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AD-1/35 Invisible Seamless Government Dr. Ahmed M. Darwish

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1 AD-1/35 Invisible Seamless Government Dr. Ahmed M. Darwish

2 AD-2/35 Seems the largest and oldest organizations … are not learning !!

3 AD-3/35 EGYPT Oldest Government in the world Egyptian Writer

4 AD-4/35 Love Hate Relationship The accumulated complexity of government procedures became a huge burden on service receptionist and budget, which meant to citizens longer time and higher tax rates.

5 AD-5/35 Love Hate Relationship Nature taught us; If you don’t adapt, you extinct Agile

6 AD-6/35 Do we really need Government ?

7 AD-7/35 Property Freedom Non- Individual Services Security Registration Regulation Infrastructure Role of Government Education Transportation Health Utilities

8 AD-8/35 From THE PEOPLE By To

9 AD-9/35 Love Hate Relationship  Better Infrastructure  Faster Accessible Services  More Participation in Decision Making

10 AD-10/35 Who wants to deal with the government? close to none!! If government can guarantee that regulatory issues are taken care of without the citizens and investors noticing, this will be a major success.

11 AD-11/35 Love Hate Relationship An intelligent way to anticipate citizen needs and provide them before request.

12 AD-12/35 Love Hate Relationship PUSH PULL

13 AD-13/35 Love Hate Relationshi p Ingredients National ID G2G Architecture Geo Data e-Gov Governance People Establishments Real-estate National Databases

14 AD-14/35 National ID  First Generation 1D or 2D barcode  Second Generation New secure features (printing)  Third Generation Chip-based  Next Twist … Mobile

15 AD-15/35 Mix Up e-ID Digital Identity Government-to-Government (G2G) database linking

16 AD-16/35 PIN Biometric Digital Signature Remote Transactio n On Site Photo PIN Biometric (PKI) Digital identity management does not offer a binary choice between full assurance or no assurance. For most emerging countries, this is a new culture where they require a near 100% risk free identification. ???

17 AD-17/35 Basics Usage ID Cards Passports Biometric finger print Retina scanning Transactions E-Signature Time Stamp one time Apps Bidding - Courts G2G (National Databases)

18 AD-18/35 Don’t forget Property (Land) Economic Activities (Companies and …) As important as People

19 AD-19/35 e-GOV Cash on delivery 2004 SMS 2005 Innovation to match culture Courage to spread – Close classical window

20 AD-20/35 National Databases Frame-Relationship Family Work Own Health Cars Mobile Phone Edu Water Mov Social Insurance Tax Agr Land Land / Bldg /… Property Electricit y Transp Food Land line Gas Com Econ Service s Citizen (National ID) Home

21 AD-21/35 Service Oriented Architecture Government to Government Bus G2G / G2E Portal Government Services Oriented Architecture Bus (SOA - G2G) EducationInsuranceTaxesCivil Affairs Health Healthcare Offices Solidarity Other Education Officer Solidarity Officer Taxes Officer Pension/Insurance Officer

22 AD-22/35 NO More Running Around TWO THIRDS of documents presented to government are issued by government !! CSO School CSO

23 AD-23/35 Social Safety Nets Family Card  Social Safety Nets is a major concern Egypt. Subsidy was 9% of the GDP until 2 years ago and is getting as high as 11% this year  14 Million families (4 Quintiles of Society !!)  EMV Sim-based card  Capable of carrying 8 applications

24 AD-24/35 Business Model Savings  Fully outsourced (buy the service – pay the transaction fee)  3 companies to avoid monopoly  26K outlet for groceries  3300 outlet for cash + ATM  Call center  Saving 1.1B EGP

25 AD-25/35 Coming Up Health services Energy Transportation …

26 AD-26/35 Governance  How to avoid Big Brother ? Distributed approach No one can get hold of several pieces of information

27 AD-27/35 Drive Connected Society Personalized Experiences | Mobile Citizens – Worker - Leaders - Social Connections Courtesy of Microsoft

28 AD-28/35 Government NGOs Businesses How to latch to get maximum thrust ?

29 AD-29/35 Health Education Culture Sports Economic Social Religious Other Geo data

30 AD-30/35 Endless Possibilities Optimum Decision making Citizen Satisfaction Target  Development Map

31 AD-31/35

32 AD-32/35 Monitor the progress of running projects

33 AD-33/35 A complete System Easier More Powerful & Everywhere Enterprise Web Based Local DiscoverDiscover CreateCreate ManageManage VisualizeVisualize AnalyzeAnalyze CollaborateCollaborate MOPUsers Public Users Cloud

34 AD-34/35 Seamless invisible Government is composed of a set of agencies working together as a single entity, generating integrated responses to community needs.

35 AD-35/35 THANK YOU

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