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1 Freedom of Expression Prepared By Najib sani & Muhammad Tajuddeen M.

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1 1 Freedom of Expression Prepared By Najib sani & Muhammad Tajuddeen M

2 2 points 1. Discuss the legal basis for the protection of our freedom of expression. 2. Describe the basis for the importance of anonymous Internet expression. 3. Identify key freedom of speech issues.

3 3 Terms  Defamation is the publication of a statement of alleged fact which is false and which harms another person.  Slander is an oral defamatory statement.  Libel is a written defamatory statement.

4 4 Freedom of Expression  Information technology has provided amazing new ways to communicate with people around the world.  Individuals must make ethical decisions in regards to how they will use this freedom of expression.

5 5 The term freedom of expression.  Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas.  The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right in any country and the right is commonly

6 6 Internet  The internet has become the back bone in dissemination information today it has become the source of information withier writting audio or visual information to the public  The nature of the internet as it umbiguios has make it major thread to the family and most government institution in trying to guide it usage to give ethic moral values from distortion in the society in general

7 7 Freedom of Expression: Key Issues  Controlling access to information on the Internet  Anonymity  Defamation  Hate speech  Pornography

8 8 Children ’ s Internet Protection Act  Freedom of speech on the Internet is complicated by children’s access  Communications Decency Act (CDA) Aimed at protecting children from online pornography Broad language and vague definition of indecency

9 9 Anonymity  Anonymous expression allows you to state your opinions without revealing your identity.  Anonimity In the wrong hands, it can be a tool to commit illegal or unethical activities example Posting offensive words on individual with out there consent. 

10 10 Freedom of Expression  Maintaining anonymity on the Internet is important to some users.  Anonymous remailer is a computer program that strips the originating address from the message.

11 11 Defamation and Hate Speech  Defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may an individual, business, product, group, govern ment, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state.individualbusinessproductgroupgovern mentreligionnation

12 12 Hate Speech  Hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group

13 13 Pornography  The Internet has been a boom to the pornography industry.  One in four person visit a web site once a month.  Forrester Research estimates that sex sites on the Web generate at least $1 billion in revenue each year.

14 14 Pornography  Organizations exercise great care in how they deal with the issue of pornography in the work place.  Many companies have a usage policy that prohibits access to porno sites.  There are numerous Federal laws addressing child pornography.

15 15 Summary  In summary information technology has become in key attribute in freedom of expression by providing a medium were by information can be send and retrieve through difference ways both audio video and digital and writing ways of sending messages globally and international.without any boundry

16 16 REFERENCES  WIKIPEDIA  JOSEPH LEUNG  Ethics in Information Technology, Second Edition


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