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98% of the IT team and external contractors HATE our product.

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1 98% of the IT team and external contractors HATE our product

2 of data breaches are undetected by the breached organization Verizon Data Breach Report 2013 85%

3 Employees with legitimate access to enterprise information assets are involved in most security violations “ Gartner, Conduct Digital Surveillance Ethically and Legally: 2012 Update, Andrew Walls, March 27, 2012 ”

4 My Story

5 Investigating server downtime and data breach discovery

6 Why is it so hard to find out who did what?

7 Surveillance Cameras + Law Enforcement Deter, Detect & Investigate Crime

8 Surveillance Camera + Servers ? ? ?

9 Doing it the right way - Dancing with VC

10 Intelligent virtual camera with malicious intent detectors… The IDEA Virtual Camera

11 Watch, record and transcribe anything privileged users or external consultants access remotely Big BROTHER Virtual Camera Virtual Camera

12 It wasn’t me…I didn’t do anything No EXCUSE

13 Who is displaying confidential files over a WebEx session? Report of Abnormal ACTIVITIES

14 Stop malicious insiders from peeking at unauthorized data without leaving behind evidence Snoop DETERRENCE

15 And we will name it ObserveIT

16 Yes, but…

17 Optimistic and Naive

18 $100K from friends & family

19 Customers loved our solution

20 # Server X license = Deal size

21 One day…

22 1 License = Deal Size !?!?

23 Gateway to the Datacenter

24 Is this good or bad…?

25 Foot in the door

26 Many upsells

27 Since then…

28 We have GROWN more than 3,500% over the past 5 years

29 More than 800 customers

30 Opened the NY office

31 Many use cases

32 Provide security officers peace-of- mind about how confidential data is used by external contractors and privileged users

33 Addressing PCI, HIPAA requirements

34 Root-cause analysis due to the “Oops factor”

35 Let’s see the product in action:

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