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Misanthrope noun: a hater of mankind mis= hate, anthrope= man Death “Misanthrope” Google videos W. Turner.

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1 Misanthrope noun: a hater of mankind mis= hate, anthrope= man Death “Misanthrope” Google videos W. Turner

2 Noun Biblio- book Phile- to love Book lover + I love books! Go books S. Falcone

3 Misogynist  Definition: One who hates women.  Function: Noun  Antinomy: Philogynist  Root: Mis  Definition of the root: Hate  Etymology: Greek,  Etymology: Greek misogynia, from to hate + woman from misein to hate + gynē woman M. Hernandez

4 Maleficent: doing evil or harm adj. Maleficus- doing evil The maleficent queen has horns. J Moore

5 Phil= love Anthrop=man M. Plimpton

6 Miscreant Definition: depraved, villainous, something miscreated. Mis: hate Crea: belief Literally, someone who hates faith or belief

7 Part of Speech: Adjective Roots: bene = good volent = to wish AThiel

8 Benediction Noun an utterance of good wishes form of blessing pronounced by an officiating minister S. McGuire


10 A person wishing evil or harm to others. Malevolent= Adjective Synonyms= Evil, Despiteful, Hateful Roots; Mal- Bad Vol- Will Antonyms= Nice, Loveable D. Diaz

11 Dismal Mal= bad Dis= days “Utterly Bad” Definition= Causing gloom or dejection "Had a bad day" T. Olsen

12 Benefactor N. Debban It’s a noun. bene= good factor= One that actively contributes to an accomplishment.

13 Jeff Williams Philosopher A person who gives profound views on questions on ethics, metaphysics and other things. Basically a person who thinks about things way too much Noun Philo=Loving Sophos=wise, a sage

14 S. Johnson Abstemious: adjective 1. sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate in diet. 2. characterized by abstinence: an abstemious life. 3. sparing: an abstemious diet. 4. marked by restraint especially in the consumption of food or alcohol Origin: Labstémius —Synonyms : Ascetic, Abstinent, Temperate, Nonindulgent.

15 Root: Ambul: To walk Definition: Capability of walking. After the mans surgery he was ambulatory. Adjective T. McMahan period 6

16 Part of Speech: adjective Definition: differing from the normal or accepted way especially in behavior Root: ab-away from erra- 'to wander' Synonyms: wandering, divergent, unusual. S. Falcone

17 Abduction T. Gardner -1.act of abducting. 2.the state of being abducted. 3.Law. the illegal carrying or enticing away of a person, esp. by interfering with a relationship, as the taking of a child from its parent. -NOUN - Daughtry

18 Joe S Background from Mal = Bad “Utterly Bad” It’s a very dismal day with the rain and the clouds. Adj. Definition: depressing, gloomy

19 Amble Noun meaning to stroll Ambul - To walk As he ambled down the street he noticed that there wasn’t anyone else around. C. Davis

20 Somnambulist Definition: A person who sleepwalks, or engages in activities normally associated with wakefulness while the person is asleep. Part of speech: Noun Root Words: Ambul=to walk Somn= sleep A Thiel and

21 Aberrant Adjective: Straying from the right or normal way Ab: away from Errare: to wander 1780 Animal friendship between species Video The aberrant cat continued to let the mouse chase him throughout the house. K. Weller


23 ROOT: IM DEFINITION OF ROOT: In, upon Adjective A. Barringer Definition: living, remaining, or operating within.Definition: living, remaining, or operating within.

24 Embellish YouTube Clip! L. Butler Part of speech: Verb Roots: Embellish bel=beautiful bellis=dress up Definition: to beautify by or as if by ornamentation. Plain and boring…. EMBELLISHED!

25 Adjective Definition: strange, extraordinary Antonyms: normal, standard Synonyms: weird, unique

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