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Kåre Rude Andersen Operations Manager and the Perfect world.

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1 Kåre Rude Andersen Operations Manager and the Perfect world

2 The guy on stage Chief System Management Architect & Co-founder of Coretech SCOM since MOM 2000 Automation / Management Packs Author of Mastering and Advanced SCOM Training. Kåre Rude Andersen Partner, Coretech A/S, @kracoretech

3 Agenda SCOM – Love/Hate relationship SCOM – Why it sucks SCOM – Why its great Automation – Alerts Automation – Notification Automation – Maintenance mode Automation – SMA Automation – Groups Monitoring and Automation - Everything

4 SCOM – Love/Hate relationship Lets do it – its a part of our License Next next, dada Import All Management Packs from Microsoft – di daaa di daaa We did it – now what YES We can see it all Damm’it we can see it all Alerts and Critical Health States Bad reputation – often because of no processes in the company

5 Why it sucks Deliver proactive information Discovers everything you didnt knew you had No control on Alerts What, how and to whom do we need to present status Do we really need to build applications topologies Currently Microsoft are sleeping on features

6 SCOM – Why its great ITEL / MOF / Six Sigma, VAL-IT, ISO 20000, SAS-70, etc 3 type of MPs: – Microsoft – SW/HW Vendor – Yourself Totally open interface – you are in control Working together with the rest of the suite 2012 R2 is stable and (fast)

7 SCOM – Solution The solution is pretty simple: Implement Processes and Automate

8 SCOM – Solution – But what processes?

9 1. Procedure and script for installation and configuration of gateway server (depending on number of agents) 2. Procedure and script for Installation and configuration of agents to communicate with gateway (depending on step 1) 3. Procedure and script for enabling failover for agent communicating with more than one server. 4. Procedure and script for Installation and configuration of agents to communicate with a Management Server 5. Process to create groups for customers servers, either by registry or NetBIOS name 6. Process for Network monitoring 7. Process for Linux monitoring 8. Process and Script for creating Management Pack and naming conventions 9. Procedure for creation of Distributed Applications/Groups for Services 10. Procedure for Defining SLA/SLO on customers Services 11. Procedures for Rules/Monitor 12. Procedure for Presentation of reports – performance, availability etc. 13. Procedure for creation of customer views 14. Procedure for Subscriptions 15. Procedure for creation and configuration of Run As Accounts 16. Procedure for overrides 17. Procedures for Customer access to Reports, Views and Dashboards 18. Procedure for GSM Monitoring for Customers 19. Procedure for OpsInsights implementation 20.Configure Coretech SCOM Dashboard 21.Implement “Application groups” of servers – like Application, Web and Database. 22.Implement a gold, silver, bronze support environment by the use of registry. 23.Create Ticketing with your Helpdesk environment

10 Automation - Alerts Please automate Alerts Alerts could be self manageble Always do a decision: – Disable it – Override it – Fix it Introduce a 10 mins weekly Alerts meeting

11 $Alerts = get-scomalert -ResolutionState 0 if ($Alerts) { foreach($Alert in $Alerts) { $newState = $null switch -wildcard ($Alert.Description) { "*Active directory*" { $newState = 10 } "*DNS*" { $newState = 30 } "*Cisco*" { $newState = 250} } switch -wildcard ($Alert.Name) { "ACME.Monitor.Event.Dummy.100" { $newState = 249 } } if($newState -ne $null) { $Alert.ResolutionState = $newState $Alert.Update(“Resolution State changed automatically by the QueueManager Robot”) } Automation – Alerts Manage Resolution State

