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An Anti-Bullying and Tolerance Promotion Program.

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2 An Anti-Bullying and Tolerance Promotion Program

3  We will be able to recognize the importance of bullying prevention and tolerance promotion  We will be able to identify and differentiate between types of bullying  We will be able to observe a model of bullying prevention and tolerance promotion  We will be able to create a bullying prevention and tolerance promotion program that can be implemented at our school

4  Session Objective: Convention attendees will be able to promote safety and tolerance while preventing bullying and conflict based incidences in their school and community.  Objective/ Standard: Students will demonstrate the ability to apply prevention and intervention knowledge, skills, and processes to promote safe living in the home, school, and community.

5  We are motivated to bring down the troubles associated with bullying and intolerance but we are not “Experts”.  These are strategies and resources that have worked for us and will hopefully work for your school community as well.

6  Since the creation of our Don’t Hate Collaborate Organization we’ve made the following improvements  13% decrease in people being bullied on a regular basis. 6% below District average  10% less students observing bullying on a regular basis. We are 21% below our district average.  We have increased bullying awareness and promoted tolerance to move the school climate in a positive direction.

7  Started out with the Harassment & Bullying Prevention initiative of the Maryland Depart of Ed and AACPS in 2007-2008.  AACPS Board of Education provided posters, resources and lesson plans. All schools partook in a harassment and bullying survey each year to track impact and progress.  Myself, the school nurse (Mrs. Green), the department chair of guidance (Mr. Vaughn) and an administrator (Mr. Sheinhorn) were on the Anti-bullying committee and helped create our schools policies.  We implemented and created the beginnings of the program. Broadneck and Arundel high schools were the pilot schools of Anne Arundel County they shared valuable resources and ideas.

8  We added to the Health course lesson on Bullying and Harassment and the advisory lessons.  From those lessons student passion and involvement sparked and soon students made a commitment to join the Anti-Bullying committee to create an Anti-Bullying club.  The Anti-Bullying club name soon changed to “Don’t Hate Collaborate” and ideas flooded in. The rest is the progress that we made.

9  To broaden the understanding of the causes and effects of bullying  To create a more supportive environment for the entire school environment  To re-establish the concepts of respect for self and others  To identify the elements of “positive” and “negative “self-esteem and the impact on bullying  To identify different types of bullying, i.e. bullying, harassment, relational bullying, cyber-bullying.  To decrease the likely hood of suicide and the potential threat of school violence as a result of bullying  To identify “healthy” ways to deal with anger and distress, i.e. anger & stress management  To identify the role of positive communication skills and communication blockers.  To identify the victims of bullying as well as the people who choose to bully others  To mentor those individuals or groups that are victims of bullying as well as those who choose to bully others

10  Bullying: Is aggressive behavior that intends to cause harm or distress. It’s usually is repeated over time. It occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power or strength. AACPS Definitions :  Bullying: Repeated, conscious, willful and deliberate intent, direct or indirect, to physically or psychologically intimidate or distress someone else; physical, social, or verbal actions or intimidation toward another person with negative intent.  Cyber-bullying: The use of information and communication technologies—email, mobile devices, text messages, instant messaging, defamatory personal websites, personal polling sites, or a combination of these—to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group with the intention of physically or psychologically intimidating others.  Relational Bullying: A socially manipulative, non-physical behavior intended to hurt others and interfere with the educational environment. It includes ignoring, isolating, excluding, and shunning.

11  Lower self esteem  Higher rates of depression  Higher absenteeism rates  More suicidal ideation


13  Get into frequent fights  Be injured in a fight  Steal, vandalize property  Drink alcohol  Smoke  Be involved in other drug use  Be truant, drop out of school  Report poorer academic achievement  Perceive a negative climate at school  Carry a weapon

14 If you are bullied:  Always tell an adult:  Stay in a group:  Join clubs/teams:  Walk away:  Avoid places:  If it feels safe be assertive and stand-up for yourself:  Use positive self-talk:  Use humor:  Use mental strategies:  Use Journaling & other Stress relief techniques:  If online bullying: Don’t reply. Print out and save the information to Share with Adult. Block any more communications from this person.

15 If you are a Bystander  Report : the bullying to an adult. Many students who are being bullied are afraid that if they tell, the bullying will get worse. It is up to you to help the victim—It is the right thing to do. Protect the Innocent, be a hero report bullying  Support the person being bullied: Any small thing you can do or say to show you care about and support the person who has been bullied will make a huge difference.  Stand-up to the bully: If you feel safe tell the bully that what he/she is doing is wrong and to stop. When bullies see that other students aren’t entertained by their bullying, they are more likely to stop. Stay calm, don’t bully them back or let things escalate to a fight.

16 If you are the Bully:  Think: about what you are doing and how it affects others.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes  Think about how your actions make the other person feel  Stop the negative behavior before you hurt someone else and/or get yourself into distressful trouble.  Talk to an Adult: making other people feel bad should never make you feel good. If it does, or if you’re not really sure why you bully others, you need to talk to an adult that you can trust about this negative behavior.

