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ABC BOOK REPORT Heart to Heart Written by; Lurlene McDaniel By: Maggie Powell.

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1 ABC BOOK REPORT Heart to Heart Written by; Lurlene McDaniel By: Maggie Powell

2 A IS FOR ARABETH Arabeth is one of the main characters. She received the donor heart. Now she is feeling better and could do more things with her new heart.

3 B IS FOR BIG GREEN TANK The big green tank is the oxygen tank Arabeth had to carry wherever she went. She hated that tank. It helped live with her old heart.

4 C IS FOR COMA Elowyn is in a coma after the crash. She is Kept alive by medical machines, but she never recovers. Her parents make the difficult decision to remove live support and donate her heart.

5 D IS FOR DOCTOR CHASTAIN Dr. Chastain is the doctor who did the heart transplantation. He saved Arabeth life.

6 E IS FOR ELOWYN Elowyn is one of the main characters in the book. After a fight with boyfriend Wyatt, she went on a long car ride by herself and crashes. One old man found her but it was to late.

7 F IS FOR FRIENDSHIP Kassey and Elowyn had a very strong bond of friendship. Kassey goes on many family vacations with Elowyn and her parents.

8 G IS FOR GAME The game is for when Elowyn was in a coma and their volley ball coach wanted Kassey to play. Kassey did not want to go because the doctor and her family were thinking about pulling the plug.

9 H IS FOR HOSPITAL Kassey and Arabeth meet on an orthopedic wing of a hospital. Both are waiting for the same surgeon to fix their broken bones.

10 I IS FOR ICE CREAM Chunky monkey ice cream is the ice cream that at first Arabeth hated and Elowyn loved. But, after Arabeth’s surgery, she was craving that ice cream.

11 J IS FOR JUNGLE Arabeth referred to her backyard as a jungle before her family hired a yard service. On several occasions, Wyatt and Arabeth hung out in her backyard.

12 K IS FOR KASSEY Kassey is one of the main character and Elowyn’s best friend in the whole world. Kassey becomes friends with Arabeth. She plans to go on vacation with Arabeth and her mom.

13 L IS FOR LURLENE MCDANIEL Lurlene McDaniel is the author of the book.

14 M IS FOR MEMORY Cellular Memory is a “phenomenon reported by transplant patients of having memories or of doing actions that belong to their donor”. Wyatt explains this to Kassey and Arabeth.

15 N IS FOR NEW HEART Arabeth receives a new heart, Elowyn’s heart. The new heart connects Arabeth to Elowyn’s Mom, Terri, her Dad, Matt, her best friend, Kassey and her boyfriend, Wyatt.

16 O IS FOR OPERATION Arabeth undergoes a long operation to remove her sick and attach Elowyn healthy heart to Arabeth’s body.

17 Q IS FOR QUICKENED HEART MONITOR The sound of a quickened heart monitor is what stops Terri and Arabeth’s mom from arguing about Terri getting too connected to Arabeth. It happens when Arabeth overhears her mom and Terri talking about Arabeth not being Elowyn.

18 R IS FOR ROSEWELL HIGH SCHOOL Kassey and Elowyn attend Rosewell High School. Later, Arabeth considers attending Rosewell, but decides against it.

19 S IS FOR SILVER BRACELET When Terri cleans out Elowyn’ room she finds box with a Silver bracelet. The bracelet says Best Friends Forever and was intended for Kassey’s birthday present. Elowyn dies before she can give it to Kassey.

20 T IS FOR TERRI Terri is Elowyn’s mom. She makes a special scrapbook for Arabeth. She calls the scrapbook “Heart to Heart”. It has beautiful pictures of Arabeth. The last page has photos of Terri, Matt, Arabeth’s mom and an old one of her dad in a circle of surrounding Elowyn and Arabeth.

21 U IS FOR UNTOLD GENEROSITY Arabeth’s mom tells Terri that Elowyn’s heart was a gift of untold generosity.

22 V IS FOR VOLLEY BALL Volleyball was Elowyn’s and Kassey’s favorite sport. They were the best on the team.

23 W IS FOR WYATT Wyatt is a main character in the book. He was Elowyn’s boyfriend. After her death, he dates Kassey and Arabeth. For awhile this causes Kassey and Arabeth to keep their distance from each other.

24 X IS FOR TEXT Kassey suspects that Elowyn was texting Wyatt while driving and that caused her fatal car crash. Elowyn’s last teXt was “I hate u wyatt * hate hate hate * u said u love me u don’t ….”

25 Y IS FOR YEARS PAST Arabeth’s dad dies years before. He was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Arabeth almost dies when she collapsed after taking cold medicine. When in the hospital she meets her dad dressed from years past in his soldier clothes. He tells her to go back. Then her heart starts beating again.

26 Z IS FOR CRAZY FOR FRANCE Elowyn was craZy for France. She said she was going to marry a Frenchman and live in France.

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