12 #Define last 24 hours $AlertDateYesterdayBegin = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-1) $AlertDateYesterdayEnd = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-1).AddSeconds(86399) #Get alerts from last 24 hours $YesterdayAlerts = @(get-scomalert | where {$_.TimeRaised -gt $AlertDateYesterdayBegin -and $_.TimeRaised -lt $AlertDateYesterdayEnd}) #Output write-host NUMBER OF ACTIVE ALERTS YESTERDAY: ($YesterdayAlerts).Count write-host write-host CURRENT NUMBER OF ACTIVE ALL ALERTS: @(get-scomalert | where {$_.ResolutionState -ne ‘255’}).count write-host CURRENT NUMBER OF ACTIVE CRITICAL ALERTS: @(get-scomalert | where {$_.ResolutionState -ne ‘255’ -and $_.Severity -eq ‘2’}).count -foregroundcolor “red” write-host CURRENT NUMBER OF ACTIVE WARNING ALERTS: @(get-scomalert | where {$_.ResolutionState -ne ‘255’ -and $_.Severity -eq ‘1’}).count -foregroundcolor “yellow” write-host CURRENT NUMBER OF ACTIVE INFORMATIONAL ALERTS: @(get-scomalert | where {$_.ResolutionState -ne ‘255’ -and $_.Severity -eq ‘0’}).count write-host write-host TOPLIST OF YESTERDAYS ALERTS SORTED BY COUNT: #list and sort yesterday alerts $YesterdayAlerts | Group-Object Name |Sort -desc Count | select-Object Count, Name |Format-Table –auto write-host #list and sort current active alerts write-host CURRENT ACTIVE CRITICAL ALERT LIST: -foregroundcolor “red” (get-scomalert | where {$_.ResolutionState -ne ‘255’ -and $_.Severity -eq ‘2’} | Group-Object Name |Sort -desc Count | select-Object Count, Name |Format-Table –auto) Automation – Alerts Daily Alerts

13 Automation - Alerts Introduce Resolution states like: – Handle by Service Owner – Awaiting Weekly Meeting – Do disable this Alert – Do override this Alert – Investigate this Alert Reuse solution history with: – SCSM – ServiceNOW – Remedy – etc

14 Automation - Notification Do not send Alerts directly to people Always use Distributed Application or Groups as a source Classify your Applications – Gold, Silver and Bronze Prioritize your Applications – High, Medium, Low Only send Alerts => Silver and High

15 Automation – Notification Alerts Resend Alerts $oldAlerts = Get-SCOMAlert | Where-Object {($_.LastModified -ge [DateTime]::Now.AddHours(-4)) -and ($_.ResolutionState -eq 0)} ForEach($alert in $oldAlerts) { $alert.Update("") }

16 Automation – Alerts Microsoft Alert Update Connector

17 DEMO - Automation – Alerts Get more info into an Alert $machine = Get-SCOMAlert | where {$_.ResolutionState -eq '110' -and $_.MonitoringObjectDisplayName -ne $()} | ForEach { $_.ID $AlertID = $_.ID $strComputer = $_.NetbiosComputerName $strFilter = "(&(objectCategory=computer)(objectClass=computer)(cn=$($strComputer)))" $objComputer = ([adsisearcher]$strFilter).FindOne() $Desc = $ $alert = Get-SCOMAlert | where {$_.Id -eq $AlertID} $alert.CustomField1 = ("Info from AD: " + $Desc) $alert.ResolutionState = 0 $alert.Update("Got description from AD") }

18 Automation – Notification Catches Do not send empty values = nothing happens Remember the Notification Account Notification Ressource Pool

19 Automation Maintenance mode Tim Mcfadden Maintenancemode script – Stefan Stranger – Remember the catch about getting out of MM – Get-SCOMClass -name "Microsoft.SQLServer.2012.database" | GET-SCOMClassInstance Orchestrator / SMA / SCCM Christopher Keyaert SMA – Start SCOM MaintenanceMode –

20 Automation with SCOM NameRunsBenefitsLimitations OrchestratorOn a Local serverGraphical Interface, Runs all.Net Scripts Max number of runbooks running. Service Management Automation 1 or more Windows Azure Pack server Access any resource in your Datacenter – Manage public/private cloud, do pay $ for I/O Interface (not really a limitation) Azure AutomationAzure public cloud(All) ways upCannot access your local SMA or Orchestrator

21 Automation - SMA %windir%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe -command "& {Start-SmaRunbook -WebServiceEndpoint "https://scwap" - Port 9090 -Name "SCOM-RecoverHelloWorld" -Parameters @{'Message'='Hello World!'}}"

22 Demo Temperature – Warmer and Colder

23 SCOM – Using Recovery Action RunbookManagement Pack Runbook Server Agent Critical State Condition Detection Data Source Recovery Web Service

24 Automation – Distributed Applications Factfinder Create automatically DA’s Use as detective tool

25 Automation – Distributed Applications Demo FactFinder

26 Automation - Everything Logical Objects – Document Workflows, see status of batch – Show Health from a logical object

27 Automation - Everything Physical Objects – If you can reach it you can control it

28 Automation - Everything Logical Objects Demo – Control Watt and Temperature Create Logical Objects for Internet of things

29 THANK YOU Send me an email for information on Dashboards Logical Objects SCOM Health Check Management Packs etc.

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