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Learning Disability Network 28 th Feb 2013 Update.

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1 Learning Disability Network 28 th Feb 2013 Update

2 62 out of the 67 people interviewed have experienced some form of harassment, abuse or related crime in the community Access report here


4 Disability hate crime helpline launched A new free telephone helpline for people with learning disabilities who have been victims of disability hate crime has been launched. The new 24-hour free helpline, Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime, has been launched by hate crime support organisation Stop Hate UK in England and Wales. Anybody who has experienced, witnessed or knows someone who is experiencing learning disability hate crime can contact the helpline on 0808 802 1155 for support and information. Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime is free to call from landlines and most mobiles and the number won’t show on a phone bill.

5 £10 million charity housing bond launched by Golden Lane Housing and Mencap Friday 15 February 2013 UK’s largest ever unlisted charity bond will buy houses for people with a learning disability Mencap’s housing charity, Golden Lane Housing (GLH), has launched a £10 million charity bond, which will raise money to buy homes for people with a learning disability. Golden Lane Housing This bond will be the first step in raising up to £30 million over the next few years, which will mean that investors will give a total of 250 people with a learning disability the chance to live independently in specially-adapted homes.raising up to £30 million Among the first to benefit from the bond will be Claire Donaldson, James Wilkinson, Lizzie Searle and Sarah Gibson(pictured). They will move into a house bought by the bond money in March.Claire Donaldson, James Wilkinson, Lizzie Searle and Sarah Gibson

6 Mental incapacity: issues in supported housing Dr Helen Carr (Kent University Law School) Co-author with Professor Caroline Hunter (York University Law School) The mental capacity of a resident of supported housing may become an issue – for instance, is Jack able to refuse to be assessed for services, or Jill able to choose not to eat? In this briefing we set out the law relating to mental capacity, focusing on 2 important legal tools – the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) and the Code of Practice to the Mental Capacity Act. We look at how the MCA works, assessing capacity under the MCA, acting in someone's best interests and under what circumstances a mentally incapacitated person may lawfully be restrained. Access Report here.

7 Around 5 th Highest in Country




11 Keys to Care is a set of thirteen cards on a key ring giving a durable checklist of key points to remember and actions to take in a range of situations. The resource will be formally launched in the coming months with The Keynotes which will expand on the basic keys. In the meantime you can learn more about the product by emailing or calling 020 7359

12 What will the Francis Report mean for the social care sector? Posted 26 February, 2013 Whilst there has been an understandable focus on NHS culture and processes, the key findings of the Francis Report have implications for all of us working in – or with – the social care sector.Francis Report Francis recommends there be: a relentless focus on the patient’s interests an obligation to keep patients safe and protected from substandard care a culture of intolerance of substandard care empowerment of frontline staff to act with responsibility and freedom when standards have been compromised strong and stable leadership in stable organisations. These and other recommendations, whilst aimed primarily at the NHS, have obvious resonance for the vast army of care workers, care homes and support organisations responsible for the health and wellbeing of the old and vulnerable throughout England. Francis expresses confidence that the points listed do not require massive organisational change, rather a renewed emphasis on what is truly important – adherence to common values, intolerance of non-compliance and a commitment to openness and candour at all times.


14 Department seeks views on NICE standards to improve quality of social care Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb, has launched a 12 week consultation to establish a full set of NICE quality standards and guidance for social care. The Department is seeking ideas from care users, their families and carers, service commissioners, care providers and front line staff to help decide on future topics for NICE guidance and standards. The aim is to establish a full set of NICE quality standards and guidance in order to improve the quality of social care. The 12 week consultation ends on 26 April 2013. You can respond to the consultation on line or download a full copy of the NICE consultation document.respond to the consultation on linedownload a full copy of the NICE consultation document



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