouble or at any subsequent time. GC 620.

40 “ The “time of trouble, such as never was,” is soon to open upon us; and we shall need an experience which we do not now possess and which many are too indolent to obtain. It is often the case that trouble is greater in anticipation than in reality;

41 but this is not true of the crisis before us. The most vivid imagination presentation cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal. Now while our High Priest is making the atonement for us, we should seek to become perfect in Christ.” GC 622,623


43 When the leading churches of the USA, uniting upon such points of doctrine as re held y them in common, shall influence the State to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions, then Protestant America will have f

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