17  Via e-mail: Administrator or any faculty member, staff member or  Physically you can report to any teacher, counselor, administrator, or advocate  You can anonymously place a reporting form in to a bully reporting locker found in various areas of the school.  Reporting forms are found in the various school offices, in the back of the Anne Arundel County student hand book, at the following Anne Arundel County Webpage,,and in various hanging folders throughout the school and in teacher classrooms. Bullying reporting lockers are found throughout the school at or near these locations  SHall 1st floor Locker S1257BHall 1st floor Locker B1180  DHall 1st Floor Locker D1142KHall 2nd Floor Locker K2206  DHall 2nd Floor Locker D2032FHall 2nd Floor Locker F2089  Gym Boys Locker Room 685Gym Girls Locker Room 747

18 Bullying Consequences:  1 st offense: Out of School Suspension or In- School Suspension (1-10 days)  2 nd offense: Out-of-school Suspension (5-10 days)  3 rd offense: Extended Suspension request  Our administration is very firm on this and the students understand the expectation.

19  Once a person is found to be bulling I conference with them and go through our empathy invoking questions. We also discuss stress and anger management.  Students then write an apology letter to the victim  I also meet with the person who was bullied and discuss ways to prevent bullying. We discuss self- esteem, assertive communication and building a support system.  Both bullies and the bullied are also referred to guidance, to one of our school psychologists and/or our school social worker for continued support.


21  I have presented at facility meetings to help our staff recognize the difference between bullying and peer joking or conflict.  Encourage the language of “bullying” to be written in referrals if bullying occurred so that the mentoring meetings can be initiated  Promote spreading a tolerance based Anti- bullying message  Promote buy-in and accountability for Advisory lessons

22  Bully Blocker signs were originally placed out side of staff members who said they would help then we moved to having them outside of everyone's door since it is a unified front against bullying.

23  I have joined the Advisory committee to be able to include lessons pertaining to bullying prevention, tolerance and respect  Examples of lesson activities (Have copies of advisory lessons)  Bullying policies video  Paper insults (If time Try it)  Groups/ Clicks Mix It Up lesson  Netsmart cyberbullying  Teaching Tolerance  Escalating violence

24  Made the tee-shirt with student input to add to authenticity and buy-in


26  Students read over a contract and agree to the terms. They and their parent/guardian sign-off on the contract.  They need to work at least 4 events throughout the school year  Membership privileges. The longer they are an active member and or the more responsibility they take on the more swag they get. Badge, Tee-shirts, Bracelets, Sunglasses  Free admission to school events with badge as long as they do the public service announcement or tee-shirt throw  Support from Administration and AD


28  Joining the ” Don’t Hate Collaborate Club” means that I will promote the important message of bringing down Bullying in my school and community both verbally and physically. By joining this club I am saying I will not bully, if I see bullying I will get help for the situation and I will promote respect in our school and community.  I will maintain:  Above a 2.0 Grade Point Average  I will have no more than 1 “E” at any time on my report card  I will not be in the situation to be expelled  I will not be suspended from this point forward  I will regularly attend meetings  I will not have any bullying consequences upon me  I will not break any laws  I will get help for all bullying and emergency situations that I witness or hear about  I will be actively involved with at least 4 Don’t Hate Collaborate events  If I am signed up for an event and cannot attend I will inform an officer or representative  I will try to spread the word and concepts of tolerance and anti-bullying from Don’t Hate Collaborate  I will act respectfully at all possible times: Respect myself, others, learning, & property  Member Name:  First, Last______________________________Signature_______________________Date__________  Parent/Guardian Name:  First, Last______________________________Signature________________________Date_________



31  Founders: Freddie Prietz & Joe McCusker  Presidents: Bradley Gilmore & David Madrin  Vice President: RJ Fader  Secretary's: Laurel Walsh & Bernard Dimeler  Treasurers: Jenni Rucker & Caitlan Porter  Teacher representatives: Coach Don Foderaro, Coach Linda Parks, Coach Mike Maher, Mr. Serge Joffe, Mr. Dennis Sullivan  Administrator: Ms. Julie Cares  Active student members: Destiney Stevens, Brandon Jones, Cleveland Boyd, Erin Murphy, Nick McCain, Michelle Oliver, Shannon Dzugan, Ali Moran, Michael Hawkins, Jessica Sellefski-Butler, Lindsay Gavin, Simran Gill, Nick Flavin, Chad Vollmer, Dylan Howard, Angelica Peaco, Mariana Rodriguez, Laura Phan, Christine Jenkins, Tyler Eid, Charlotte Crampton, Daniel Muralsk. 34 current members and growing


