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Murder Prevention in Domestic Violence DS SHARON STRATTON Murder Prevention in Domestic Violence DS SHARON STRATTON.

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1 Murder Prevention in Domestic Violence DS SHARON STRATTON Murder Prevention in Domestic Violence DS SHARON STRATTON

2 Definition Domestic Violence Any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults, aged 18 and over, who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender and sexuality. (Family members are defined as mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister and grandparents, whether directly related, in-laws or step-family) (Association of Chief Police Officers,2004) Need to be mindful of ‘honour’ based violence where victims often under 18

3 Prevalence 113,000+ incidents reported 2008/2009 20% of all violent crime in MPS Homicide rates: 42 – 2003/4 36 - 2004/5 34 – 2005/6 19 – 2006/7 20 - 2007/8 26 - 2008/9 40% murder rate nationally Links to other criminality (Child abuse, rape, gun crime, etc)

4 MPS RESPONSE MPS RESPONSE Community Safety Units (CSUs) established 1998 as a result of recommendations in the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry(Macpherson) Delivery of the Mayors DV strategy for London, Home Office National Action Plan and other National strategies Violent Crime Directorate centrally Investigate Hate crime,domestic violence,forced marriage, adult/carer abuse and so-called honour based violence. Multi-agency approach (Independent Domestic Violence Advisers, health, housing, social services,etc) 85% workload domestic violence

5 Communicating our Strategy Internally - ‘next time your ‘just a domestic’ is a murder’ Externally – Offender focused ‘your partners silence no longer protects you’



8 Prevention Standard operating procedures and positive action Risk assessment model Risk management panels (RAMPS/MARACS/MAPPA) Homicide and serious case reviews DV investigation Book 124D Crown Prosecution Service engagement Training In-house DV support workers/referral protocols DV policed under National Intelligence Model Violent Crime Directorate(Public Protection Group) MERLIN mandatory (information sharing on children)

9 Positive Action ‘.. where an offence has been committed officers must arrest the suspect where there are reasonable grounds to suspect their involvement in the alleged crime. Failure to so may result in neglect of duty. Officers must justify any decision not to arrest and clearly document that decision….’ ‘It is the officers decision to arrest and is not reliant on the victim’s willingness to support a prosecution’

10 DV RISK MODEL DASH, 2009 Aims & Objectives of RA To save life and reduce incidents of serious injury To identify and manage risk effectively To inform police decision making, including effective investigation and evidence gathering To prevent and reduce repeat victimisation

11 DV RISK MODEL DASH, 2009 separation/child contact pregnancy / new birth escalation community issues / isolation stalking and harassment sexual assault children abused weapon use and credible threats to kill

12 strangulation/choking suicidal/homicidal tendencies jealous, controlling behaviour pets abused alcohol/substance misuse mental health history of violence/stalking

13 RISK LEVELS STANDARD No significant current indicators of risk of SERIOUS HARM. MEDIUM There are identifiable indicators of risk of SERIOUS HARM. Offender likely to cause SERIOUS HARM if change in circumstances i.e. failure to take medication, relationship breakdown, substance misuse, if bailed, after court appearance etc). HIGH There are identifiable indicators of risk of SERIOUS HARM. The potential event could happen at any time and the impact would be serious.

14 RISK MANAGEMENT 'RARA' R – Remove (Arrest/remand, victim to safe housing I.e Refuge) A – Avoid (Civil injunctions,mobile phone,bail conditions,) R - Reduce (target hardening,mobile phone,referral to RAMP/MARAC) A – Accept (continual reference to RA Model, intervention planning, support & consent of victim, offender target profiles to inform pro-activity ).

15 A MARAC aims to: S hare information to increase safety, health and well- being of victims – adults & children To determine if the perpetrator poses significant risk to any particular individual or to the general community To construct and implement a risk management plan To reduce repeat victimisation To improve agency accountability Improve support for staff involved in high risk DV cases

16 Emerging findings Increased arrests Better risk identification and intervention Support and safety planning for victims Improved standards of investigation Charges/prosecutions increased Compliance with positive action through CJS Improved recording of intelligence Effective sharing of information between agencies Monitored and targeted perpetrators Reduction in homicide,rape, serious violence and repeat victimisation


18 Key messages Training ! Training ! Training ! Supervision, accountability and compliance Improved risk identification Risk assessment not using DASH,2009 = flawed assessments and inappropriate intervention Clear guidance required and addressed through standard operating procedures Strong communication strategy Effective partnerships Criminal Justice System must be involved from outset

19 Final thoughts The world is a dangerous place to live in not because of the people who do evil things,but because of the people who know about it but do nothing to stop it” (Canter,2003)

20 Contact Details Contact Details Metropolitan Police DS Sharon Stratton +44 (0) 207 321 9133

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