33  Making Tolerance acceptable and “cool”  Don’t Hate Collaborate Tee-shirt contest  Public Service announcements and tee-shirt/bracelet throw-outs at events and games  Don’t Hate week activities  Flash mob for Tolerance Tuesday and Bullying Awareness  Anti-bullying HOBY guest speaker Matt Hockney  National Bullying Prevention Month “ “Make it Orange and Make it End!” October 10th  Community service “Leave a Positive Mark”  Don’t Hate Collaborate Facebook Page

34  Making public service announcements at sporting events and other school based events.  Throw free tee-shirts & bracelets to audience at events  Sponsoring student versus facility teams and events. Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball.  Creating fliers, banners and posters promoting the tolerance and Anti-bullying message  Speaking at pep rallies  Being part of homecoming festivities

35  Homecoming like feel. A week worth of events

36  November 7 th – 11 th Let’s Bring down Hate together! Life’s tough enough we don’t need Hate to make it harder. Let’s not Hate each other. Let’s Help each other.  Monday: POSITIVE ASSEMBLIES  Monday –Friday: Outside of the cafeteria post and sign your HAND PRINT to show you are helping to bring down hate and bullying. You can Leave a positive mark on our world. Buy a YELLOW RIBBON to help bring down suicide. Daily Announcements dealing with bullying/suicide.  Wednesday: MIX-IT-UP lunch day. Are you a “goth kid”, “a thug”, “a prep”, “an emo kid”, “a skater”, “a jock”, “a techy”? Are you tired of being labeled? We are people beyond our cliques. You never know who you can get along with until you drop the labels and get to know him/her. Don’t sit with your usual clique. Meet and sit with new people at lunch.  Thursday: NATURAL DAY : Don’t wear make-up, don’t shave. Let everyone appreciate you for who you truly are, not for how you look.  Friday: BULLY BLACKOUT : Everyone Wear Black to show you are not a hater and that you are helping to bring down bullying and hate.  All days after this week: Help bring down hate and help each other. We can accomplish so much when we work to help each other.

37  I ran the Full Baltimore Marathon to raise bullying awareness and money for our organization.  I was able to bring in a HOBY: bullying prevention guest speaker Matt Hockney

38  Sold Yellow ribbons and hand outlines to leave a positive mark to help prevent suicide.  All proceeds donated to “Out of the Darkness” Suicide Awareness organization and walk.

39  Each hall had a theme of differentiation.  Race  Religion  Sexuality  Stereotypes/ Cliques/ Groups  When all four of the hallways joined in the lobby there were messages of peace, tolerance, togetherness and school pride  A Teaching Tolerance Lesson was used with advisory to coincide with this.


41  Marathon Run. I ran the Baltimore Marathon to raise money and awareness for our Don’t Hate collaborate. Just finished it again: 4:44 first time, 4:25 this last time.  Century Bike Ride. Mr. Sullivan joined the cause and road the Seagull Century Bike ride to raise money for DHC this year.  Donations from other organizations  AACPS Board of Ed: Karl Behringer, Skip Lee  SGA, PBIS  School Store Aeropostale Arundel Mills  Physical Education Department  National Honor Society  Art National Art Society  Bracelet sales, Tee-Shirt Sales & Sunglasses sales  Raised around $ 3100 last year  Have earned $ 363 so far this year

42  I logged in over 550 miles of training for each of the Marathons. So over 1100 miles running.  Since I started training Health side note  I lost 25 lbs training and have kept it off  My systolic Blood Pressure dropped 20 points and my diastolic Blood Pressure dropped 13 points and they have stayed down.  My overall cholesterol levels have dropped 30 points and have stayed down.

43  Guest Speakers: $500-$6000 depending  Tee shirts: Have worked with 2 different companies current costs Usually around $785 for 150 shirts. $4.60 per shirt $6.60 per XXL shirt  Bracelets $120 for 200 engraved  Engraved Sunglasses $ 220  Art Supplies, tie dye: Mostly donated from National Art Honor Society about $35

44  Teamed up with SGA for homecoming planning and events.  Team up with National Art Honor Society for hall decorations for various events.  Team up with athletic department to do public service announcements at sporting events.  Team up with Dance Company to make flash mob dance.  Teamed up with Administration about guest speakers (Matt Hockney)  Teamed up with school psychologists for activities and guest speakers (Brandi Care)  Together Everyone Achieves More

45  Helping creating organizations in our feeder middle schools and other schools  Presenting an assembly to middle schools  Sponsoring larger community events.  Don’t Hate Collaborate recognition team player of the week/ Unsung hero etc.  Benefit concerts  Partnering with other community organizations like “Balanced Life Skills” & “Ray Rice foundation” to name a few.

46  Teen Truth Live: programs  National Bullying Prevention Month:  Stop Bullying Now:  Stop Bullying :  Netsmartz: http://www.netsmartz.org  Teaching Tolerance:  Maryland Public Schools:  Balanced Life Skills: Joe Van Dueren 410-263-0050  Book: Bully-proofing your school Sopris West Publishing 2008  Ray Rice:

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